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Chapter 18

Mu Sen got increasingly frustrated while staring at Jiang Xinlei who was weeping uncontrollably .

He switched off the lights in the room when he first entered because he did not want Luo Zheng to recognize him .

In the pitch black darkness, he and his underlings pinned the girl down onto the bed, removed her clothes and groped her continuously .

He thought that the girl was Luo Zheng and hence wanted to humiliate her . Of course he would not be merciful .

After hearing her scream, he realized that she was Jiang Xinlei!

Although he was not serious about Jiang Xinlei, she was still his girlfriend and it would be outrageous for him to do that .

By letting his underlings take liberties with his girlfriend, would he not be making a cuckold out of himself!?!

Besides, Mu Sen was a young gangster who cared about his pride, dignity and reputation… At this moment, he was feeling extremely awkward and yet, Jiang Xinlei was still throwing a tantrum insensitively!

Jiang Xinlei was feeling upset and aggrieved .

She knew right from the start, that Mu Sen absolutely detested Luo Zheng . Hence, she did tell Mu Sen of her plans to set Luo Zheng up… Back then, he merely said that he would bring his underlings over to teach Luo Zheng a lesson .

Yet, not only did she fail to set Luo Zheng up, she even had to suffer the punishment and humiliation in place of Luo Zheng! She also had her nude photos taken by Gu Sisi who used them to threaten her .

Not long after, Mu Sen arrived . She did not expect that Mu Sen was planning to teach Luo Zheng a lesson by violating her .

The thought of it made Jiang Xinlei angry . She adjusted her messy clothing and glowered at him . “Mu Sen, I really didn’t expect that you’d be so lewd as to harbor such filthy designs on Luo Zheng! She’s your sister . Were you planning to commit incest?”


Upon hearing her words, the men behind Mu Sen felt extremely astonished .

They followed Mu Sen to the hotel with the intention of teaching a girl a lesson and filming the process of them violating her . However, they did not know anything about her identity and they only thought that she had provoked Mu Sen .

Who would have thought that she was his sister!

By being so cruel to his own sister, is he not being… a little heartless and unconscionable?


Luo Zheng snorted with laughter and smirked sarcastically with joy in her peach-blossoms-shaped eyes .

Yeah, she and Mu Sen were half-siblings . . while Mu Nianqing was Mu Sen’s twin!

Of course, they were only siblings on the surface .

In reality, she and the Mu siblings were enemies who wished they could kill each other!

Incest? Jiang Xinlei reckoned that Mu Sen would not try to get intimate with Luo Zheng, for he only wanted to ruin her!

In her previous lifetime, she bore a grudge against him and continued to check up on “Brother Sen” . At last, she found out that he was Mu Sen… Yet, she could not expose the matter because they were siblings and thus had no choice but to take the humiliation and suffer in silence!


Feeling embarrassed, Mu Sen slapped Jiang Xinlei .

Jiang Xinlei’s already swollen face became worse and she even started bleeding after getting slapped by him . How pathetic .

“Bitch, what do you know? If you continue this nonsense, I’ll kill you!”

Mu Sen’s agenda was to record a video of Luo Zheng being violated by men, and spread the video to the public afterwards so as to destroy her life .

Hence, he deliberately got closer to Jiang Xinlei and made her his girlfriend .

Yet, his plans were all foiled!

“You hit me? Mu Sen, how dare you hit me! You bastard… ”

Jiang Xinlei was extremely shocked by the fact that her boyfriend did not comfort her and instead even hit her .

She immediately sprung up and began scratching Mu Sen .

Mu Sen was caught off guard and hence, let her scratch his face to the point of bleeding . He flew into a rage and slapped her again . “Get lost! If you weren’t close to Luo Zheng, why would I have gotten closer to you? You have neither the looks nor a hot figure . Do you really think you’re attractive!?!”