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Chapter 22

Bo Hancheng opened the door and was greeted with a graphic scene .

The water bed was making various noises as it moved around and the naked Jiang Xinlei turned as pale as a sheet while being pinned down onto the bed by Wuzi who too was scantily clad . They were just about to become one .

“Save me… save me… ”

Jiang Xinlei called for help as soon as she saw him with her peripheral vision .

Wuzi was restricting Jiang Xinlei’s movement . Sensing that someone had arrived, he turned around to look at him . “It’s you! What are you doing here!?! This is my room! Get lost and stop getting in my way, I’m trying to get down to business… ”

As soon as he finished speaking, Bo Hancheng kicked him, causing him to fly and collide with the wall . He then fell onto the ground .

“You, you, you… ”

Wuzi clutched his chest and struggled to get up on is feet while staring at Bo Hancheng in horror . He was no longer in the mood to care about Jiang Xinlei .

“Just you wait and see!”

Wuzi hobbled away after leaving a warning behind .

“Put on your clothes and go home!”

Bo Hancheng turned around and left without even taking a look at Jiang Xinlei .

Although he was wearing a mask, Jiang Xinlei could tell that he was extraordinary, for he exuded a lofty aura which left ripples in his heart .

“My benefactor… thank you… how should I repay you… ”

She got up hurriedly and asked him that question without even covering herself .

Unfortunately, Bo Hancheng did not stop in his tracks and soon left the room .

“Hey, Brother, isn’t your room 909? Why did you come out of Room 907?”

Another man appeared, similarly clad in a mask . He stared at Bo Hancheng leaving the room, feeling perplexed and bewildered .

Bo Hancheng remained silent and returned to his room where he entered the bathroom .

“Third brother, are you injured?”

He saw the blood in the water of the bathtub .

He asked worriedly, “Was the relapse very severe this time?”

As soon as he finished speaking, he suggested with a complicated look in his eyes, “Didn’t Auntie already find a girl who has the same physical condition as you? She can help you relieve the effects of the toxins, right? When you suffer a relapse again next time, just get intimate with her and let her be your antidote… ”

“The blood doesn’t belong to me,” Bo Hancheng interjected .

The thought of Luo Zheng calmly harming herself to overcome the effects of the aphrodisiac, made his eyes turn gloomy .

She is only 17 years old . What did she experience that made her detest life so much?

“It’s not yours? Who else could it belong to then? I was clearly guarding the door when you suffered a relapse and no one managed to enter!”

Chu Qi initially thought that Bo Hancheng accidentally hurt himself because he could not tolerate the effects of the toxins .

He did not expect there to be something more .

“An interesting imp . ”


In the darkness of an Autumn night .

Luo Zheng alighted from the cab and whipped out a few damp dollar bills from the pocket of her bathrobe, and handed them to the driver .

“Thank you, lass!”

The driver was filled with gratitude when he saw how generous she was .

He stared at the luxurious housing district in front of him and reckoned that she must have been the heiress of some wealthy family . What a deal!

In the Mu Family mansion .

Luo Zheng stood in front of the door and scanned it thoroughly before entering with a cold smirk .

It was initially called the “Luo Family mansion” but the Mu Family decided to encroach on it and changed it to “Mu Family Mansion”!

This time, she will never let anyone chase her away . The ones who should scram… are them!

Of course, she had to find someone before that .

She had to find him in this lifetime!

If she had not decided to take revenge on Jiang Xinlei, which caused a delay, she would have long fled home to meet him .

Bo Hancheng, my Mr . Bodyguard, I am back!