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Chapter 26

“Brother, what are you doing!?!”

Mu Cuiyun hollered in astonishment .

Mu Tianwei’s face grew sullen and he pointed at Su Xuanxuan . “What did I tell you? Take your daughter in hand and get her to stop provoking Zheng! Zheng clearly promised to meet Manru together with me the day before yesterday . If it weren’t because of Xuanxuan being nosy, would she have changed her mind!?!”

“Uncle, how could you put the blame on me? She’s just a pampered brat who’s fickle-minded . It’s not like you don’t know that!”

Su Xuanxuan felt rather indignant and aggrieved .

She initially already felt restricted and uneasy about living under someone else’s roof . Yet, Luo Zheng still deliberately mentioned it… she had no choice but to admit that she was indeed extremely jealous of Luo Zheng for having an affluent mother who left behind an exorbitant amount of assets for her!

“My poor grandchildren can’t keep staying outside as your illegitimate children!”

The thought of Mu Nianqing and Mu Sen made Li Shufen’s heart ache .

She thought about how Mu Tianwei and Zhao Manru had a wedding in the village of their hometown, before he married into the Luo Family . Zhao Manru had even given birth to a pair of twins and the only missing step was the registration of their marriage!

Feeling just as frustrated, Mu Tianwei advised, “Mother, just bear with it for a little while . Zheng is almost eighteen years old, you just have to wait for half a year longer! Once we get the 10% shares, I’ll be in charge of the household . ”

“That may be the case but what if things change in half a year’s time and Luo Zheng decides not to give you the shares? She also has the Luo Family to defend her . What are we supposed to do then?”

Li Shufen was speaking worriedly with greed in her eyes .

Mu Cuiyun stepped forth and said smilingly, “Mother, don’t worry, Brother has been taking Zheng in hand and she’s long turned against the Luo Family! In her eyes, Brother is a good father and her only kin! Who else could she possibly give her shares to, other than Brother?”

For the past few years, Li Shufen had been playing the bad person who berates Luo Zheng while Mu Tianwei played the good person who defends and comforts her… Over time Luo Zheng grew attached to Mu Tianwei and the two of them were extremely close . He was very close to getting his hands on the shares .

“That may be the case but you guys have to be more mindful in the future . Don’t let Zheng sense anything unusual!”

The mention of what happened and Luo Zheng’s unusual reaction made Mu Tianwei have an ominous hunch .

She was still the same person but… something about her feels different!


Luo Zheng was well aware of the plans that the Mu Family had in mind . Her pink lips curled into a smirk and her dimples were revealed .

It has been hard on them for having to keep up with the pretense for so many years . I wonder… if they can take the blow after their plans get sabotaged!

As soon as Luo Zheng arrived at school, she rummaged through her bag for her uniform and put them on, after which she recalled the class that she used to belong too . She headed to the homeroom of Year 12 Class 9, where she saw a countdown notice that stated that there were 89 days left to the university entrance exams!

It was self-revision time and it was rather noisy in the homeroom . However, they immediately quietened down as soon as Luo Zheng entered .

In the past, Luo Zheng would show up in school with heavy makeup and revealing clothes, all because of Jiang Xinlei’s coercing .

When she was in Year 12, she often skipped classes to go to Xi Mubai’s university where she would wait at the entrance for him to show up… In the end, she skipped school altogether and missed lessons for three months .

Hence, the students almost forgot what Luo Zheng looked like .

Their only impression of her was her hideous appearance and outfit that was absolutely absurd and repulsive!

Hence, they were all shocked to see Luo Zheng .

Luo Zheng’s features were sharp and her skin was fair like porcelain, thus making her look like a Eurasian… she looked rather young and puerile in the school uniform, and she also looked much neater and prettier after tying her hair up .

Luo Zheng smiled at them before taking a seat .

Next, they began gossiping softly .

“How rare of Luo Zheng to be in school! Pigs must fly!”

“I didn’t expect her to be so pretty! Why didn’t I realize this in the past?”

“Exactly, she’s much prettier than the vice class president . I can’t believe it!”