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Chapter 49

Chapter 49: Acquiring An Ingrate
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Jiang Xinlei was speaking as if it really was the case .

However, she was clearly well aware that Luo Zheng had been performing poorly and most importantly… the content covered in Year 12 was extremely difficult and it was almost impossible for her to make it to the top ten within just a month!

The news of the bet that she had made with the teacher, had already spread within the school and everyone was waiting for Luo Zheng to withdraw from school… Oh, and she also had to run 10 kilometers around the field in a swimsuit!

Genuine best friends would definitely be very worried and advise them not to put on a brave front or blindly believe in their own confidence .

“Xinlei, I knew it . You know me the best . I’m so smart . It’d be a piece of cake for me to make it to the top ten!”

Luo Zheng acted like an idiot and answered smugly .

She decided not to fall out with her first because she felt that it would be better to keep her by her side and watch her every move… lest she caught her off guard and attacked her!

“We’re the best of friends . Who would know you better than me? Zheng, I’m really eager to see you putting Madam Zhao to shame . ”

Jiang Xinlei was egging her on with hope written all over her face .

Of course she was looking forward to it!

She knew it better than anyone else .

Luo Zheng’s results are horrible . Even if we were in Year 10 now, she would not be able to make it to the top ten… The university entrance examinations are round the corner . I must revise harder to seem more worthy!

Yet, that silly girl provoked our teacher . She is just asking for death!

She was looking forward to seeing the tragedy that Luo Zheng would be facing next . The resentment within her vanished a little!

“Ring… ”

The bell rang and Luo Zheng decided to head to her classroom .

Seemingly having discovered something, Jiang Xinlei grabbed her arm and asked, “Zheng, why aren’t you wearing any makeup? You’re wearing the school uniform too! You look really childish, Senior Mubai is not going to like you… ”

She was shocked to see that Luo Zheng did not have any heavy makeup on and was not dressed in revealing clothes . She looked rather beautiful and clean .

She had always known that Luo Zheng was beautiful and hence was jealous of her .

Hence, she continuously brainwashed her by telling her that Xi Mubai fancied mature girls and duped Luo Zheng into dressing up peculiarly… She would also seem smart and beautiful compared to Luo Zheng .

To her surprise, Luo Zheng returned to a more natural look within just a day… She even became much prettier!

“I didn’t have time to put on makeup . We’ll worry about that another time . ”

Luo Zheng patronized her before leaving .

However, Jiang Xinlei was feeling indignant and thus grabbed onto Luo Zheng’s arm tightly . “It’s alright, I’ll help you put on some makeup . I guarantee Senior Mubai will notice you!”

Feigning ignorance, Luo Zheng asked, “Xinlei, you’ve been making me put on heavy makeup and saying that I look beautiful and mature! In that case, why don’t you ever put on makeup?”

Upon hearing her words, Jiang Xinlei answered, “Zheng, you know I don’t want to steal your limelight… ”

“I’m just trying to focus on my studies for now and I don’t want to be in a relationship . ”

Luo Zheng turned around and left after speaking calmly .

She could not understand it at all .

Jiang Xinlei came from a poor family and Luo Zheng had always been generous with helping her… but why did she get an ingrate in return and not a best friend?

How much must she resent me to think of ruining me? I do not understand her at all!

Jiang Xinlei clenched her fists tightly and kept her eyes fixed on Luo Zheng’s back, almost drilling a hole through it .

Luo Zheng stopped in her tracks and turned around . Before Jiang Xinlei could even look away, she asked unnaturally, “Zheng, what’s the matter?”

“For the next month, I’m going to study hard! So, from now on, don’t look for me without reason . ”

Luo Zheng proceeded to leave afterwards .

Jiang Xinlei stood rooted to the ground in annoyance .

Luo Zheng, it’s you, it’s you, it’s all your fault . You’re making me lose everything… One day, I’ll make you pay the price!