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Chapter 70

Chapter 70: Bo Hancheng, You Can’t Fancy Me Or Fall In Love With Me!”

He remained composed and stared at her .

Become his?

Luo Zheng was completely dumbfounded and her mind was in a complete mess . It was clearly beyond what she had expected .

Initially, she just wanted to get to know him, and then build a better relationship with him before seeing what she could do to help him in return for his kindness .

Who knew, he actually misunderstood his intentions… Well, the positions that they were in were indeed thought-provoking .

Luo Zheng blushed as red as a tomato and she was suddenly speechless .

“What’s the matter? Are you not willing?”

Bo Hancheng pressed his face closer to her lips and questioned again .

If someone else were to do that to Luo Zheng, she definitely would not be able to tolerate it… but it was Bo Hancheng, her Mr . Bodyguard . Even if he were to interrogate her, she could not bear to get angry at him .

“Brother Cheng, have you already… fallen for me?”

Luo Zheng asked conscientiously after making eye contact with him .

Greatly taken aback, Bo Hancheng thought to himself, fallen for her? Hah, how could that be!

However, before he could even answer, she suddenly added, “Bo Hancheng, you can’t fancy me or fall in love with me!”

In this life, Luo Zheng had already given up on love and did not plan to be involved in love with men anymore… She did not want Mr . Bodyguard to be devoted to her again and repeat the mistake he made in the previous life, which led him to a tragic death .

After Luo Zheng spoke, silence filled the air .

Feeling anxious, Luo Zheng wondered if she had guessed correctly .

However, there was nothing she could do to stop him . She thought, I’m so pretty, adorable and cute . I keep following Mr . Bodyguard around so it’s not impossible that he wouldn’t fall for me!

So, how should I turn him down while making sure he doesn’t get his feelings hurt?

Just as she was deep in thought, he let go of Luo Zheng and exclaimed, “Luo Zheng, you’re overestimating yourself!”

He then got up and alighted from the car, returning to his prim and proper gentlemanly state .

“I meant a partner in bed, Who would fall in love with you?”

He stated facts relentlessly with a cold expression .

Luo Zheng was dumbfounded . She thought, if that’s what he wants, he definitely doesn’t fancy or love me!

“Miss Luo, you’re lofty and prestigious, you definitely wouldn’t be willing to do this . So, please stop following me around, alright?”

Bo Hancheng sounded extremely calm, as if he was certain of the truth .

However Luo Zheng wanted to get things straight . She sat up and stared at him in joy . “I understand that you’ll never like me, Brother Cheng, let alone fall in love with me! Brother Cheng, you just want me to accompany you, don’t you?”

Bo Hancheng could not remain calm after being told off by a seventeen-year-old girl .

He looked away to avoid eye contact with her . He then barked coldly, “Yes!”

Luo Zheng immediately extended her arms and pounced onto him, “Brother Cheng, you should have said so earlier . You gave me a great shock!”

Greatly startled, Bo Hancheng hollered, “Get off me . ”

“No! Brother Cheng, I’m willing . ”

Luo Zheng was latching onto him like a koala bear . She swung from side to side, refusing to get off at all .

Upon hearing her words, Bo Hancheng pinned her beneath him and questioned, “Little imp, do you know what you’re saying?”