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Chapter 75

Due to Mu Tianwei’s reminder, Li Shufen, Mu Cuiyun and Su Xuanxuan tried their best not to provoke Luo Zheng any longer .

After all, Luo Zheng would be turning 18 years old in half a year’s time .

If they were to strain their relationship with Luo Zheng while nitpicking on her… Luo Zheng might just choose not to transfer the shares over to them . If that were to happen, they would end up causing all of their efforts to go in vain!

Anyway, Mu Tianwei had already forged a strong impression of being a benevolent father in Luo Zheng’s heart and he was certain that they would definitely get their wishes fulfilled .

Most importantly, Mu Nianqing actually got herself acquainted with the Bo Family from Britain and could very likely become the First Lady . That made the Mu Family too overjoyed to bother about Luo Zheng .

Luo Zheng was also pleased to be free from them and hence kept herself busy with revision in preparation for her exam the following month .

Even without thinking about it too deeply, she could easily guess that her only value were the assets that her mother had left behind for her .

Bright and early in the morning, Luo Zheng headed downstairs in a bid to go out after she was done with freshening up .

Due to the fact that she did not wish to face the Mu Family members, she had been leaving the house early and returning only at night . She would also have her meals away from home .

“Zheng, I heard from Xuanxuan that you and the headmistress of your class have made a bet with each other on you getting into the top ten for the upcoming exam?”

Mu Tianwei stepped forward and showed his concern to Luo Zheng after seeing that she had come downstairs .

He had naturally already heard about it from the school ever since the bet was made .

Luo Zheng smiled and said smugly, “Yeah, Father, as long as I win the bet, the headmistress will have to resign! You have no idea how much I detest her… ”

“Zheng, I believe that you’ll definitely win the bet!”

Mu Tianwei tried his best to encourage her like a benevolent father .

Luo Zheng almost threw up in disgust after hearing his words, feeling a strong urge to tear his mask away to reveal his true colors… However, at this moment, Mu Cuiyun said, “Yeah, Zheng is so smart, it should be no problem for her to get into the top ten!”

Even Li Shufen chimed in smilingly, “Yeah, we’re all waiting for the good news . Don’t embarrass us!”

“Auntie, Grandma, rest assured, I won’t disappoint you guys!”

Luo Zheng spoke confidently before turning around and leaving .

As soon as she turned around, her smile stiffened and her eyes were filled with disdain and disgust .

Hah, such great actors they are . They obviously know how terrible my grades are and yet, they’re still lying so brazenly!

If it weren’t for her personal experience, she really couldn’t imagine that the Mu family would keep up with the pretense for more than ten years… It was such a long time . They were so disgusting as all they did were fabricate lies to dupe her .

Once the exams are over, I shall take my time to deal with them and chase them out of the Luo Family!

“Look, she’s so stupid! She really thinks she’s Nianqing, doesn’t she? She’s thinking of getting into the top ten? Psht, if she gets into the last ten, she should thank the heavens!”

Mu Cuiyun remarked in disdain towards Luo Zheng .

She immediately looked at Mu Tianwei with a smile and praised, “Brother, you’ve raised her really well . She’s nothing but a piece of garbage now! After the exams next month, she will have to drop out to abide by the bet . She will have to live the rest of her life as a high school graduate . She probably wouldn’t even get to marry into a good family . ”

Mu Tianwei remained silent, though he was deep in thought .

He was undoubtedly scheming something . Hence, he could clearly sense that there was something different about Luo Zheng!

Li Shufen was also proud . She immediately said, “Yeah, isn’t she just a wild brat whom nobody wants? If Nianqing becomes the First Lady in the future, how can Luo Zheng even compare to her?”

After hearing her words, Mu Tianwei’s heart sank and he lowered his voice to remind her, “Mother, just keep it to yourself, don’t say it out loud!”

Li Shufen remained silent, though she was unsure if Mu Tianwei was referring to Luo Zheng or Mu Nianqing .