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Chapter 91

Luo Zheng was overwhelmed with discomfort because of her menstrual cramps and her wet clothes… Hence, the shirt given by Mr . Bodyguard was an absolute necessity!

Luo Zheng didn’t have any qualms at all and immediately changed into his shirt without hesitation .

The shirt was large and too loose for Luo Zheng, so much that it seemed to be a dress for her .

Luo Zheng then tidied her hair and opened the car door quietly .

Staring at the view of his back, she grinned widely and extended her arms before pouncing onto his back and draping her arms around his neck .

“Brother Cheng… ah! It hurts… ”

As soon as Luo Zheng leaped onto him, he grabbed her arm forcefully out of instinct .

Moreover, he was still holding a lit cigarette between his fingers .

Luo Zheng’s arm touched the cigarette butt and got burnt .

All of a sudden, she shrieked and let go of his neck, almost falling onto the ground… . Fortunately, Bo Hancheng was quick to react and he quickly grabbed her hips to save her from the disaster!

“Which part of you hurts?”

Bo Hancheng frowned and asked coldly .

He had been deep in thought just now when she suddenly leaped onto him .

He had been a soldier before and hence, had vigilant and sharp senses . Besides, no one usually dared to go near him . Hence, he almost executed an overhand throw on Luo Zheng!

“My arm hurts… ”

Luo Zheng frowned, feeling a stinging pain in his arm .

Bo Hancheng snubbed his cigarette to extinguish it before placing her back onto the car seat and lifting her arm up to take a look… only to see that there was a round welt on her fair arm which had begun to bleed a little .

It was a burn mark from the cigarette butt and it looked rather gruesome!

“Remember not to hug me from behind again in the future!”

He sternly reminded her .

Seeing that he did not have any expression on his face, Luo Zheng nodded obediently and answered, “Okay, I’ll remember to hug you from the front as much as possible!”

Bo Hancheng glanced at Luo Zheng and thought, does she really not get what I mean? I meant for her to stop hugging me!

Luo Zheng certainly knew what he meant but if she can’t even hug him, what else could they talk about?

Therefore, she pretended not to understand what he meant and pleaded pitifully, “Brother Cheng, I got burnt by the cigarette, it hurts so badly! But what do I do now? There’s no ointment that I can apply either . It’s going to take a long time even if we go and buy some now . I’m going to be in pain for such a long time… ”

Bo Hancheng obviously understood the hidden meaning in her words . He glanced at her and questioned, “So, what do you want?”

Upon hearing that, Luo Zheng smiled and moved her arm towards him . “Nothing, I heard that blowing on it can alleviate the pain . Why don’t… you blow on my wound to soothe the pain, Brother Cheng?”

She then gazed at him in an alluring manner that tugged at his heartstrings .

However . Bo Hancheng was unaffected and he simply turned her down coldly, “No . ”

Luo Zheng pursed her lips . Feeling indignant about failing to achieve her agenda, she decided to try her luck again . “Brother Cheng… ”

“Who said we don’t have medicine?”

He interjected just as she was about to play cute .

Luo Zheng then watched as he took out a box of medical supplies from the trunk of the car, opened it and retrieved some cotton swabs, disinfectant, a tube of ointment, and gauze .

Dumbfounded, Luo Zheng watched him throw it onto her . “Little imp, do you need anything else?”

He asked, pressing his lips together and seemingly taunting her .

Luo Zheng pursed her lips and exclaimed, “No!”

She then stubbornly struggled to disinfect her wound before applying the ointment and bandaging it, instead of asking him for help .