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Chapter 94: 94

Bo Hancheng was starting to lose his control .

Luo Zheng was a little surprised and she looked up at him to see that his eyes were dark and gloomy, as if he were about to devour her .

At this moment, she laid in his embrace .

Although she had yet to turn 18 years old, she was already 24 years old before her rebirth… Hence, she was not ignorant though she was still chaste .

Anyway, she would be turning 18 years old in six months . Hence, she reckoned that it should be alright… After all, in this era, there were plenty of people who lost their virginity before 18!

Hence, Luo Zheng stopped dilly-dallying and instead nodded shyly before throwing her arms around his neck . “I am willing! I heard that… Brother Cheng, if you really want it, remember to be gentle!”

She took the initiative to please Bo Hancheng who then rubbed and caressed her head .

Luo Zheng was inexplicably smitten with his intimate gestures . When she smelled the scent of cologne on him, she mysteriously found it to be familiar . It was as if she had returned to her previous life in an instant .

On the first night of snowfall, he emerged through the window like an emperor, saving her from despair… He then stained his hands with blood and killed Xi Mubai and Mu Nianqing .

In the end, she could only watch him get buried in flames which destroyed even his bones and ashes .

What about her?

She got killed by a car and put his sacrifice in vain! Perhaps, it was her retribution . Luo Zheng thought about it for a while and she subconsciously began to tear up . A teardrop rolled out of her eye and ran down her cheeks before rolling into her mouth .

Tasting a little bitter taste, Bo Hancheng shifted his gaze onto her face and noticed the teardrop . Bo Hancheng suddenly realized that his hand was still roaming around her body slowly .

If it wasn’t for her tears which interrupted him, he might have really just… She’s less than 18 years old, how can I do that?

I clearly warned myself not to touch Luo Zheng… Yet, I broke my promise in the blink of an eye and behaved unusually!

“Brother Cheng … Why did you stop…”

Luo Zheng glanced at him in bewilderment .

Bo Hancheng froze slightly, wiped her tears away with his fingertips and asked, “What are you crying for? Isn’t this what you want?”

Luo Zheng smiled with tears in her eyes and said, “I’m just too happy to be hugging you like this, Brother Cheng . I’m so happy that I want to cry… ”

He merely lost control by accident . Bo Hancheng regained his rationality and naturally did not believe her .

He pinched her chin and stared at her coldly before questioning, “Little imp, who sent you?”

From the very beginning, she would appear inexplicably and continuously try to approach him . She was even willing to get intimate with him!

After all, he came from Beijing and rarely visited Capital City . Hence, they definitely couldn’t have met before… Initially, he was just bored and decided to play the game with her .

However, he began to harbor designs on her time and time again . He almost didn’t stop just now as well!

He was used to being in control and he would either stop it or continue being in control!

He undeniably looked sinister and did scare Luo Zheng a little . She almost retreated… but soon snapped out of it . This is Mr . Bodyguard, why should I be afraid?

“Bo Hancheng, no one sent me! I wanted to get close to you out of my own accord… ”