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Chapter 95: 95

Luo Zheng answered him seriously, knowing that he had his concerns .

After all, he didn’t know her yet seven years ago!

Facing his gaze, she couldn’t help but touch his face and graze her fingers across it gently . “Bo Hancheng, I know you doubt me, but you should be able to feel that I have no malicious intentions!”

Bo Hancheng’s eyes turned gloomy and he kept his eyes fixed on Luo Zheng, seemingly trying to find something .

However, she did not hide from him and her gaze was so bright and clear that he… felt tempted to devour her!

During the critical juncture, Bo Hancheng’s mobile phone rang and disrupted the intimate mood between the two .

He picked it up and heard Chu Ci urging, “Third Brother, why aren’t you here yet? We are all waiting for you… ”

“Yeah, I’m almost here . ”

After answering indifferently, he looked back and glanced at Luo Zheng .

He was suddenly reminded of what Chu Ci said about testing her .

Initially, he didn’t think it was necessary, because he thought that he didn’t care about Luo Zheng… However, he had a complicated gaze in his eyes and he finally made a decision .

Hanging up the phone, Bo Hancheng held onto the steering wheel with one hand and looked at her while she laid in the middle of the seat . As long as he lowered his head, he would be able to see through her shirt .

Suddenly, his Adam’s apple moved and he cocked his head towards the side to avoid feeling aroused .

“Brother Cheng, are you okay? If you are busy, I can go home first …”

Luo Zheng thought about the phone call he had received and guessed that he should have something on . Hence she did not want to get in his way .

Bo Hancheng looked at her, and said, “Little imp, I have something to ask you . ”

Sensing that he was being serious and stern, Luo Zheng adjusted her mood and nodded solemnly . “Brother Cheng, go ahead . ”

Leaning over, Bo Hancheng lifted her hair and exposed her swan-like neck . “I’m only going to ask you once . Are you really bent on provoking me?”

Luo Zheng hesitated for a moment . She didn’t know what he meant and was just about to answer according to what she felt .

The next moment, he interrupted, “Luo Zheng, think clearly before answering . As long as you give up and stop provoking me, I can take it that some things did not happen! You can get out of the car and leave, there is still time for you to decide… ”

After a while, he continued with a complicated expression, “If you insist on provoking me, you won’t have a chance to regret it later!”

Luo Zheng roughly understood what he meant but somehow felt that something was amiss .

She finally discovered something that she had been ignoring .

Her Mr . Bodyguard was stunningly handsome, domineering and outstanding… but why did he become her bodyguard and give his life up for her!?!

That question simply flashed past her mind and she did not mull over it .

More importantly, she had a strange hunch, as if she would be in deep trouble if she were to provoke him .

However, she decided to answer truthfully in the end . “I want to stay by your side… ”

She can only leave with peace of mind when she sees him obtaining his happiness .

“Luo Zheng, you must remember that this is the choice you made… ”

Bo Hancheng was not surprised by Luo Zheng’s answer, though his heart still skipped a beat .

Luo Zheng blinked and said in a tender and coquettish voice, “Brother Cheng, of course I will remember and I’ll never regret it!”

Bo Hancheng didn’t speak again and was about to bring her along with him to see Chu Ci .

However, he casually caught sight of the messy bandage on her hand which reminded her of the cigarette burn that she had just gotten .

He sighed and looked down to help her bandage it again .

Luo Zheng obediently allowed him to help her bandage her wound while she gazed at him, feeling extremely enticed .

She really wanted to kiss him!

“Muacks… ”

Immediately after he bandaged Luo Zheng, she kissed him on his cheeks loudly .

Bo Hancheng’s face stiffened and he instructed calmly, “Sit still . ”

Luo Zheng was all ready to let him preach and lash out at her . To her surprise, he was so kind and forgiving, making her feel overjoyed .

She could not help but think, is Mr . Bodyguard finally going to accept me?

However, Luo Zheng soon realized that she had been reading too much into things . He was not going to accept her, but was going to send her to the dangerous dungeon!