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Chapter 19

In Bai Luochu’s previous life, her behaviour wasn’t restricted at all when she lived in the temple . She would simply grow any kind of flowers or plants wherever she liked . She didn’t understand the so-called elegance of landscaping . She responded casually to Zi Su’s question, “I have nothing to do and casually made some arrangements . ”

“If Young Lady likes flowers and plants, Zi Su will get people to bring more over tomorrow . ” Zi Su giggled and replied . She didn’t feel that anything was off at all .

“No need for that . Have you brought all the herbs?” Bai Luochu quickly changed the topic and didn’t continue talking about the plants in the courtyard .

Zi Su had nearly forgotten what she was tasked to do after looking at all the rearrangements in the courtyard . When she heard Bai Luochu’s question, she quickly handed the medicinal herbs over . Taking out a bottle of spirit medicine from her sleeve, she placed it properly in Bai Luochu’s hand .

“Earlier on, when this servant handed over the list to the staff in the medicine room, they could identify that these herbs were all used to assist in one’s cultivation . Hence, they handed over a bottle of spirit medicine meant for cultivation . They said that my Lord had previously passed down an order . He said that as long as Young Lady requests for it, you may take anything you wish . However… you can’t take too much of it . ”

“He is afraid that my cultivation will forcefully rise with the use of spirit medicine and not my own effort . My foundation will be unstable because of it, right? Even though my strength will increase rapidly in a short amount of time, it will be detrimental to me in the long term . It will also affect my future progress in cultivation . Did I get it right?”

When Bai Luochu saw the servant girl stammering, she conscientiously completed her sentence . It was true . She had only been cultivating for several days but had been using medicinal ingredients frequently . Anyone who saw her consumption of medicinal ingredients would think that she was overly eager for success as she used the effects of spirit medicine to quickly increase her cultivation state .

“That’s right . . . We aren’t able to provide Young Lady with too much spirit medicine because of Master’s orders . It will be great as long as Young Lady can understand the meaning behind this servant’s actions . This servant shall take her leave first and will come back in the afternoon to bring lunch . ”

After her explanation, Zi Su bowed and slowly left the room, closing the door behind her .

The moment the doors closed, all the clamor in the outside world became unrelated to Bai Luochu . She quickly returned to her state of cultivation and when she opened up the bottle of spirit medicine, a wave of subtle medicinal fragrance tickled her nose .

After examining it with her spiritual energy, she noticed that this bottle of spirit medicine didn’t contain much spirit qi . However, the spirit qi was extremely pure and this was rather hard to come by . It was a pity that the person who produced this medicine didn’t possess sufficient spiritual energy and couldn’t purify the medicinal fluid any further . Otherwise, this bottle of spirit medicine wouldn’t just be classified as low grade .

Bai Luochu couldn’t help turn curious when she stared at the spirit medicine and medicinal herbs in front of her . She couldn’t understand the reason behind the First Prince spending so much money to buy her into the residence . They might say that she was bought to be a personal servant, but what was the real reason? Even though they treated her well, it could be said that the way they treated her was too good to be true .

Bai Luochu didn’t bother about it . If she didn’t enjoy such carefree days, it would be a waste .

After Bai Luochu opened up the bottle of spirit medicine, she didn’t reserve herself and swallowed everything in a single gulp . In an instant, the spirit qi inside the spirit medicine carried the medicinal effects and gushed towards Bai Luochu’s spirit platform . When Bai Luochu noticed the mild medicinal effects and the pure spirit qi, she decided to use the spirit medicine to nourish her meridians .

After the bottle was completely used up, Bai Luochu’s meridians were almost fully recovered .

After using that bottle of spirit medicine to nourish her nearly dried up meridians, she continued to use the herbs to continue her treatment every daybreak . At long last, her hard work and persistence paid off . The meridians in her entire body became strong enough for her to start cultivating .

For several days in a row, Bai Luochu spent all her time cultivating . The only time she did anything else was when she slept and ate . She would absorb spirit qi in the day and improve her spiritual energy during the night . She hoped to be able to restore her spiritual energy level to the level she was at in her previous life as a medicine refining genius .

With her meridians properly strengthened, Bai Luochu was finally satisfied . After thinking about it, she felt as though it was a waste to be engrossed in cultivation while staying in the First Prince’s residence . Making a quick decision, she went out into the courtyard for a stroll .

Strolling around aimlessly, she eventually arrived at the back garden . In Bai Luochu’s previous life, she loved growing flowers and plants . In her opinion, the flowers transformed as they blossomed and withered with the change in seasons and they were a great representation of the laws of heaven and earth . She also felt as though they possessed the purest spirit qi .

The First Prince’s residence’s garden was constructed very elegantly . The entire garden housed various flowers and they all bloomed in different seasons . Making it unnecessary to replant the flowers in the garden every season . This also prevented the ugly scene of withered flowers filling the garden from ever appearing .

Water was drawn from the lake constructed in the middle of the garden and a pavilion stood smack in the middle of the lake . Lotus plants covered the surface of the water and the scene of them rising up from the surface painted a beautiful picture . As the lotus reached into the sky, the saying, “Lotus leaves rising into the boundless sky, like brilliant jade . ” came to mind .

Bai Luochu followed the winding little bridge and walked towards the pavilion . The pavilion was located in a position favored by nature as there weren't any obstructions when viewing the beautiful scenery in the garden . The pavilion was properly furnished and there was even a couch fit for an imperial consort . It seemed as though the pavilion was specifically built as a resting spot to escape the blazing summer sun .

Perhaps it was due to Bai Luochu’s constant and diligently cultivation for the past few days, she felt a little tired now that she had relaxed . She simply laid down on that imperial consort’s couch and rested for a little .

Perhaps it was because Bai Luochu never experienced such relaxing days in both her past and present life, the moment she laid down to enjoy the scenery, a drowsy feeling overwhelmed her . Just like this, she fell into a deep slumber .

As a breeze blew through the pavilion and caressed her body, she felt extremely comfortable . The intoxicating fragrance of flowers lingered in her surroundings, and the aroma wasn’t too strong . Instead, it was soothing and pleasant on the nose . It was truly too relaxing and peaceful and it made one unable to help but be immersed in it .

Bai Luochu wasn’t surprised by the fact that she had slept for an entire day . After she woke up, she realized that the sun was already setting and the dazzling sight of the sun setting sobered her up .

The picturesque sight of the sun setting was extremely beautiful as the clouds were dyed a brilliant orange . A golden ring formed around the dimming ball of flame as it disappeared into the horizon .

In her sleepy state, Bai Luochu was rather dazed as she saw a youth around her age stand in front of her . Rubbing her eyes, she tried to recall where she had seen him before .

This person… when did he arrive? Bai Luochu immediately rubbed her eyes again and focused, only to see that there was indeed a youth standing there .

Bai Luochu involuntarily let out a sigh . For the past few days, she really had been coming into contact with people appearing out of nowhere .