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Chapter 20

The youth was around Bai Luochu’s age . Perhaps his immature and round face had something to do with his age . However, his features were sharp and it couldn’t be denied that he would grow up to be a handsome young man .

This youth was currently leaning on the pillar of the pavilion and he was carrying a plate of desserts foreign to Bai Luochu . He ate in large mouthfuls as he tilted his head with a frown on his face when he looked at her .

Looking at the plate of desserts, it should have been made by the kitchen in the residence . From the looks of it, the kid in front of her should be related to the First Prince . Otherwise, it was impossible for the staff in the kitchen to whip up a plate of desserts especially for him .

He was probably related to the imperial clan .

“May I know the identity of this Little Young Master? How long have you been sitting here for? Did this servant forget my manners?” Bai Luochu saw that this youth was rather adorable and had a silly vibe that only a young child would possess . The intention to tease him quickly appeared in her mind as she spoke coquettishly to him .

When the youth saw the flirtatious look in the lady's eyes, he felt embarrassed . Blood rushed towards his face and a blush formed on his cheeks . After all, he was still an underaged brat . His cheeks were a little flushed and his brows were knit tightly together as he replied .

“As a woman, how can you use such a coquettish tone to speak to an unfamiliar man? Aren’t you ashamed of yourself?”

After speaking, he seemed to have recalled that he had not replied Bai Luochu’s question . Thinking that it was rather rude for him to not give an answer, he unwillingly spoke up, “Listen up, I am the current Ninth Prince and not some little Young Master . ”

When Bai Luochu noticed that the kid was getting angry, she quickly withdrew her intention to tease him and greeted him seriously . “This servant had no idea that Your Highness is the Ninth Prince . I was rude and I hope for the Ninth Prince’s forgiveness . ”

Fortunately, the Ninth Prince wasn’t someone who would fuss over small matters and he definitely wasn’t someone who would bully others with his imperial authority . He immediately nodded and said, “You are excused . ”

As he spoke, he continued to size up Bai Luochu . This young lady was wearing a robe made from soft smoked gauze and the accessories on her head were also part of the latest designs of the imperial palace . Even her embroidered shoes were the works of the embroidery ladies that the First Prince specially requested for .

She was able to move around the residence without restriction and was even lying down on the imperial consort’s couch in the main pavilion . Adding on the fact that she didn’t show a single trace of fear after learning his identity, the Ninth Prince thought that she wasn’t a simple maid . When greeting him, she merely bowed… In his mind, she should be the new concubine his First Brother had brought in .

However, the Ninth Prince would never have thought that the reason Bai Luochu’s failure to follow etiquette was because of her identity as an evil dao witch in her past life . She never bothered about such practices and customs . In her eyes, the imperial clan was nothing… No matter how strong the imperial clan was, could their authority be harder than her fist?

As for clothing, Bai Luochu already knew that her robe made with soft smoked gauze was expensive . However, she didn’t know anything about the accessories or her shoes . In her previous life, Bai Luochu never bothered with such things as she would spend the bulk of her time cultivating or dealing with herbs .

In her eyes, the only merit the shoes had was the comfort they provided . The accessories were no different from the tree branches she used in her previous life to tie up her hair .

“You . . . did you recently enter the First Prince’s residence?” The Ninth Prince asked while staring into Bai Luochu’s eyes .

Bai Luochu didn’t understand the meaning behind the Ninth Prince’s question . Did he feel that her presence was unfamiliar? 

Thinking about how she had only entered the residence several days ago, adding on the fact that she was too engrossed in her cultivation to leave her room, she understood the meaning behind his words . She replied calmly, “This servant has entered this residence for a few days but due to my illness, I haven’t been out of the courtyard . It is no wonder Your Ninth Highness finds me unfamiliar . ”

Just as he expected… She is really First Brother’s concubine . It seems like he favors her and she is the one who serves him every night . . .

There was no other reason a concubine would be able to wear such luxurious clothing without leaving her room for a few days .

The Ninth Prince couldn’t help but sigh in his heart . “Tsk Tsk Tsk . Teacher is right . Women are truly femme fatale . Why else would First Brother who had always been diligent in taking care of political affairs be indulging in them?”

If Bai Luochu knew about what was going through the Ninth Prince’s mind, she would definitely feel wronged . She had simply been cultivating in her room for the past few days . However, after all the information went through this kid’s brain, she turned into a femme fatale who used her looks to seduce her Lord .

The Ninth Prince was treating Bai Luochu as his First Brother’s concubine and thought that she was either the First Consort or a regular one . No matter what, she could be considered half a sister-in-law to him and a cordial expression appeared on his face as he faced Bai Luochu .

After swallowing the dessert in his mouth, he spoke to her . “You… do you want to know my First Brother’s past?” After asking, his eyes even swivelled around as if he were trying to recall all the interesting facts about the First Prince .

“The First Prince’s past?” Bai Luochu’s brows arched upwards . She had no idea why the Ninth Prince was suddenly speaking of this matter .

If it was in the past, Bai Luochu definitely wouldn’t be interested in someone of the imperial clan . Not to mention someone she had never met before as there was no point in learning about their past . However, circumstances changed and she was now living off the First Prince . After living in the residence for so many days, she had not even caught sight of the First Prince even once, let alone learn anything about him .

There was nothing stopping her from listening to the Ninth Prince’s story . It might even help her avoid things he disliked or asking about things she shouldn’t be asking . It would also be convenient for her to formulate a strategy to escape in the future .

Thinking up to this point, Bai Luochu revealed an overwhelmingly interested expression and replied to the Ninth Prince, “Of course, if Ninth Prince is willing to tell me about it, I will definitely listen carefully!”

In the Ninth Prince’s eyes, Bai Luochu seemed like an excited concubine who wanted to learn more about her husband . In his mind, all Bai Luochu wanted was to win the First Prince’s favor .

The Ninth Prince had an innocent and lively personality . Previously, he had been putting on airs in front of Bai Luochu as a member of the imperial family . It was actually extremely taxing on him . After listening to Bai Luochu’s response, he quickly placed the plate of desserts on the stone table as he raised his clothes a little before sitting on a stone chair beside him . He dropped all formalities in front of Bai Luochu .

When Bai Luochu saw the Ninth Prince sitting on the stone chair as she laid on the couch, she felt that she was being disrespectful . Hence, she quickly tidied up her clothes and found a seat opposite the Ninth Prince .

The Ninth Prince picked up the plate with desserts and didn’t forget to invite Bai Luochu to take a bite as well . “You should eat too . The chef in First Brother’s residence was specially hired from a famous kitchen . His cooking skills aren’t inferior to world renowned chefs outside . Quickly, have a taste!” As he spoke, he stuffed a piece of dessert into his mouth and munched down contentedly .