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Chapter 1112: 1112

Chapter 1112: Destroy Black Dragon Gang

Gu Feifei had some specialized ability to suppress erections?

“Why are you here?” Hong Dali suppressed his urge to lament and looked at the girl . “You’re a student?”

“I, I… sob, sob, sob…” The girl was obviously petrified . “My dad owes these loan sharks and can’t afford to pay them back . So they came to catch me and said that they’ll train me before sending me out to take customers and earn money…”

As expected, after the girl said that, Hong Dali heard the System’s voice—

“Hidden Mission: Rescue the young girl . Mission Reward: Ten Achievement Points . ”

It seemed like the girl was not lying . Hong Dali nodded . He thought for a while and suddenly asked, “Oh right, why did your father borrow from the loan sharks?” He must figure that out first . If he was a gambling or drug addict, all their effort to save him would be futile .

“My dad said that this year is a bull market, so he borrowed money to trade stocks . ” The girl cried and said, “But the stocks my dad bought tanked badly, and he tried to cut his losses . That’s why he owes 300,000…”

As the girl said that, Hong Dali opened his mouth in surprise . “No way?! This year is a huge bull market! Your dad still lost money?!”

Actually, stocks were doing really well this year . Prices rose for nearly every single stock . How could he lose money?!

“My dad has no patience, sob, sob, sob…” The girl said in a depressed tone, “He gets happy the moment prices rise and panic the moment prices fall . He borrowed a million yuan…”

OK, so things were quite clear now .

Gu Feifei nodded and said, “You can’t be impatient when trading stocks . Oh right, what stocks did your dad buy to end up like that?”

“Thunder Shares . ” The girl sobbed . “My dad bought Thunder Shares directly after he borrowed the money . He bought in at the limit up price . However, prices almost instantly fell to the limit down price after his purchase . That alone cost him over 200,000 . After the limit down, they filed for temporary suspension of trading . Originally, my dad said that stocks usually will make big gains after resumption of trading . However, that didn’t happen, and it hit the limit down price again…”

Even Gu Feifei opened her mouth in surprise—what kind of bad luck was that? Even that could happen?!

“Alright, I’m impressed by your father’s luck…” Hong Dali looked at Gu Feifei . “You bought Thunder Shares today, right? Hm, call her dad here tomorrow . We’ll have some fun . ”

“No problem,” Gu Feifei replied .

“Alright, Cutie . ” Hong Dali called Cutie Ke over and gave her a few thousand yuan . “Send her home, then take a taxi back . Also, ask your dad to come find me tomorrow . ”

“Alright, sure . ” Cutie Ke nodded . “Relax . This girl will be fine with me around . ”

Hong Dali believed that—girls under the protection of giant dragons were usually quite safe…

“Go . ” Hong Dali said, “We’ll settle the rest for you . ”

“But… that big bald dude is very strong . ” The girl was obviously terrified . “I… I’m worried you can’t beat him . ”

“Don’t worry, I promise not to twist his head off . ” Gu Feifei clenched her fists . “No other promises though…”

Hm, Gu Feifei meant that she could consider keeping the big bald dude’s corpse intact…

After they sent the girl away, Hong Dali led Gu Feifei downstairs to a relatively quiet corner around the bar .

Actually, Han Songyang and the rest were still quite confident even though they were facing professionals . After all, they had an advantage in terms of the number of people . Hence, the girls were just rubbernecking . Unexpectedly, when the fight broke out, they were first impressed, then in disbelief, then stunned, and finally completely shocked .

The big bald guy first took out the most muscular, 1 . 9 meters tall person on Han Songyang’s side . Then, he casually knocked out the three supporting guys before knocking over Han Songyang, Qiao Mingfeng, and all the rest .

The entire process was very smooth . If there were cameras around, this could even be mistaken for a action movie shooting location .

Qiao Xianxian knew that her brother had trained in martial arts before . However, this big bald guy was extremely precise and efficient with his strikes . All his strikes landed on the vital body parts . Hence, he simply cracked his neck after laying out the entire group and smiled coldly . “Useless trash, but your girls are quite pretty . I’m going to say this . Call as many people as you want . I’ll deal with them all . However, I have to make this clear . If the people you call aren’t satisfactory, these girls can stay . Us brothers have been waiting for quite a while . We have been looking for quality girls to relieve ourselves . ”

Han Songyang was still struggling, but the big bald guy stepped directly on his face . He smiled and said, “I can tell that you have some background . At least I can recognize the symbol on your car key . However, let’s skip the bullshit . Since I dared to lay my hands on you, I don’t care about your background at all . Do you understand what I’m saying?”

Han Songyang and the rest’s hearts sank .

This big bald guy knew that they were from rich families, yet he still dared to fight them . It was obvious that he had some powerful background as well .

Soon, everyone thought of an infamous, yet mysterious organization .

Black Dragon Gang, the largest gang in the northern parts of the country . Supposedly, all senior members were bald and had black dragons tattooed on the back of their heads . That description matched this guy completely . If he really was from the Black Dragon Gang, today’s matters would definitely not be easy to settle .

It would be pointless to call for backup . Unless the military came, their bodyguards would not stand a chance against this guy .

However, who could easily summon the military?

These people here were all second-generation riches . They indeed had money . However, they did not have enough power .

Perhaps, only Hong Dali’s female bodyguard…

“I can tell that you are rather strong . ” Just then, they heard Hong Dali’s voice . He looked at the big bald guy and said slowly, “Let them go . Unless you want to play that hostage stuff . ”

“Yo, quite a pretty boy . ” The big bald guy looked at Hong Dali and laughed . “What, you want to fight me?”

He kicked Han Songyang away and patted the dust off his pants . “I’ll concede your one hand and two legs . ”

“I’m not interested in fighting . ” Hong Dali walked over and pulled Han Songyang up . “Are you alright?”

He was a savior! Everyone gathered around Hong Dali . Just then, he heard the System’s voice . “Side Mission: High Mountains and Flowing Water, completed . The Host has made twelve friends . Mission Reward: Ten Achievement Points . ”

Oh damn, that was quick…

“Dali, be careful, this guy is strong,” Han Songyang said in a low voice . “He’s from the Black Dragon Gang . Based on his looks, he seems like a high-ranked fighter . ”

Hong Dali pouted .

How strong could he be? Stronger than Gu Feifei?

Gu Feifei was preparing to move . Suddenly, Han Songyang received a notification on his Weixin . He should not be checking his phone under these circumstances . However, he glanced at his phone out of habit . After a quick glance, his face changed completely!

“It’s him!” Han Songyang’s face turned green instantly . “That’s the guy who threw the child!”

“What?” Hong Dali was stunned too—such a coincidence?

“You’re saying that the kid in the rubbish chute was throw down by him?” Hong Dali was instantly filled with rage .

If it was a normal fight, Hong Dali would not care too much about it . What did the Black Dragon Gang have to do with him as a prodigal?

However, things were different now . This was the heartless guy who threw the baby away?!

“Feifei, don’t rush . ” Hong Dali walked forward slowly and stared at the big bald guy . He asked with an extremely solemn expression . “That kid in the rubbish chute . Did you throw him down?”

“Rubbish chute?” The big bald guy thought for a while and suddenly laughed . “Ah, you mean that? Yep, that’s right . That idiot woman tried to secretly get pregnant without me knowing . She even planned on giving birth . She thought I had no idea . Haha, I just pretended to be fooled by her, and after she gave birth, I threw him out directly . Aiya, that bitch was wailing hard, hahaha! What, did the baby survive? What a shame . It’s a thing that doesn’t deserve to exist in this world . Don’t tell me you saved him!”

Hong Dali previously felt like the child’s parents were heartless . Judging from the situation now, this big bald guy was truly inhumane!

Even a vicious tiger would not eat its own child, yet this guy threw his son away just like that!

Han Songyang and the rest could no longer hold back . They loved to fool around and squander usually, but at least they had a conscience . They knew what could be done and what was off-limits .

Who would have expected this big bald guy to be so evil!

“Dali!” Han Songyang said in a low voice . “If you can kill him, I’ll settle the consequences for you . ” Qiao Mingfeng gritted his teeth too . “It’s a mistake to let people like him stay alive in this world . Kill him!”

He heard the System’s voice as well . “Hidden Mission: Annihilate Black Dragon Gang . Mission Details: Destroy the evil Black Dragon Gang ruling over the northern provinces in this Enjoyment Dimension . Mission Time Limit: 720 hours that the Host spends in the Enjoyment Dimension . Current Target: Black Dragon Gang, Black Flood Dragon-level fighter, Yan Hongye . Mission Reward: 20 Achievement Points . ”

Hong Dali sometimes found the missions difficult to accomplish . However, this mission was an easy one to accept for Hong Dali .

This was his birthplace, after all . Hong Dali found it difficult to accept the existence of someone like that here .

“Feifei, I’ve changed my mind . ” Hong Dali patted Gu Feifei on her arms . “You can deal with this scum however you like . ”

He basically meant that you could kill him in whichever way you wanted to…

“This is the first time I’ve wanted to kill someone so badly . ” Gu Feifei nodded . “In that case, I won’t hold back . ”

“Bitch . You look like a pig . ” Black Flood Dragon-level fighter Yan Hongye looked at Gu Feifei . He excitedly warmed up his shoulders . “I’ve never beaten up a woman so meaty . It must feel good, haha!”

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