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Chapter 1113: 1113

Chapter 1113: Brother Dali Wants to Trade Stocks

This big bald guy easily defeated a dozen people . Qiao Xianxian could not imagine how Gu Feifei would win . After all, her brother was trained in martial arts . She had a good eye for this kind of thing and could tell that the big bald guy was a professional . He must have been practicing Wing Chun for at least tens of years . All his moves were powerful and intimidating . Normal people would not last more than two moves against him .

However, Qiao Xianxian soon realized how powerful this “super amazing female bodyguard”, as described by Han Songyang, really was .

Gu Feifei was known as the Big Sister in the Divine College . Her strength was beyond everyone’s imagination .

“I don’t usually kill people easily . ” Gu Feifei stared at the big bald guy Yan Hongye . “However, you’re definitely an exception!”


Following a short but high-pitched sound, Gu Feifei rammed straight into that big bald guy’s body .

That sound was caused by the friction between her shoes and the ground . It was not an overstatement to claim that if Gu Feifei was standing on normal mud, two craters would have been formed by now .

The big bald guy was indeed an experienced fighter . His expression instantly changed as he tried his best to get into a defensive stance in order to block Gu Feifei’s explosive impact .

Unfortunately for him, if he could block Gu Feifei, she would not be known as the Big Sister of the Divine College .

“Boom!” As the two bodies collided, the big bald guy truly felt what was like to be hit by a train . He flew backward for over ten meters until he hit a wall .

Although he was inhumane, he was still very manly . He struggled to stand up, but that attempt was obviously futile . He tasted blood at the back of his throat and vomited a huge mouthful of blood .

Everyone was stunned . Nobody expected Hong Dali’s female bodyguard to be this ferocious .

Instant kill .

This was the legendary instant kill .

The big bald guy held back his urge to vomit and could only feel the numbness after extreme pain in his chest . As he watched Gu Feifei walk towards him, he felt the purest form of fear for the first time in his life .

“What are you doing standing there? Hurry, hurry and block her…” The big bald guy hurriedly instructed his subordinates . However, Gu Feifei would not give him that chance . She moved as fast as the wind past his six subordinates . Then, they all fainted with foam around their mouths .

“Actually, I really don’t like to kill . ” Gu Feifei grabbed the big bald guy, Yan Hongye’s leg and lifted him up .

By now, Yan Hongye was truly afraid .

It was obvious that this woman intended to kill him! More importantly, this woman was way too powerful!

“Don’t kill me . Don’t kill me!” Yan Hongye frantically begged for mercy . “I’ll give you money . I’ll give you money! I’ll give you any amount of money you want! Don’t kill me! Don’t kill me!”

“Don’t kill you?” Gu Feifei smiled and showed her beautiful white teeth . However, it looked terrifying to Yan Hongye . Gu Feifei said, “When you threw the child away, why didn’t you think of sparing his life? When you tried to rape that girl just now, why didn’t you think of sparing her?”

“I know that I’m wrong . I know my mistakes!” Yan Hongye yelled at the top of his lungs .

“Bro, go remove the surveillance cameras around . ” Hong Dali patted Han Songyang on the shoulder . “Just to prevent a difficult cleanup of the situation afterward . ”

“Understood . ” How could Han Songyang not understand that? He instantly directed his friends . “Go and remove all the surveillance cameras . ”

“Feifei . ” Hong Dali walked forward and tapped Gu Feifei on the arm . “Be careful of his desperate measures . He’s probably carrying a gun . ”

“I know . ” Gu Feifei smiled lightly at Hong Dali . Then, she kicked her legs out at lightning speed . With a “crack” sound, Yan Hongye’s right arm was instantly fractured . “How can I give him a chance to retaliate?”

It was all over now . Yan Hongye totally wilted .

He did indeed bring a gun . He originally planned on surprising this terrifying woman when she dropped her guard . However, he never expected this young man to see through his plan!

“Alright, enough bullshit . ” Gu Feifei broke the other arm and legs of Yan Hongye . By now, Yan Hongye had fainted due to the excruciating pain . Gu Feifei threw him down and dusted her hands . “You can settle this however you want . If you want to kill him, I can snap his neck . But from the looks of things, it seems like it won’t be that easy to deal with the aftermath . ”

Praises for Gu Feifei!

Hong Dali smiled and nodded . “Hm, this will be enough . This guy is surely a wanted murderer, and definitely for more than one murder at that . We’ll leave him to the police . This way, Han Songyang and the rest can have an easier time settling the aftermath as well . ”

Hong Dali was well aware of the rules of this world .

Often times, if no lives were lost, things could be easily covered up . However, if someone was murdered, everything would become more difficult to settle . Hence, breaking this inhumane guy’s limbs was already a decent resolution .

“Still, he’s getting off too easily . ” Gu Feifei thought for a while before walking forward and slamming her foot down in between Yan Hongye’s legs—Yan Hongye was originally unconscious from the pain, but he woke up again because of that blow . Then, due to the even more unbearable pain, he fainted again…

Everyone felt disgusted by that sight . The men all felt a chilly breeze blow past their very important organ on their lower body…

“Alright, this should do . ” Gu Feifei looked at Hong Dali nonchalantly . “What are we doing next?”

By now, the hidden mission to eliminate the Black Dragon Gang’s fighter, Yan Hongye, had concluded . He received 20 Achievement Points . Hong Dali was a little tired, but he was still happy about his 270 Achievement Points .

“Let’s go back and rest . It’s so late . ” Hong Dali glanced around . “Old Han, ask someone to send these scums to the police station . Everyone else, if you’re not too busy, don’t go back today . It won’t be a pretty sight since you’re all bruised up . Why not go play at my place?”

Was he inviting us as guests to his home?

Qiao Xianxian instantly blushed . “What… what if he tries to take advantage of me at his house?” Qiao Xianxian was a little shy . However, she suppressed her urges to run home and nodded discreetly .

“Since Big Bro Dali invited us to go visit him, we have to go . ” Qiao Mingfeng laughed and said, “Big Bro Dali is so amazing . Bros, let’s buy some beer and barbecued skewers . We’ll have a skewer party at Big Bro Dali’s place!”

That was a wonderful idea . Everyone cheered in high spirits . “Alright!”

Just then, Cutie Ke returned in a taxi . She brought a middle-aged man along . As soon as he got off the taxi, he hurriedly asked, “May I know who Mister Hong Dali is?”

Who was that? Hong Dali turned to look at Cutie Ke, who said quietly, “That girl’s father . He wants to beg you to save him . ”

“Oh, I see . ” Hong Dali snapped his fingers . “Then, join us . Let’s go!”

Then, they set off .

The food-buying process was nothing special . However, it was worth noting that the fair, rich, and beautiful girls around Han Songyang all looked at Hong Dali with different expressions now . It seemed like they all wished to offer themselves to him…

Soon, they arrived at the house . A huge fleet of luxury cars drove into the courtyard, attracting countless people’s attention .

They got off and set up the grills . The northeastern specialty barbecue was ready!

As they chatted and drank, Hong Dali asked the girl’s father, “Uncle, this year was a huge bull market . How did you lose money by trading stocks? That’s horrible luck . ”

Speaking of which, this uncle was indeed bizarre . Even idiots knew that this year was a huge bull market . Usually for those who entered the market early, even if they did not earn too much, they could never lose . However, this brother’s stock fell to the limit down price the moment he bought the shares . Other stocks would hit limit up prices for sure after the resumption of trading, but his fell to the limit down price again…

“Don’t mention it . My luck this year was horrible . ” The uncle bit down ferociously on his skewer and said, “Originally, my family conditions were decent . I just wanted to make some money and let my daughter live a better life . Hence, I decided to mortgage my house and borrow a million yuan to put into the stock market . I thought that I would definitely earn something . At least better than just my salary? However, I almost died the moment I entered the market . ”

“You’re a really a genius . ” Gu Feifei mumbled, “You should only buy Mid Caps in a bull market . Just hold onto them for a few months and collect your earnings . In the end, you dived into Small Caps . Why wouldn’t you get played by the bankers . ”

“This lady knows how to trade stocks?” The uncle’s eyes instantly lip up as he heard Gu Feifei . “Can you please teach me?”

Trading stocks . Everyone present were second-generation riches . They had all purchased some stocks . When they heard that Gu Feifei understood stock trading as well, they were all extremely impressed—this female T-Rex was so fierce when fighting, she must be a good stock trader as well!

“Sister Gu, you know how to trade stocks? Can you teach me please?” A girl shyly wrapped her hands around Gu Feifei’s arm .

It must be admitted that her coquettish voice was very pleasant . At least Hong Dali’s goosebumps appeared…

“Trading stocks? Sure . Let’s head upstairs . I’ll teach you some things . ” Gu Feifei was a huge stock addict . Although she could not become a banker on Shenglong Star due to her limited capital, she had still carefully studied the market . She was no slouch when it came to these explanations .

Sister Gu was teaching everyone about the stock market . That was a highlight show! Everyone brought their beers up and listened to Gu Feifei’s explanations!

“Trading stocks . The first step is to choose your stocks . ” Gu Feifei turned on the computer and asked Hong Dali, “Dali, which website has comprehensive information on the stock market?” Hm, she knew all the theoretical information, but she was not familiar with the environment…

“Eastern Fortune . ” Han Songyang also studied stocks in his spare time, so he adeptly opened the site . “This one . ”

“Hm, so-so . ” Gu Feifei opened the stocks page and selected the stock she chose today . “I bought in over 200,000 lots of this stock when it hit the limit-down price today in preparation for becoming the banker tomorrow . I’ll use this as an example for explanations . ”

The second-generation riches subconsciously looked at the price per share of this Thunder Shares—over 21 yuan . Their tongues all stuck out in shock .

Oh my . 200,000 hands, that’s over 20 million shares or 400 million yuan!

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