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Chapter 171

Chapter 171 – Crossing Tribulation

The troop of five killer whales stopped far from the capital city . From where they were, they could see the column of black light that shot into the heavens . The woman’s face was dignified as she watched this .

“Seventh Aunty, what is this?” The little girl had just woken up and hadn’t even had time to wash her face . She seemed a bit sleepy still and her eyes revealed a faint trace of excitement .

The woman seemed a bit helpless and couldn’t bear to scold the little girl . She simply sighed and said, “Miss, this is not a laughing matter . If I haven’t misread, that black column of light should be related to the Sea Mausoleum . ”

“Sea Mausoleum?” The little girl blinked her eyes .

“Mm . It is a very sacred place and also a very evil one . If there really has been an accident with it, then there is likely to be a disaster in the capital city . ” The woman had a solemn complexion . “At that time, I have no idea how many innocent lives will be lost . ”

Seeing a bit of fear appear in the little girl’s face, the woman smiled and patted her hand . “Miss, there is no need to fear . If there is a problem then we will turn back towards Sega City; there won’t be any problems . ”

A scout came rushing back with a flustered look . The woman’s heart sank as she prepared herself for bad news, but the truth was actually quite unexpected .

The little girl was stunned . She turned and said, “Seventh Aunty, this Honorable Ning is the person you spoke of? He seems like a bad person, right? He actually ruined our Sea Spirit Pavilion’s capital city branch division . ”

The woman reluctantly smiled . “Miss is right . Once we meet, I will definitely ask him why he decided to make a mess of our Nine Layer Building . ”

After a few comforting words, the woman sent the little girl away . Then, the woman’s face darkened and a cold chill began to flow in her eyes .

The guard captain walked over . He sighed and gently said, “There’s something not quite right about this . ”

The woman sneered . “Honorable Ning shouldn’t have any malice towards my Sea Spirit Pavilion . It is likely there is someone who wants to use this accident to move against our Sega City . ”

The guard captain should his head . “It’s too early to assume that . And, since it involves the Sea Mausoleum, I don’t think anyone would dare to start something using that . ”

The woman thought for a moment . “Your words make sense . Very well, we will take a look first . But, if it’s as I thought it was, then don’t blame me for being impolite!”

The killer whales had massive bodies, and as expected, their speed was astonishing . They soon arrived at the capital city and faced the questioning of the city guards . The guard captain took out a token and the city guards respectfully bowed .

Because the killer whales’ bodies were too large, it was a hassle for them to enter the capital city, thus they were left outside . They were placed in a specialized sea pasture for oversized mounts .

The guard captain took out a rose-colored carriage from a spatial shell . The young lady and woman mounted the carriage and drove into the capital city, escorted by the many guards .

At this time, another team of people silently arrived from the opposite direction . The wolf rider warriors were incomparably weary but their eyes were still cold and hard . With a single glance, one could feel a great pressure billowing out from them, as if a real giant wolf was pouncing!

The city guards subconsciously tightened their grip on their weapons . Although they maintained their composure, the capital city guards that were renowned for their calm and stoic demeanor actually paled a bit .

The ones in front of them were definitely warriors with terrifying combat potential who had also undergone hundreds of battles . Though they appeared exhausted, none of the guards doubted that in a battle, they would be completely slaughtered in a few moves .

Xue Zheng stood straight up . His cruel and callous face was without expression, “Moon Praying Shrine’s wolf rider warriors are escorting the Vice Priest to safely arrive at the capital city . Please allow us to pass . ”

As he spoke, the guards across from him began to shiver . Just now, that feeling was like a dark and vicious beast had locked onto them and was ready to rip them apart in the next moment . And, what was terrifying was that they knew this person hadn’t intentionally threatened them, but that it was an aura he naturally exuded .

The city guard deputy captain let out a long breath . He braced himself and said, “The capital city does not allow unknown combat troops to enter . I need to confirm your identity…”

Before he could finish, his lips were sealed by Xue Zheng’s stare . Xue Zheng slowly said, “The wolf riders are themselves evidence, so why must we prove ourselves?”

He slapped his mount . The giant sea wolf swept a contemptuous glance around, forcing the guards backwards . Then, it marched forwards . Behind the wolf, the other wolf riders and the carriage slowly followed .

To the other tribes, the capital city might possess an unsurpassed authority . But many years ago, Moon Praying Shrine had already come into conflict with the capital city numerous times . For them to still exist today proved just how strong they were and was also the reason why they were able to maintain their lofty pride and confidence .

The city guards were suppressed by the wolf riders’ momentum . Although they wanted to stop them, their feet seemed rooted in place . They could only look on helplessly as the troop of people marched into the capital city .

The deputy captain flushed red . He suddenly roared out, “So what if they are Moon Praying Shrine? This is the capital city! Hurry and pass on the news so that the higher ups can decide!”

Xue Zheng glanced at the black column of light and then moved towards the approaching carriage . “Vice Priest, is there any need to rest first?”

“No need . Head directly to Sea Spirit Pavilion . ”

Moon Praying Shrine had no respect towards the capital city, but they still had no choice but to acknowledge that this place was the center of the sea races . So, they were still somewhat familiar with the map of the capital city . Of course, if one had to ask whether this familiarity involved any dark thoughts or plots towards the royal family, then one could only make their own decision based on their own extrapolations of the situation .

Nine Layer Building could be called a landmark within the capital city, so Xue Zheng knew where it was approximately . The wolf riders changed course and headed straight there . The seafolk they encountered all along the way drew back in abundance, their faces full of surprise . No one knew when such an indomitable combat troop had appeared in the capital city .

But at this time, Nine Layer Building had already completely collapsed into ruins . It was wrapped in a swirl of dust and wind, without the least bit of the landmark-like glory that it possessed before .

Chief Manager Wu had long since been left unable to utter a single word more . At this time he had no more tears to cry, so he could only cry to himself in his heart . But looking at today’s situation, it was simply far too unusual . He could only hope that Honorable Ning didn’t stir up any trouble for himself . As he looked up towards Soupman, who had a grim expression and was emitting a resentful aura, he couldn’t help but curse inwardly .

Suddenly, a remarkable sense of awe came crashing down . It was like dancing on the edge of a sword, standing at the top of a mountain . It caused one’s heart to shiver and for one to be instinctually frightened .

Chief Manager Wu’s head shot upwards . He discovered that the skies above the capital city had suddenly darkened, and black clouds had appeared from nothingness and were rapidly gathering .

This was…heavenly tribulation!

His eyes popped open . Who was tired of living? They actually dared to cross heavenly tribulation in the capital city!?

Soupman looked up . His saber-sharp gaze locked onto the tribulation clouds for a moment and then his frown slowly relaxed . The capital city didn’t allow others to cross tribulation here because firstly, the strength of heavenly tribulation would destroy the spells around the capital city, and secondly, because the interference from the spells would also cause the power of the heavenly tribulation to drastically rise .

Sensing the aura, this should be Nascent Soul tribulation . It wasn’t easy to cultivate to this step, but who would be so silly as to cross tribulation here? It was no different from seeking their own death .

As Soupman thought of this, he immediately returned to tranquility . It was just a mere Nascent Soul . There were countless sea race powerhouses, so it didn’t matter if one more died .

Right now, the only thing he cared about was this giant sphere of spirit stones . Even if it involved Ning Qin, it was also related to the Sea Mausoleum, so he needed a reasonable explanation for all of this .

But as time passed, the tribulation clouds in the sky became increasingly thick . Gradually…it seemed as if they were coming towards this place . Soupman’s eyes violently twitched . He looked up at the tribulation clouds and swept his eyes around . Unless his eyes deceived him, the target of these tribulation clouds was the same as his own .

Ning Qin, Honorable Ning, he was the one crossing tribulation!

Soupman was instantly enraged . He nearly cursed out loud . It doesn’t matter if you die, but don’t you harm His Majesty’s chances of being treated and cured! He clenched his teeth and shot up into the skies, blocking the path between the tribulation clouds and the large sphere of spirit stones . Even if he were wounded in the process, he still needed to block this heavenly tribulation .

As if sensing Soupman’s actions, the tribulation clouds began to roll about . There was a thunderous sound as a bolt of ruinous lightning came shooting straight down from the clouds .

Soupman’s complexion changed, immediately darkening . There was something wrong with this heavenly tribulation!

But there was no more time to think about it . He stepped on the air and smashed out his fist, welcoming this bolt of thunder .

The explosion was like crashing mountains . The thunder disintegrated and rained down in all directions . Some unlucky ones were struck by the remnants and fell to the ground twitching and foaming at the mouth .

Hualala –

The seafolk began to flee in distress .

The sleeves of Soupman’s robe were torn apart and he was burnt black all over . His neatly combed hair now looked as if it had been caught in a hurricane and spun around .

Nascent Soul heavenly tribulation normally had three bolts of thunder . This was only the first yet it possessed such power behind it . Soupman lowered his head, grinding his teeth in anger . The more it was like this the more he couldn’t draw back . He swallowed down the blood in his mouth and prepared himself to receive the next strike of heavenly tribulation .

Bang –

The second bolt of thunder fell!

Soupman’s entire sleeve was reduced to ashes, revealing fair and beautiful arms that were clearly well-maintained . But, when combined with his fanned out and frizzled hair, he seemed especially strange .

He had always lived a respected life . Even during his youth when he fought and struggled, he had still never been in a situation where he had embarrassed himself in front of everyone like this . If it weren’t for his self-control being strong enough and him being able to control his mood, he feared his face would have already turned fire-red .

That damned Ning Qin!

Bang –

The third bolt of thunder .

If the first two bolts of heavenly tribulation were like spectacular blades that were difficult to resist, then this third bolt of heavenly was like a falling mountain, enormous and filled with incredible pressure . It carried with it an amazing destructive presence, and even Soupman couldn’t help but feel his heart skip a beat . He cursed out loud and stamped down his feet, soaring into the skies!

It wasn’t that he didn’t fear the heavenly tribulation, but it was due to the unique characteristics of his cultivation method . It was a cultivation method that focused on bravely advancing forwards with unstoppable force, because only then could he erupt with the greatest possible strength .

Bang –

Lightning splashed out, instantly submerging Soupman’s figure . But in the next moment he was blasted away and smashed into the ground . A building that had been upended by the wild winds was thoroughly destroyed and even the ground below was blown apart, crackling lines spreading out like a web!

“My family’s inherited shop!” In the distance, a shop owner cried out in sorrow .

Bang –

Random debris was blown away . Soupman walked out from the ruins . If his hair was a mess before, it now looked like it had completely exploded . This was because his hair had indeed exploded, and it seemed like the most fashion-forward and ahead-of-the-times kind of hair .

He spat on the ground as he walked towards the large sphere of spirit stones . His eyes were full of ill intention . Now that the heavenly tribulation has passed, you brat Ning Qin, shouldn’t you have come out by now?

For all this time I’ve lived, it was only me who took advantage of others; it’s never me that has eaten such a loss . I will remember this account and slowly calculate it later!

He carefully walked over the mess scattered all over the ground . Suddenly, a web of pain coursed through his body and he stiffened . Though he maintained a calm expression, he could feel his teeth itch with hate more and more!

He took one step, two steps, three steps…Soupman suddenly frowned, sensing something wasn’t right . Then, he looked up and saw that the heavenly tribulation in the skies still hadn’t dissipated . His mouth unconsciously fell open and he cursed out loud, “You bastard, just how many sinful things have you done!”