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Chapter 200

Chapter 200 – The White Tiger’s Black Wings


In fact, His Majesty White Tiger was not disappointed . After vaunting about his accomplishments, the leopardess did indeed fall head over heels for him, completely intoxicated with his majestic appearance . Then, what happened afterwards was not suitable for children, so the exact details will remain unspoken . But in short, over the next several days, the leopardess and her new love broke a total of three beds .

It was a full week until the white tiger was satisfied . He stretched out and bid the leopardess farewell, saying that once he had refreshed himself, he would come back to face her in another bout .

One week had safely passed and it was clear the previous matter was over with . And added with the fact that he had obtained the beautiful leopardess, His Majesty White Tiger now had a face full of smiles .

As for the human idiot who had chased after him, leaving him in a distressed state…well, the white tiger willingly floated through the wild world, so how could he not know how to endure some pain . As long as he was fine, who cared about face or honor or anything like that?

His Majesty White Tiger silently praised himself for his own open mindedness . Just as he was preparing to return to his cave, he suddenly sniffed the air . Where did this barbecue scent come from? What a delicious fragrance!

His Majesty White Tiger gulped, swallowing a mouthful of saliva, and looked up . There, sitting not too far away, was a black-robed cultivator, carefully roasting a wild boar leg on an iron stick .

His Majesty White Tiger certainly recognized who that boar leg belonged to . He had struggled with the wild boar for so many years, so he knew just how fierce it was . It naturally left a profound impression on him .

His Majesty White Tiger suddenly burst out in a cold sweat . He looked at the human cultivator who was barbecuing so earnestly and began to pray to himself, ‘don’t look at me, don’t look at me, I’m just going to turn around and quietly run away . ’

“Stop right there . If you run again, I really will be impolite . ” A light voice sounded out .

His Majesty White Tiger clenched his jaws and roared . “Just what do you want?”

He was at the perfect Golden Core realm, a monster king that was just a step away from Nascent Soul . Although he wasn’t able to take human form yet, speaking human words was simple enough .

Qin Yu looked up . “Simple . I want you to cross tribulation . ”

The white tiger roared . “How delusional . Don’t think that I don’t know you want to harm me!”

Qin Yu had no expression . “If I wanted to kill you I wouldn’t need to go through so much trouble . If I wanted, you would already be dead . ”

These words were extremely arrogant, as if Qin Yu didn’t place His Majesty White Tiger in his eyes at all . But it seemed…that he couldn’t refute this!

His Majesty White Tiger was stunned . He lifted his claws and scratched his head, perplexed .

Qin Yu picked up the roasted ham . “My cooking skills are quite good . Eat and drink your fill, then we will begin . ”

The white tiger clenched his teeth . He leapt over, picked up the barbecued ham, and then started chewing on it .

The white tiger basically understood his situation and knew that he couldn’t escape . If he continued to refuse or compromise, then he really feared that this human cultivator would just decide to kill him .

If so, then why not make a bet and try to cross tribulation? Although the chances of dying were great, what if he accidentally succeeded? Humph humph, if that happened, this human would finally understand how fierce this tiger was!

With a bang, the white tiger tossed the bone away, scratched the oil from his lips, and then reared its head back and roared into the skies . His body seemed to increase in size and a powerful aura erupted from him .

The white tiger no longer suppressed his cultivation; he chose to make a breakthrough on his own initiative . The skies began to darken and black tribulation clouds appeared . A horrifying pressure began to spread out . Not too far away, the leopardess looked up, her heart racing and her eyes confused . She was thinking: just what was that amazing tiger doing?

As His Majesty White Tiger saw this, his solemn complexion turned valiant, as if everything was within his grasp! Although he hadn’t made any preparations, he absolutely could not lose face in front of his woman . Even if he died he still had to persist with the act . But with the tribulation right before him, there was nothing he could do . As he was cursing to himself in a flustered panic, a flash of light crossed his field of vision . He looked up in stunned surprise to see Qin Yu shooting up into the skies, soaring directly into those tribulation clouds .

What did this human plan on doing?

The white tiger had a vacant expression .

Then, he learned just what Qin Yu was planning .

Blinding beams of lightning shot through those tribulation clouds . Qin Yu fiercely raised his hands upwards and tossed the little blue lamp directly into the tribulation clouds . Then, the black clouds tumbled like a raging tide and the tribulation thunder roared crazily . The terrifying aura caused His Majesty White Tiger to shiver with fear and awe . The white tiger didn’t doubt that if this tribulation thunder really descended, he would absolutely die a miserable death!

But although the tribulation thunder emitted a cacophonous noise and its aura was incomparably terrifying, it actually didn’t descend…

A moment later, the thunders seemed to roar out in unwillingness . Then, the black clouds slowly diverged .

Pa –

Qin Yu grasped the little blue lamp, his eyes anxious .

“Tribulation thunder…need…more…”

This thought tapped on Qin Yu’s mind like the faintest of ripples . He immediately smiled, his face filling with excitement .

So it really was like this!

He had finally found a way to help the little blue lamp! If he could help it recover, then everything would be fine again .

But where could he go to find that much tribulation thunder? And it had to be at least at the Nascent Soul level .

The white tiger was stunned . He looked at the human floating in the air and his mouth fell agape, so large that someone could fit a boulder in there . Hey, could someone tell him what had happened . Did he see an illusion? Or had the world gone insane!? That was heavenly tribulation! Nascent Soul heavenly tribulation! But just like that, it had quickly and quietly disappeared .

If the heavenly tribulation didn’t descend, then he could accept that . But on the contrary, it had actually appeared and had ended just like that .

There was a strong beginning and a weak end…wait, something was wrong . It was more like there wasn’t a beginning at all, much less an end!

The white tiger seemed to recall something . When Qin Yu was about to reach that heavenly tribulation, he had tossed something into the clouds . Could it have been because of that? The white tiger’s breathing quickened and his eyes filled with a burning heat . If he could obtain that thing, then wouldn’t it be supremely easy to cross tribulation in the future?

For the monster races, was there anything in the world that was better than this!?

The white tiger roared . His body emitted crackling sounds and grew larger and larger, until he reached 60 feet in length . And, what was more astonishing was that a pair of black wings drilled out from his back and unfurled in the air, extending for over 100 feet . The texture of the wings seemed like metal, and with a slight flap, powerful winds were whipped into existence!

When something grew stronger, there was a saying that it was similar to a tiger growing wings . And this was exactly what was happening . A tiger with wings and a tiger without – there was no comparison between them . This was a formidable transformation that represented a whole new level . Although the black-winged white tiger might only exist in legends, this sight was sufficient proof to show how powerful the white tiger’s bloodline was and how much his strength had risen .

Roar –

The white tiger roared in excitement and slashed his claws on the ground . Stones tore apart like tofu . He raised his head and stared at Qin Yu, his eyes filled with disdain and ridicule, as if saying ‘hey brat, I bet you never thought this would happen!’ Once this tiger makes a breakthrough, even the heavens will shake! Hehe, now it's my turn to take revenge and wipe out all my past shame!

“Hah! You human cultivator, you had best hand over that treasure in your hands, and perhaps I will show you some mercy and allow you to live . Otherwise, today will be the day you die!”

His momentum was truly astonishing, his heroic valor unparalleled!

Qin Yu’s thoughts were interrupted and he frowned .

This sight frightened the white tiger, but he immediately cursed himself for being scared . He had already broken through to Nascent Soul and even his wings had grown out, so how could he be afraid of this little human cultivator?

Angered with shame, the white tiger clawed at the ground once more . The earth broke open and countless cracks appeared . “Just what are you looking at? Hurry up and hand over the treasure!”

Qin Yu’s lips curled up in a smile . He coldly sneered . “Do you really believe that if I can help you cross heavenly tribulation, I don’t have the means to deal with you?”

The white tiger’s heart skipped a beat . But, he hardened his resolve and plowed forwards . “Stop trying to scare me . Do you think I grew up an idiot?”

Qin Yu waved his hand and the Storm Flow magic weapons formed from the teeth of the three swamp alligators appeared . There were a total of 609 weapons . In truth, he didn’t actually know how strong this set of Storm Flow weapons was, but it should be incredibly terrifying .

The white tiger had wallowed in carnal pleasure for a week, but it wasn’t as if Qin Yu had been idling around either . He had used this time to refine the swamp alligator teeth, adding another formidable card to his hand .

Before the little blue lamp was recovered, he desperately needed some powerful treasures to increase his own sense of security . Using these magic weapons on the white tiger would be a waste, but they were actually quite useful to threaten him with .

The white tiger’s face paled…very good, although one couldn’t see it, he could sense his supreme confidence slowly collapsing to the ground .

Qin Yu lightly said . “You want my treasure, right? It’s with me, so come and take it . ”

The white tiger squeezed out a smile . “I feel that there might have been some sort of misunderstanding between us . ”

“This is a misunderstanding?”

“Of course, of course, it is absolutely a misunderstanding . Fellow daoist, you can ask any monster in this mountain range and they will definitely tell you that I am a tiger who deeply values friendship and loyalty, and repays all debts . Fellow daoist helped me cross heavenly tribulation today, and that is a great favor . I haven’t even had time to pay you back, so how could I possibly have any thoughts of snatching your treasures? What I said just now…cough cough, well, the tribulation was crossed too easily so I was really too surprised by that, so I thought I could joke around with fellow daoist a bit . ”

“Oh, so that’s what it was . ”

“Definitely, definitely!”

Qin Yu smiled . He thought that this fellow’s skin was really thick . If the firebird, wild boar, and swamp alligators that had died unlucky deaths were to learn of the white tiger’s excuse, would they be so angry that they would crawl out of hell?

In any case, he was in an extremely good mood so he didn’t mind speaking a bit more . But only a bit more . He flicked his sleeves and took back the Storm Flow magic weapons . “Remember, you owe me a favor . If I need you in the future I will come back to look for you . ”

He turned and left . Using the Blood Escape Art, his speed instantly rose over ten times and he vanished from sight .

As for the white tiger, who was thinking that any favors would mean nothing once Qin Yu had left, he suddenly froze and a cold sweat started to drip down him once more . He never thought that Qin Yu would possess such a terrifying speed . If this human had really wanted to catch him at the beginning, he could have overtaken him whenever he wanted .

But, he chose to stay far behind, killing off all the obstacles that leapt into his way, and even waiting for him to enjoy a week of merry fun with the leopardess…this fellow, did he plan on slowly grinding down his confidence or was he a freak to begin with? Regardless of which choice it was, neither was easy to deal with!

The white tiger turned to leave . Its thoughts had already changed . If this fellow really returned in the future for a favor, then it would try and help as long as it wasn’t too excessive . After all, this tiger was someone who believed in integrity and principle, and since he said something, he needed to keep his word .

Mm, it was definitely like this!

Qin Yu didn’t know the white tiger was having such a deep inner monologue about him . At this time, he was thinking about where to go next .

After a moment, he decided to make a stop at Snowfall City . In the end that was the place where he was most likely to find Nascent Soul heavenly tribulation .

Everyone feared heavenly tribulation, and this was increasingly true for higher level cultivators . Even if they made the decision to risk crossing tribulation, they would still plan for numerous years before attempting it . When had there ever been a cultivator like him who ran all over the place looking for it? While he might not be unprecedented, he should at least be an extremely rare exception .

Moreover, as long as the little blue lamp didn’t recover, he would have to continue this search .