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Chapter 222

Chapter 222 – Whale Sovereign


The whale monsters were angered, their close relatives were angered, and those with similar appearances were also angered! But no matter how mad they were or how much they raged, they couldn’t do anything at all . Right now, Qin Yu was the most important treasure to all sea race influences . Whoever dared to touch him would be seeking their own destruction!

Gradually, the curses aimed towards Qin Yu began to shift onto the whale monsters . Moreover, those sea races who were randomly implicated because they looked alike were all gnashing their teeth with hate .

If it weren’t for you damned whale monsters, would we have ended up in such a miserable state? This was Nascent Soul! The chance to become a Nascent Soul! Now, every clan within the sea race was here, crazily increasing the strength of their tribes, and yet they could only watch on helplessly as their competition grew stronger and stronger . After this, it was almost assured that their status would fall .

Those damned whale monsters!


Afterwards, for the next several days, many battles erupted in the sea region that involved whale monsters . Over 10 whale monster clansmen died horrible deaths on the spot .

Anger, hate, rage, unwillingness, all sorts of feelings began to rise within the ranks of the whale monster race .

At some unknown time, there were some words that were beginning to circulate around: if it weren’t for the Whale Sovereign, then the whale monster race wouldn’t have fallen to such a situation!

Of course, these words were only spread in secret; no one dared to say anything in public . The Whale Sovereign’s formidable strength was his ultimate safeguard protecting his rule .

Within a grand hall, the Whale Sovereign had a faint look . “This matter seems to be targeted at me . Do any of you have a countermeasure?”

Below him, his staff lowered their heads, no one daring to speak .

They were all wise and intelligent individuals . During these past years, they had helped the Whale Sovereign solve many difficult problems . But, this current issue was too tricky to deal with .

As time passed, news of Qin Yu being the mysterious Sea Spirit Caretaker had become known by most of the seafolk . His enmity with the Whale Sovereign was also a well-known matter . This being the case, it was completely reasonable for him to refuse the whale monster race .

Although the additional rule of refusing anyone that resembled the whale monster race was a bit too overbearing, in the end, all of this enmity eventually fell on the head of the whale monster race . And, the most critical matter was that because Qin Yu could help the sea races break into Nascent Soul, he now stood in an invincible situation . Not even the Whale Sovereign could do anything against him .

Sweeping his gaze over the silent hall, the Whale Sovereign waved his hand dismissively . “Leave . ” His voice was calm and tranquil as before, without any fluctuations .

The staff bowed in shame and turned to leave .

Soon, the only one left was the Whale Sovereign . A cold light surged in his eyes . “Qin Yu, do you still not understand by now that strength decides all? No matter how many little methods and tricks you use, you cannot shake my status . As for me, I only need one chance to thoroughly eliminate you . This time I will not give you a single chance to survive . ”

Qin Yu took the initiative to see the Lord Priest . After a moment of surprise, he was immediately invited in .

The Lord Priest was all smiles . “Priest Qin Yu, how come you have so much free time today? If there is anything you need, you can simply send someone here with a message; why trouble yourself to come here?”

Towards the God of Wealth, he certainly had to be a bit more polite .

Qin Yu cupped his hands together . “Lord Priest, may I ask if the Whale Sovereign has placed any spies within Moon Praying Shrine?”

The Lord Priest’s eyebrow twitched . “And why does Priest Qin Yu ask this question?”

Qin Yu said, “It’s not much . I only hope that I can borrow your hand to give this spy a chance to assassinate me . ”

The Lord Priest’s eyes brightened . “It seems that Priest Qin Yu is thinking of moving against the Whale Sovereign . But, I don’t completely understand the meaning of doing this . ”

Qin Yu smiled, not saying anything .

The Lord Priest thought for a moment . “Alright, I will make the arrangements . I hope that Priest Qin Yu can give me a pleasant surprise . ”

To Moon Praying Shrine, the Whale Sovereign was the greatest peak powerhouse of the capital city . If they could borrow Qin Yu’s hand to get rid of him, then that would be the best result .

Although, the Lord Priest didn’t favor his chances much .

Two days later, there was an assassination attempt at Sea God Palace . A priest who had hidden himself for many years suddenly attacked Qin Yu . Without expecting this at all, Qin Yu had been severely wounded . Soon after, Sea God Palace announced that they would be temporarily halting all arrangements of crossing tribulation . As for when Qin Yu would recover, this wasn’t mentioned at all .

This instantly caused a great commotion . Countless seafolk were angered, in particular those seafolk that were next in line to cross tribulation . They all wished they could tear the assassin to pieces!

Next, news emerged from Sea God Palace that Qin Yu’s wounds had worsened and there was fear that something might happen to him . This caused the boiling anger to completely erupt .

Sea God Palace began an immediate investigation . With the joint efforts of all parties, they soon learned about the assassin .

They were the Whale Sovereign’s spy!

Many people thought back to when Qin Yu had refused the whale monster race . The whale monsters had been placed in an awkward and demeaning position, and there was nothing they could do about it .

Okay, there simply wasn’t anything else to say about it . It was all because of the Whale Sovereign!

That’s right, the Whale Sovereign was indeed extremely strong . In terms of pure strength alone, he was a peak existence amongst the entire sea region .

If there was a direct battle, there was no one who could be his opponent . But to deal with someone, there were more options than just confronting them directly .

Within several days, the whale monster race repeatedly suffered heavy losses . Not only did their various business and industries face drastic decline, but many tribes and races that had been on good terms with them before suddenly started giving them an incomparably cold shoulder .

Whenever a whale monster journeyed out, they could no longer hold their heads high and look down upon everyone with a prideful and arrogant expression . This was because no matter where they went, they would receive innumerable icy cold gazes . An even greater wave occurred when there was a great battle involving whale monsters . There were a great number of casualties, and this caused the high-level whale monster leaders to curse out loud, their eyes turning red in response .

The whale monsters belonged to a higher tier of tribes; there weren’t many born every year and their numbers were few . If they continued to die unnatural deaths like this, perhaps it wouldn’t be too many years before they fell into decline . Moreover, the most terrifying thing was that no matter how powerful or mighty a tribe was, once they were abandoned by all others, the final result would eventually be their extinction in the future .

No one thought that an assassination attempt on Qin Yu’s life would cause the whale monster race, a powerful and prestigious tribe, to face such a brutal and perilous dilemma .

Sea God Palace, side hall .

Hidden from the eyes of the seafolk outside, the ‘severely wounded’ Qin Yu was sitting down cross-legged in a tranquil manner .

Not too long ago, the Lord Priest had sat across from him, vaguely protesting . This was because Qin Yu’s actions had already damaged the earnings of their Moon Praying Shrine .

However, after being reminded by Qin Yu, the Lord Priest quickly smiled and left . While everyone was feeling unsure and the price of soul beads had fallen, he needed to go and purchase as many as he could so he could resell them for further profit once Qin Yu ‘recovered’ .

After sitting in peaceful meditation for some time, Qin Yu whispered to himself, “It’s time to begin…”

He had never been a broad-minded person; he liked to take revenge as soon as possible . If a chance opened up before him, why should he continue waiting? As long as his enemy lived in this world for one day longer, he would never be completely happy .

So, Qin Yu really was planning to move against the Whale Sovereign .

Everything he did now was simply the first step .

The Whale Sovereign sat high on his throne . He wore black armor and his body was covered in darkness . His face was without expression, but a bit of ridicule appeared in his eyes from time to time . It was unknown whether he was ridiculing Qin Yu for only being able to use some unconventional small methods after expending all his mental effort, or whether he was ridiculing himself for being unable to do anything when facing such small methods .

A moment later, the Whale Sovereign spoke up . He lightly said, “Enter . ”

The palace doors were pushed open . A number of large figures flew in . Their expressions were dignified, with a bit of hope shining in their eyes .

In this dire situation, everyone had been summoned here . Could it be that their Lord Whale Sovereign had figured out a solution?

But what they heard afterwards caused all of the whale monsters gathered here to widen their eyes . Shock filled their faces and they even wondered if they had misheard him .

The Whale Sovereign said, “You did not misunderstand me . Starting from today, I will discard my status as Whale Sovereign . From here on out, I will have no further connection with the whale monster race . ”

This was indeed the best possible way to resolve their current predicament . Qin Yu targeted the whale monster race because of the Whale Sovereign . If the Whale Sovereign were to give up his status, there was no reason for Qin Yu to continue making things hard for them .

“My Lord, you cannot do this! Since when has my whale monster race feared the provocation of others? For just a temporary problem, how can you give up your own status?”

“Taking a step back, even if you give up your status, Qin Yu might not necessarily change his attitude towards my whale monster race!”

“Please reconsider this! You cannot make impulsive decisions!”

The Whale Sovereign remained unmoved . He waved his hand, “I have already made my decision on this matter . None of you need to argue . You may leave now . ”

He stood up . “Remember . Starting from this day forwards, I have no relationship with the whale monster race . ”

Shua –

A black figure flashed and the Whale Sovereign vanished from sight .

 Soon, news of the whale monster race’s great change spread over the entire sea region with astonishing speed . Countless seafolk widened their eyes, their faces filling with shock and admiration .

To make an immediate decision to give up his status, this wasn’t a resolute decisiveness that everyone could possess .

For the Whale Sovereign to do this was an extremely intelligent move . Although he announced that he had no further connection with the whale monster race, anyone who believed this would be a fool . And, to give up his status was to simultaneously remove the burden and restraints that held him down . Now, the Whale Sovereign could freely go wherever he wished with no scruples at all; who would dare offend such a person?

At the same time this news spread out, the icy frost that had caused the whale monsters to suffer began to slowly thaw .

A day later, Sea God Palace announced that Priest Qin Yu’s injuries were now under control . He would soon resume helping others to cross tribulation .

Not too far away from Moon Praying Shrine, on the peak of a seafloor mountain, the Whale Sovereign curled his lips up in a smile . “Qin Yu, since you wanted to force me to sever relations with the whale monster race, then I will fulfill your wish . Now I am all alone . If you want to kill me, this will be your best opportunity . Then, I will be here waiting for you . ”

The Lord Priest met with Qin Yu . He thought over recent events and said, “Priest Qin Yu, you have forced the Whale Sovereign out, but although you have made him lose his status and have caused him to lose face in front of all the sea races, this may not be the best chess move . The Whale Sovereign has lost his restraints, and now he has gone from being in public view to working in secret . If you want to deal with him, perhaps he has already locked his eyes onto you . ”

This saying was very direct but also very sincere .

Qin Yu knew that the Lord Priest didn’t want anything to happen to him . This was because no matter how he considered it, a living Qin Yu was most advantageous to Moon Praying Shrine .

He nodded . “I thank Lord Priest for the advice . ”

The Lord Priest had an earnest expression . After several breaths of time, he nodded . “It seems that Priest Qin Yu has already made preparations . Then, I am relieved . ”

Five days later, the tribulation crossings began again . The lined up seafolk let out a sigh of relief .

In order to obtain a spot, it was unknown how much effort they had put in and how great a price they had paid . If they were to achieve nothing after all this, then perhaps they might even think of committing suicide .

Luckily, everything had returned to normal .