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Chapter 66

Every moment of the next hour had someone failing . The most excessive was the refinement of the Foundation Establishment ranked Five Lightning Pill which required the Withered Thunder Branch as one of its many ingredients . His luck was the best or—better yet—his eyes, since the Withered Thunder Branch was real, only his skill was lacking . Not only was his forehead bleeding from the exploding furnace, but the magnitude enveloped a ten zhang range, taking four other unfortunate men down with him .

The most tragic participant was the one who’s refining skill was quite good, reaching the point of taking out the pills . Yet he had to watch helplessly as the pill was shattered by lightning when he was about to take them out . If it weren’t for the Ancient Immortal Valley stepping in, this cultivator would have been torn apart on the spot!

It couldn’t be helped if your luck was really bad since luck was very important to a cultivator . Many famous and once powerful seniors were able to rise above their peers because of a slight amount of luck . Alchemists were also cultivators, so they couldn’t complain even if they failed .

When there were only fifteen minutes left, Qin Yu took out the pills—six common Spirit Increasing Pills—from the cauldron, that were neither strong nor weak .

He tidied up a bit—put the pills in a jade bottle—and flew outside . An Ancient Immortal Valley disciple took the bottle and assessed the pills on the spot, granting Qin Yu the qualification to enter the second test . Not far, an Ancient Immortal Valley Alchemist laughed coldly, "You didn’t use the ingredients provided . Take him away!"

Qin Yu's eyes flashed with pity at the sight of the dragged and paralyzed Alchemist, 'Can’t help it if he’s dumb . How could The Ancient Immortal Valley not have a way to identify the ingredients they prepared for the test? The next time you go out, take your head with you!’ As they were waiting for the evaluation of the pills, some of them paled and withdrew with clenched teeth .

When the first test was over only two hundred people remained from the initial of five hundred participants . The rate of failure was staggering .

The night was quiet .

The Alchemy competition resumed the second day .

Alchemists weren’t allowed to change their caves and had four hours to make three distinct pills using the rest of the ingredients .

Once the rule was issued, many had unsightly faces!

Qin Yu still inspected his cave, but he didn’t dwell on it too much and sat down . He already had a rough idea of what he was going to make .

After carefully identifying the remaining ingredients, he easily found what he needed for two pills: Hemostatic Pill and Antidote Pill .

These pills were slightly more difficult when compared with the Spirit Increasing Pill, but they posed no problem with Qin Yu's method . Yet soon after, his brows furrowed .

For the third pill type, Qin Yu chose the Small Recovering Pill—a pill that replenished one’s energy . But he was missing one ingredient, the Blue Branch Sprout . Of course he had Blue Branch Sprout, but the three of them were fake . Or maybe because of the way they were cultivated, they were lacking as ingredients .

Qin Yu shook his head, compelled to change it . A few breaths later, his face gradually hardened .

Not enough ingredients!

Based on the remaining ingredients, the Hemostatic Pill, Antidote Pill, and the Small Recovering Pill were the only ones fitting the requirement . No matter how he changed it, there were no other suitable pills that could be made .

This was definitely a coincidence because three of the ingredients used for Spirit Increasing Pill went along with the others to make many types of pills . It can only be said that Qin Yu's luck wasn’t good since his first choice was the Spirit Increasing Pill .

He frowned, 'Will I actually fail because of this?'

Bellow the Alchemy Mountain, a sloppy Daoist rushed over, making each Ancient Immortal Valley disciple he passed bow to him .

The audience was amazed .

"He is Ancient Immortal Valley's Daoist Wang!" a cultivator cried lowly, reverence on his face, "He does not have any position in the Ancient Immortal Valley, yet his status is above that of an elder . Rumor has it, that because he can’t break through to Nascent Soul, his refining skill doesn’t improve . But even so, people are still willing to wait in line for his pills . "

Zhao Xin frowned, "Why did you come?"

Daoist Wang waved his hand, "To enjoy the show . "

Zhao Xin's eyes were cold, "The Alchemy Gathering has another purpose, so don't intervene!"

Daoist Wang grinned, "Lighten up will you, you don’t scare me . Since when did it start? I didn’t miss the show, did I ?"

Many disciples wanted to laugh at Elder Zhao's deflated face but didn’t dare . When they heard him, one of them cupped his hands, "Reporting to Senior Uncle, not even fifteen minutes passed . "

Daoist Wang showed a happy smile, "How fortunate it’s not too late . "

Zhao Xin coldly stated, "Just what are you trying to do? I warn you . . . "

Daoist Wang cut him off, "Alright, I played a small trick when I prepared the ingredients . Don’t glare at me, I guarantee this won’t affect the fairness of the Alchemy Gathering . Just that the little guys who chose the ingredients I arranged, might be put to a small challenge . "

Zhao Xin snorted, keeping silence .

Daoist Wang waved his hand, and a chair was immediately brought—along with tea and refreshments . The one attending to him was called Zhou Dao .

As he drank tea and grabbed a bite, Daoist Wang narrowed his eyes in satisfaction, " This little is not enough to move me, so don’t waste your energy little bastards!"

"Senior Uncle, disciple has no other meaning than fulfilling my filial duty . "

"Yes, Senior Uncle doesn’t have a personal disciple, but we—as followers—have to fulfill our filial duty . "

"Does Senior Uncle lacks anything? Disciple will fan you . "

Zhao Xin snorted, making the flattering disciples hurriedly retreat with dejected faces .

Daoist Wang went on eating and drinking without a care in the world .

Zhao Xin lowered his voice, "You're getting old in years and still haven't taken on a disciple . Are you perhaps planning to take your refining skill to your grave?"

Daoist Wang shook his head, "It's not that I didn’t search, but that none of them were worthy . Just how much a mediocre idiot can accomplish with my teachings? So I might as well not waste my energy . "

Zhao Xin sneered, "Out of the hundreds Ancient Immortal Valley outstanding disciples, not one caught your eye?"

Daoist Wang pointed, "Stop the endless nagging . I heard it so many times that my ears are swollen . I personally arranged a challenge for today . If a junior can overcome it, he will catch my attention and might even become my disciple . "

Zhao Xin was solemn, "Are these words true?"

Daoist Wang became impatient, "I don’t get anything from lying to you, just watch and you’ll see . " He turned around and beckoned a disciple over, giving him some instruction . The disciple's face was puzzled, but a slap on the head scared him witless .

An hour later, a Foundation Establishment young Alchemist stepped out of a cave, annoyed, "How can I make pills when there are not enough ingredients?"

Two Ancient Immortal Valley disciples in the surroundings came over, "Are you certain there aren’t enough ingredients?"

The young Alchemist shrank his head back, "Yes . . . "

Before he could finish, he was grabbed .

"What are you doing, I still need to refine pills! The ingredients you prepared weren’t enough, so now you want me to abandon this test?" the young Alchemist began to struggle .

The crowd was a bit restless . No dared to speak up, but their looks changed .

Zhao Xin gave a low shout, "Just what are you doing?"

Daoist Wang waved his hand, "Why so anxious, I will explain when this is over . Shut him up first, and bring here everyone else who says there aren’t enough ingredients . "

Several disciples went to fulfill his order .

The crowd gradually settled . They found out that the Ancient Immortal Valley had a deeper meaning behind their actions, stirring their curiosity .

Time slowly passes and soon, two more Alchemists were brought from the Alchemy Mountain . They all had the same situation—not enough ingredients—and one of them was even a Golden Core Alchemist . He had a proud bearing and easily angered by the Ancient Immortal Valley's conduct .

"Is this how the so-called Alchemy Gathering is run? You want to eliminate me from not having enough ingredients? What a joke!" The Golden Core Alchemist laughed out of anger .

His status wasn't ordinary—so of course—he wouldn't take it lying down . The Ancient Immortal Valley cultivators had gloomy faces at his words .

Zhao Xin expression was frosty as he sipped tea .

Daoist Wang's mouth turned into a grin . Seeing the throbbing veins in his clenched hands, he knew he was pissed . So he had no choice but to say, "Shut up! You're called Zhang Yucheng, right? It’s so fortunate to be slightly known as an Alchemist with just this bit of skill, but you better hurry home if you don’t want to be disgraced . Can’t accept it? Then behave yourself and wait and will make you accept it soon enough . "

Zhao Xin put the teacup down, "Fellow Daoist Zhang, calm down . These actions aren’t without reason . "

Zhang Yucheng's entire face burns red hot but still didn’t dare to go on . He waved his hand and moved to the side, wanting to hear just what kind of explanation would the valley give .

Two hours, one hour . . .

Some people already finished refining as they flew happily out of the Alchemy Mountain . They faked calm in the eyes of the crowd, yet felt proud inside of their achievements, ‘One spot is definitely mine!’

The four behind Daoist Wang—Zhang Yucheng included— all renounced from the lack of ingredients . They all had indignant faces, but no one spoke up and waited for Ancient Immortal Valley's explanation .

Senior Zhang Yucheng even said that the ingredients were insufficient . That the Ancient Immortal Valley didn’t make proper preparation, that they were using this to force them to renounce the competition . Wonder what faces they’d have later?

Hmph, even if Ancient Immortal Valley's power was tremendous, they still needed justification!

Another young Alchemist was brought in and he cupped his hands, "Paying respects to Clan Uncle and Senior Uncle Wang . "

Zhao Xin's face was gloomy, "Zhao Yu, you also didn’t have enough ingredients?"

Zhao Yu forced a smile, "Replying to Clan Uncle, disciple thought and thought, but still couldn’t find a solution and was forced to abandon . "

Daoist Wang shook his head, "Didn’t think you will also fail, kid . Seems I was expecting a bit too much from these juniors . How dull . "

Zhao Yu was baffled .

Daoist Wang said, "Move to the side and await my explanation . "

Zhao Xin frowned, "How many ingredients have you prepared?"

Daoist Wang sticks up three fingers, "Thirty . "

Zhao Xin’s frown deepened, "Too few! How could you possibly find a worthy disciple like this?"

Daoist Wang smiled, "Everything is connected by fate . But if the chosen disciple is fated to me or not, wouldn't matter either . "

Once these four hours passed, all Alchemists were requested to leave the Alchemy Mountain, or fail the test .

Qi Jiao searched carefully many times but didn’t find Qin Yu . Did he lose? She was happy since he wouldn’t get near the Radiant Scarlet Tree if he lost and might renounce his plan .

Yet unknowingly, she was also disappointed . How could a young girl believe such an outstanding man would lose?

Then, a black-robed figure rushed out from the Alchemy Mountain, slightly pale and somewhat distressed . He landed at the end of the evaluation line, under the dissatisfied eyes of other Ancient Immortal Valley participants .

Qi Jiao's eyes went wide!

Qin Yu relaxed his breath as he wiped the sweat from his forehead . He arrived in the nick of time .