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Chapter 730: 730

Aerospace launch site .

 The excited crowd formed a circle .

 Nie Yun and the other astronauts tried to adapt to Earth’s gravity . With the help from the ground crew, they walked down the airstairs .

 The reporters swarmed around these three heroes with their cameras .

 “Mr . Nie Yun, as the pilot, how are you feeling right now?”

 Nie Yun didn’t talk a lot, even at a moment like this .

 “I feel alright . ”

 The reporter said, “Is that it? The entire country is waiting to hear your thoughts . ”

 Nie Yun stopped his footsteps and looked at the lens . He then said, “This is broadcasting to the entire country?”

 “There is an hour delay . We’ll edit it before it goes live . ”

 After hearing the reporter, Nie Yun nodded .

 He stood up straight and spoke .

 “Dad, Mom, I’m back . ”

 On the other hand, Liu Zhengwen, as the first Chinese to step foot on the Moon, was also surrounded by reporters .

 “Mr . Liu Zhengwen, as the first Chinese to step foot on the Moon, what would you like to say to the audience who is sitting at home watching TV?”

 Liu Zhengwen: “… I’d like to thank my fellow citizens . ”

 Of course, compared to the other two astronauts, the media was more interested in Nie Yan .

 She was the first female astronaut to step foot on the Moon .

 However, because of the astronauts’ health conditions, the reporters didn’t stay for long . After a five-minute interview, they all cooperated and left the launch site .

 Wang Peng stood next to the command tower as he stared at the aerospaceplane .

 He heard footsteps behind him .

 He looked back at Yan Yan .

 “Where is Lu Zhou?”

 Yan Yan stared at the crowd in the distance and spoke casually .

 “He is resting . ”

 Wang Peng: “Sleeping?”

 “Yeah . ”

 Wang Peng gave her a strange look and said, “Forgive me for asking, but are you sure he isn’t in a coma again?”

 Yan Yan paused for a second . She didn’t know what to do .

 I hope not…

 “Then… Should I… check on him?”

 Wang Peng said in a serious manner, “I think you should . ”

 I hope he is okay .


 The white system space faded away, Lu Zhou’s consciousness returned to reality .

 He climbed down from the rigid bed and stretched his body . He then sat on the bed again .

 Those were some pretty good rewards .

 He planned on taking the exploration vehicle and the weird piece of clothing to the underground laboratory at the Institute for Advanced Study .

 As for right now…

 He obviously had to celebrate this victory with a bottle of champagne!

 Lu Zhou concentrated on the coke in his mind, and the thirst-quenching can of coke appeared in his hands out of thin air .

 The can felt similar to the familiar Coca-Cola cans .

Does this really come from the future? Why hasn’t the packaging changed?

 Maybe they specifically made the can like this?

 He tried looking for the production date and ingredients list, but he wasn’t able to find it .

 Lu Zhou was about to open the can and take a sip, but the lounge door was suddenly pushed open . Yan Yan appeared at the doorsteps, and when she saw the coke in Lu Zhou’s hand, she immediately snatched the can from him .

 “Why are you drinking this, it’s bad for you . ”

 Yan Yan opened the can and took a sip herself .


 It’s pretty good .

 She realized that even though the can looked like Coca-Cola, the brand was completely different .

 “Future?” Yan Yan muttered . She looked at Lu Zhou and said, “What brand of coke is this? I’ve never seen it . ”

 “… It’s a Coca-Cola custom can, of course you haven’t seen it,” Lu Zhou said as he stared at the can of coke in Yan Yan’s hand . He was secretly heartbroken .

 “Okay, big man, you’re rich, we get it . ”

 Yan Yan couldn’t help but think .

 What a waste of money!

 Who cares about your custom coke can?

 Lu Zhou couldn’t help but laugh .

 Yan Yan knew what Lu Zhou was thinking, and she rolled her eyes and placed the coke on the table .

 “… Fine, here you go . ”

 If he’s willing to drink Coca-Cola, his health should be in good condition .

 Not to mention that after she heard this can was custom made, she felt a little guilty drinking it…

 After making sure Lu Zhou was in good health, Yan Yan told him about the “danger of carbonated drinks” . She left the lounge and hung the “Do Not Disturb” sign on the door .

 Seeing how Yan Yan didn’t notice anything, Lu Zhou sighed in relief .

 Wang Peng or Yang Guangbiao wouldn’t have been fooled so easily…

 Even though it wasn’t a big deal if other people knew he had some kind of special coke, he should be more cautious in the future .

 Lu Zhou picked up the can of coke and was about to have a “victory drink” . However, after he saw the opened top ring, he hesitated for a second .

Even though he wasn’t a germaphobe, he still didn’t like to drink from other people’s can .

 What do I do now?

 After pondering for a while, Lu Zhou decided he didn’t want to waste the precious coke . He went to the nearby cupboard and found a cup .

 I’ll just pour it in the cup…

 On the other hand, Yan Yan was walking in the corridor outside the resting lounge . She whispered to herself as she reminisced about the coke, “I’ve never heard of custom Coca-Colas… It tastes pretty good . ”

 Her impression was that coke was divided into sugar-free and the ordinary version; neither of which was good for the body .

 After a while, she shook her head and put this problem aside .

 Forget about it, rich people are weird .

 I’m just happy Lu Zhou is healthy…

 She didn’t know why, but she felt her mental state was exceptionally good . It was almost like she was injected with a stimulant…

 Why do I feel so good? Is it an illusion?

 Yan Yan slapped her face and tried to forget about what just happened .

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