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Chapter 195

Bo Jinyan’s eyes grew dim . “Isn’t it too early to know the child’s gender?”

 Mo Jiangye laughed . “It’s still my child, regardless of its gender . I will love the child no matter what . ”

 “Is that so?”

 He secretly pinched her hand again .

 The dumbfounded woman played along with him by saying, “Yes, it’s true!”

 Bo Jinyan raised a brow at that but made no comment about it .

 Then, a waiter approached them and served the dishes they had ordered .

 During the meal, Mo Jiangye took great care of his wife as usual . He placed the food that she liked to eat on her plate and avoided the food that she disliked .

 The meal went by in silence with their guest quietly shooting covert glances at Ye Erruo . The man paid him no heed, though .  Look at her all you want . No matter how much you look, she’ll still only be my woman!

 When it came to the eggs, Ye Erruo left the egg yolk for her husband and ate the egg white like she always did . While he would occasionally pick up some food for her, she would also occasionally feed him food .

 “Now that you’ve treated him to a meal, make a detour when you see him next time!” he ordered her in a low voice .

 Bo Jinyan pretended that he had heard nothing and just nonchalantly sipped his cup of tea . Even though this meal was supposed to be a treat for him, the couple opposite him was enjoying the meal even more .

 It had truly been a chance encounter between them this time .

 “Have you had your fill?” Mo Jiangye gently asked as he took a napkin and wiped the corners of her lips .

 “Yep . Let’s head home now . ”

 “Boss, my red packet has been delivered to your house . Remember to check it when you get back home,” said Lawyer Zhang with his head hanging low while he tapped away on his phone .

 By now, everyone in the gang had heard about their sister-in-law’s pregnancy and their boss’s love rival . On top of that, they knew that said love rival had lost pathetically to their boss!

 Mo Jiangye rose to his feet, reached out for the jacket lying beside him, and put it on . “You can head back as well . ”

 “Okay, Boss . ”

 “Take Yao Tiao home too . ”

 “Got it, Boss . ”

 “Bo Jinyan, you can carry on eating if you’re not done with your meal . ”

 He then took his wife’s hand and speedily headed in the direction of the exit . Once they stepped out of the private room, he scooped her up into his arms .

 “Mo Jiangye, what are you doing?” Ye Erruo shrieked as she subconsciously coiled her arms tightly around the man’s neck .

 “I’m afraid of tiring out my son . ” His lips curled up into a devilish smirk .

 “Yeah, right . Son, huh? Where did this son come from? Have you gone mad?” She poked him hard in the chest .

 The man snorted in response . “Since you’ve already treated him to a meal, don’t waste your breath on him if you see him again . ”

 Meanwhile, back in the private room, Lawyer Zhang and Yao Tiao had already taken their leave, leaving behind a dazed Bo Jinyan . The man sat there dumbly for a long time before he finally regained his senses and left .

 “Where did you go, Young Master?” A frantic Ai Er came rushing over .

 His master blankly replied, “I went out for a meal . ”

 He was surprised to hear that but soon got over it and anxiously said, “Young Master Yu waited for you for a long time . ”


 “Young Master Yu said that the Queen is coming to fetch the Princess . ”

 Bo Jinyan’s lips twitched .  Fetch the Princess? Gu Feirou?

 “Where is he?”

 “He’s in the private room on the third floor . ”

 “Did he say when the Queen will be here?”

 Ai Er replied, “Unfortunately not . ”


 “Princess, the Queen is coming,” said Jing Xinze rather agitatedly .

 Gu Feirou, who had a facial mask on her face, got right up from the sofa . “Come again?”

 “It’s your mother, Princess . ”

 She was stricken to hear that . “W-Why is she coming over?”

 “To fetch you, of course . The Queen has been informed of everything that has happened here . She knows about your damaged cornea, the humiliation you have suffered thanks to Mo Jiangye, and that our lawyer was murdered by him, so she wants to take you back to the Blue Tower . ”