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Chapter 196

Chapter 196: Untitled

“I’m not going back!” Her reaction was huge .

“Princess, if you don’t go ahead with the cornea replacement as soon as possible, things will only get thorny in the future . You have to return to the Blue Tower to change your cornea . No hospital here is willing to operate on you, nor is anyone willing to donate their cornea to you . ”

Gu Feirou removed her sheet mask . “I will never go back . ”

A troubled frown formed on Jing Xinze’s face . “Princess…”

“When will she be coming over?”

“The Queen didn’t mention a specific date, but she should be coming sometime in the near future . ”

“I’m not going back . I can’t go back, not when Brother Jingxuan is in such a state . I’ll wait until he recovers fully first before considering whether or not I’ll go back to the Blue Tower . ”

“You can bring him with you . ”

An adamant look crossed her face . “No . I will only go back when Brother Jingxuan has fully recovered . ”

“Alright . I’ll pass on the message to the Queen . ”

She heaved a sigh of relief . “Is the soup ready?”

“It’s ready . ”

The woman headed upstairs to change clothes and put on makeup before dropping by the Lin Residence with a flask of bone broth .

However, when she got there, she was stopped outside . “Please wait here for a bit while I notify our young master about your visit, Madam . ”

Her furrowed brows formed a tight line across her forehead as she wondered why she was stopped by the servants each time she visited . Only when her visit was announced was she allowed to enter the house .

Meanwhile, in the bedroom, Xiao Ruo was cutting Lin Jingxuan’s nails when a servant hurriedly entered . She knew right away that that woman was here again .

“Hubby Xuan, I’ll go hide first . ” She put down the nail clipper and hastily hopped off the bed .

“Sir, Ms . Gu is here . ”

His face took on an awful shade . “Why is she here again? Let her in . ”

“Yes, sir . ”

A few minutes later, Gu Feirou walked into the bedroom with the bone broth . “Are you feeling better today, Brother Jingxuan?”

“Xiao Rou . ” He tenderly reached out for her hand .

“Does your wound still hurt?”

“No, it no longer hurts . ”

“I made some bone broth for you . Try it and see if you like it . ” The woman carefully scooped out some soup into a bowl .

“Brother Jingxuan, my mother will be coming over soon . You have to recover quickly and go back to the Blue Tower with me . ”

Lin Jingxuan was stunned to hear that . “The Blue Tower Queen is coming?”

“Yes . Jing Xinze failed to sue Mo Jiangye, and our lawyer ended up getting killed by him instead . Plus, my mother wants to bring me back as soon as possible since I cannot allow my eye condition to drag on any longer . ”

Remorse filled his voice as he apologized . “I’m sorry, Xiao Rou! I could have successfully caught that b*tch if she hadn’t played tricks on me . It’s due to my carelessness that I failed to get you her cornea . ”

“You’re not at fault here, Brother Jingxuan . It’s all Ye Erruo’s fault . She has become a manipulative, scheming b*tch . Try it . ” She carefully blew at the soup before delivering a spoonful to his mouth .

“How does it taste?”

“It’s delicious . Your hands are so skillful that whatever you make tastes delicious . Even so, you should leave this arduous task to the servants . I can’t bear to let you do the cooking . My heart will ache . ”

Sweetness erupted in her heart when she heard his sweet words . “I don’t feel comfortable leaving the cooking to the servants . After all, the soup is for you . I’ll only feel assured when I do the cooking myself . Brother Jingxuan, you have to get better as soon as possible . ”

“Fret not . Even if it’s not for my sake, I’ll try to recover quickly for your sake and for your eyes . ” He reached out and lovingly caressed her eyes .

The smiling woman continued feeding him the soup bit by bit .

As she took a piece of paper napkin and was about to turn her head around, she saw a necklace caught in a small crack in the bed frame .