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Chapter 197

Chapter 197: Something Is Not Right, It Does Not Feel Right At All

As she took a piece of paper napkin and was about to turn her head around, she saw a necklace caught in a small crack in the bed frame .

Her hand reached for the necklace slowly and drew it out of the gap . It was a lady’s necklace .

“Brother Jingxuan… Why is there a lady’s necklace next to your bed?”

Lin Jingxuan’s face sank when he saw the necklace . D*mn it! Why is that b*tch so careless?

He told her expressionlessly, “Throw it away . ”

The woman had a doubtful look on her face when she looked at him .

The man added with a frown, “Get a new batch of servants instead . ”

She opened her mouth and said, “Which servant could be so careless as to drop her necklace while cleaning the place? She must have done this deliberately!”

She was furious . Which lowly servant had dared to have audacious thoughts about her man? She would make sure that girl got her due justice!

“Brother Jingxuan, which servants have been waiting on you in the last few days?” She got up and scanned the place with her eyes .

The man could no longer pretend to be calm . “What are you searching for?”

“I suspect a maid has been trying to get close to you . ” This was expensive jewelry . Surely, no servant would be so careless with it, right?

He softly coaxed her along . “Send them all away and get new servants instead . ”

The woman walked a few rounds inside the room, trying to find anything that might look fishy to her . The harder she looked, the heavier his heart felt .

All of a sudden, she saw a lady’s earring under the table . Why is jewelry turning up in his room with no explanation?

An alarm went off in her head suddenly . She then realized that every time she came to visit him, she would have to inform him about her arrival through a servant before she was allowed into the room . This isn’t right . This doesn’t feel right at all .

“Brother Jingxuan, which servants have been looking after you recently?”

The man simply retorted coldly, “Call them in and ask who this thing belongs to . ”

Gu Feirou did not deliberate over his reaction . She instead quickly got all the servants to come to the room .

The men and women who came into the room were more than twenty .

Holding the necklace in her hand, she asked, “Who does this belong to?”

All the servants shook their heads after looking at the jewelry .

“This doesn’t belong to any of you?”

“No, Madam . ”

PONG! She slammed the necklace and earring on the table .

“Liars! Who else has been looking after Young Master besides all of you? If the necklace doesn’t belong to you, who else could it belong to?”

PLOP! The servants dropped to their knees on the floor, begging for mercy .

“Young Madam, this isn’t ours!”

“Yes, that’s right! How can we own something as expensive as this?”

“This necklace costs more than our wages . W-We couldn’t possibly afford it!”

One by one, the servants denied owning the item .

She took another look at the necklace in her hand . It was true that this thing really looked expensive . It was a diamond necklace, and its design clearly belonged to the ‘MTR’ series . This was not something that an ignoble servant could afford .

After scanning the room once again, she asked, “Is anybody else looking after him besides all of you?”

“No . ”

Lin Jingxuan was pissed by now . “It’s just a necklace . This place used to belong to my mother . If this necklace doesn’t belong to them, then it must be my mom’s . ”

The woman was not convinced . “Brother Jingxuan, I have a feeling that it belongs to a servant . ”

She got up and started to search the place carefully again . While she combed through one room at a time, her eyes finally landed on a room at the end of the passageway .

“Young Madam, you can’t enter that room!” The servant quickly stood in her path as she was about to walk over .

“Why not?”

“This… This… Because… Inside there…”

The stammering only strengthened her suspicions .

“Get lost!” She pushed the maid away with a jolt and strode toward the room .