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Chapter 198: 198

Chapter 198: Feeling Betrayed

“Young Madam, you can’t enter this room!” Another servant knelt on the floor and grabbed her legs, preventing her from moving further .

She turned and looked at her husband furiously . “Brother Jingxuan, is it true that I can’t enter that room?”

He rubbed his glabella between his fingertips and said, “You can go in if you insist! It is now used for my mom’s keepsakes . ”

Making up her mind to have a look, she replied resolutely, “Alright!”

“Wait a minute!” He suddenly stopped her .

She felt betrayed the instant he said that . Swinging her head around to look at him abruptly, she challenged him . “What is it this time?”

“My mom has a fetish for the occult and demonic so she used to collect horror relics when she was alive . I won’t stop you if you insist on going in, but you have to be mentally prepared to see things that may shock you . I don’t want you to be frightened . ”

The woman pushed the servant aside . “Alright . ”

Somehow, she had a bad feeling about this room . While staring straight ahead, she could almost sense a woman standing behind the door . Was he hiding a mistress in there?

The man watched her approach the room with taut lips as tension rose inside him .

While she slowly turned the doorknob, all the servants inside the place, including the man himself, watched with bated breath .

The door opened with a loud creak . The room was pitch-dark when Gu Feirou peered through the door crack .

She gave a heavy push and the door swung wide open .


The woman let out a scream all of a sudden before she slumped to the ground helplessly and broke into tears .

“Help! Brother Jingxuan… Help me!” Her legs were still weak from distress, so she could only crawl away from the room on her knees .

Inside the room, a skull had dropped from the ceiling and was hanging in the middle of the room right in front of the door . Two effigies of Hades’ guards stood on either side of the door . The room was covered by a sea of green and beckoned eerily…

“What happened?” asked the man worriedly .

“Young Madam, are you alright?” A servant quickly went forward to help her up from the floor .

SMACK! She slapped the maid, venting her anger on the poor servant .

“Madam…” The afflicted servant knelt on the floor, dazed from the unjust treatment .

“Why didn’t you go in with me? Why didn’t you open the door for me?” Her face was still pale from the earlier scare .

“But Madam, you didn’t want us to open the door for you…”

“How dare you talk back to me! The rest of you deserve to be punished too!”

Upon saying that, she smacked the dozens of servants standing beside her .

“Have you all turned stupid?! Do you know your status at all? Shouldn’t you walk ahead of me to open the door for me?”

“Young Madam, I was wrong…”

“Young Madam…”

Kneeling on the floor, the servants who had been slapped hastily apologized .

The woman continued to vent her anger on them . While kicking them one by one, she lambasted them . “There are horrible things inside the room . Why didn’t you warn me beforehand?”

By now, the person lying on the bed was very curious to find out what had frightened her so much .

“What did you see exactly?”

She started to wail . “Brother Jingzuan… The servants tried to frighten me…” As she cried, she ran toward his bed .

“How did they frighten you?”

The woman’s face was covered in tears . She was terrified of anything paranormal and occult, so the skull that had fallen out of nowhere had really scared her out of her wits .

“That room was scary, and the servants didn’t warn me beforehand!”

The man smiled to himself when he heard that . Reaching out with his hand to comfort her, he consoled her gently . “I warned you earlier . I asked you to be careful because of what my mom used to keep inside the room . Why were you still afraid?”


“Come here . Be good and stop crying, yeah?” He slowly wiped her tears away .