Tales of Demons and Gods - Chapter 488

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Chapter 488: 488
\"Who are you?\" Patriarch Scarlet Python trembled . He never expected a group of human experts at the Dao of Dragon Realm to suddenly appear in Tiny World .

Tiny World was only one small part of the chiliocosm . None of the strongest experts in these worlds reached the Heavenly Star Realm . Other than sending a few disciples to Tiny World every year, the Six Divine Sects seldom paid attention to it .

Why did they send such a group of experts?

\"What position do you have in the Demon God's Sect?\" Nie Li asked Patriarch Scarlet Python .

\"Almighty one, I'm just a guard . The Demon God's Sect sent me to watch Tiny World . I'm usually not stationed in Tiny World . It was only when the seal to Tiny World suddenly opened that I came here . Almighty ones, please forgive my faux pas,\" Patriarch Scarlet Python said timidly, afraid that any verbal mistake he made would result in Nie Li obliterating him .

\"A mere gatekeeper dares to be so arrogant in our Tiny World?\" Lu Piao grunted . Although his comment wasn't loud, it was like a thunderclap that struck Patriarch Scarlet Python's heart, causing him to cough out blood .

Experts at the Dao of Dragon Realm were definitely invincible existences .

Nie Li grunted as a powerful intent enveloped Patriarch Scarlet Python .

\"Almighty one, please spare my life… Please spare me!\" Patriarch Scarlet Python wailed .

\"I won't kill you today, but you besieged my clansmen with the demon beasts . There is no writing it off!\" Nie Li said in a deep voice . \"Next, I will extract your primordial soul memories from your body . \"

\"Ah!\" Patriarch Scarlet Python wailed . He saw primordial soul wisps drawn out from his body as they were absorbed by Nie Li's body .

\"Nie Li, what's contained in his primordial soul memories?\" Du Ze couldn't help but ask curiously .

Xiao Ning'er, Ye Ziyun, and the others also looked at Nie Li . They had never heard of primordial soul memories .

\"All of us have memories that are stored in our primordial soul . Once memories from it are extracted, one will forget everything that had happened in the past! Furthermore, I can know everything it knows,\" Nie Li explained . \"At the same time, I can take on its form, preventing the Demon God's Sect from identifying me . \"

\"I see . So this is the effect of primordial soul memory extraction . Then, wouldn't we be able to know everything about the Demon God's Sect if we capture one of its experts?\" Lu Piao asked in pleasant surprise .

\"If you want to extract a person's primordial soul memories, you need to be at least three levels stronger than them,\" Nie Li said . \"Ordinary lackeys like Patriarch Scarlet Python wouldn't be privy to too much useful information . \"

\"I see, Nie Li, are you planning to transform into him and infiltrate the Demon God's Sect?\"

\"Yes . \" Nie Li nodded and said, \"I want to enter the Demon God's Sect so that I can obtain the information I want . \"

\"But it's too dangerous to infiltrate the Demon God's Sect,\" Xiao Ning'er said worriedly, \"What if you get discovered?\"

\"That's right . There are many experts in the Demon God's Sect, and some of them might know Patriarch Scarlet Python…\" Ye Ziyun said worriedly .

\"It's alright . I have his memories, and my aura will be the same as his . I reckon that even his parents can't tell . No one will be able to see through me,\" Nie Li said with a confident smile .

\"Nie Li, do you think Patriarch Scarlet Python has a wife? He might even have a group of demonesses at home . If you have to deal with all of them, won't you die from exhaustion?\" Lu Piao couldn't help but quip .

\"Lu Piao, what the hell is on your mind?\" Xiao Xue gave him a hard knock .

\"I'm not! I'm just worried that Nie Li will be in danger!\" Lu Piao said with an aggrieved smile .

\"Humph . \" Xiao Xue snorted .

Nie Li couldn't help but smile . \"Don't worry, everyone . If I get recognized, I have many ways of escaping . No matter what, it wouldn't be a problem to flee . \"

\"I believe that no one can stop Nie Li once his mind is set on leaving,\" said Lu Piao immediately .

Xiao Ning'er and Ye Ziyun felt relieved after some thought .

\"Next, I have a few matters to settle . \" Nie Li smiled mysteriously . He looked at Ye Ziyun with gentleness in his eyes . \"I can finally do what I promised you . \"

Ye Ziyun's body trembled as she stared at him, her eyes brimming with tears .

\"I'll be spending a few days here to revive my father-in-law . Duan Jian, you can go deal with your matters during this period of time . \"

Duan Jian was slightly taken aback as a cold glint flashed across his eyes . He then turned to look at Nie Li and spoke with a choked voice . \"Thank you for giving me this chance to avenge my parents, Master . \"

\"Alright, go ahead . With your present strength, no one in the Abyss Prison Realm can stop you,\" Nie Li said with a nod .

\"Yes . \" Duan Jian spread his wings and flew up . With a whoosh, a stream of light streaked across the sky . Following that, he could enter the Abyss Prison Realm through an array .

\"Revive? Is it really possible?\" Ye Mo looked at Nie Li, visibly moved .

\"Yes, as long as there's water from the Spring of Life, and I've already obtained it . Besides, we still have Father-in-law's soul . Unfortunately, there's only one set; otherwise, we can revive even more people,\" Nie Li nodded and said solemnly .

Tears instantly welled up in Ye Mo's eyes .

He had missed his dead son all this time . He was filled with immense regret, wishing that he was the one who had died in his stead . So how could he not be excited hearing that his son could be revived?

\"Grandpa, if Nie Li says it can be done, he will definitely do it . \" Ye Ziyun's eyes were still filled with tears, but her tone was firm .

Looking at the haggard Ye Mo, Nie Li couldn't help but feel emotional . He nodded confidently and said, \"Grandpa, believe me . I can do it . \"

\"Okay . \" Ye Mo nodded solemnly .

Ancestral Founder Ye Yan laughed out loud and said, \"Good, very good . It's great that that punk, Ye Zong, can come back to life . \"

\"Ancestral Founder Ye Yan, I'll use this Spring of Life for Father-in-law first . I'll try to find more for you in the future,\" said Nie Li apologetically as he looked at Ye Yan .

\"Hahaha, kid, I'm very happy that you still have me on your mind . However, I'm already used to this body . It's not a bad thing being a Soul Puppet . It doesn't matter when I get revived . Revive Ye Zong first,\" Ye Yan said as he laughed out loud .

\"Okay . \" Nie Li nodded .