Tales of Demons and Gods - Chapter 489

Published at 19th of May 2020 12:20:04 PM

Chapter 489: 489
In a secret chamber in Glory City's City Lord Mansion .

At the entrance of the secret chamber, Ye Ziyun, Ye Mo, and the others waited anxiously . Nie Li had said that he could use the Spring of Life to revive Ye Zong, but it was ultimately something they couldn't confirm . They were filled with endless longing for Ye Zong .

Many days and nights, their faces were awash with tears, hoping that he could be revived .

The secret chamber's stone walls on all four sides were covered with all kinds of mysterious runes and patterns as they emitted blinding light that illuminated the entire secret chamber .

Nie Li held a Soul Mirror in hand; the glow in the Soul Mirror constantly swirled, and traces of a soul's aura flowed out .

That soul aura was so familiar and so dear .

Nie Li stared at the Soul Mirror and could vaguely see Ye Zong on it . Although Ye Zong looked very strict on the surface, his heart was soft . In his heart, Nie Li had slowly accepted this father-in-law .

He endured the surging emotions in his heart and constantly formed seals . Soul Force gathered into the Soul Mirror, and the Soul Mirror suddenly emitted a dazzling light .

He quickly took out the Spring of Life that kept spinning before it slowly rose into the air and rapidly condensed .

Ye Zong's soul flew out from the Soul Mirror and quickly fused with the Spring of Life .

The Spring of Life continued to condense, slowly taking the shape of a human . It was as if a life was slowly being born .

One day passed after another, and soon it was five days .

The door to the secret chamber remained tightly shut . Ye Ziyun and Ye Mo stayed guard outside as they anxiously looked at the door .

"Why isn't Nie Li's ritual done? It's been five days," Ye Mo said anxiously .

"Grandfather, Nie Li said that the revival ritual requires five to six days," said Ye Ziyun firmly . "Nie Li will succeed . I believe in him!"

"It's not that I don't trust him . This anxiety is just getting to me," Ye Mo said uneasily . He was naturally thrilled that his son had the chance to come back to life . However, time simply passed too slowly .

In the secret chamber, Nie Li finally completed the channeling ritual . The surrounding light gradually dimmed .

A child about three or four years old stood in the middle of the secret chamber as he slowly opened his eyes and looked around in puzzlement . "Where am I? Shouldn't I already be dead?"

His gaze slowly focused in front of him—Nie Li . Nie Li had already collapsed to the ground from exhaustion and was panting heavily .

"Nie Li, what's going on?" the child asked curiously .

Looking at the three or four-year-old child in front of him, Nie Li had a weird feeling rise up in him . After thinking for a moment, he couldn't help but say, "Father-in-law, I depleted my Soul Force to revive you . "

This child was none other than Ye Zong . Although he had a soul that was decades old, he had a three-year-old child's body . This was because the body was newly formed .

"Revive? Is there really such a thing as resurrection in this world?" He looked at his hands and realized that his hands were actually the size of a child's . He couldn't help but rage with anger . "Nie Li, what did you do?"

"Father-in-law, you can't blame me for this . This is a physical rebirth . This body of yours is condensed from the Spring of Life . I only have that much Spring of Life, so I've already tried my best to help you reform a child's body . Just make do with it!" Nie Li smiled bitterly .

"You… You… You…" Ye Zong pointed at Nie Li, his entire body trembling with rage . He was decades old; yet, he was reborn into a three-year-old's body . How could he take this lying down?

"Father-in-law, I didn't wish for this to happen . Look at me, I still have to call you 'father-in-law . ' Can you imagine how aggrieved I'm feeling?!" Nie Li smiled bitterly .

Ye Zong was so angry that he almost fainted . "Just when will I be able to recover my original form?"

"Father-in-law, you've really benefited greatly from this . This body of yours is condensed from the Spring of Life . Other than becoming young again, you have a pure Yang body . You can advance by leaps and bounds cultivating any cultivation technique," said Nie Li with a grin .

"I don't want this pure Yang body . You have to tell me when I can recover to my original state!" Ye Zong's voice was trembling with anger .

"Well… Probably when you cultivate to the Martial Ancestor Realm . After reaching the Martial Ancestor Realm, you can change your appearance as you please," Nie Li said with a smile .

"Martial Ancestor Realm? What realm is that? Isn't the highest cultivation realm, the Legend realm?" Ye Zong was stunned .

"Legend is just the beginning of the cultivation process . Above Legend is the Heavenly Fate, Heavenly Star, Heavenly Axis, Dao of Dragon, and finally the Martial Ancestor Realm!" Nie Li smiled and said, "Don't worry . It'll be quick!"

Ye Zong nearly spat out a mouthful of blood . "I took decades to cultivate to the Black Gold rank, and I haven't even reached the Legend realm yet . Wouldn't it take me centuries to cultivate to the Martial Ancestor Realm? Nie Li, I don't care, you have to return me to my original state!"

"I can't do that . You can only rely on yourself . It actually won't take long . Father-in-law, don't be disheartened!" Nie Li smiled .

"You…" Ye Zong was about to go crazy . He slowly understood that there was nothing he could do and that although he had been revived, he had revived as a three-year-old, how could he accept this? How could he control himself?

Ye Ziyun and Ye Mo waited outside as the door to the secret chamber slowly opened . They suddenly stood up and looked inside . A person slowly walked out and it was none other than Nie Li .

Ye Ziyun and Ye Mo froze on the spot .

"Nie Li, did the ritual fail?" Ye Mo's eyes dimmed .

"The ritual succeeded . " Nie Li shook his head with a wry smile .

"Then why are you alone?" Ye Mo asked in surprise .

"That's right, where's my father?" Ye Ziyun asked .

"Father-in-law has been revived, but he can't bring himself to face you!" Nie Li smiled bitterly .

"Can't bring himself to face us? Why?" Ye Mo asked in confusion .

At this moment, a three-year-old child came out from the secret chamber hesitantly . His heart was extremely excited when he saw Ye Ziyun and Ye Mo . However, when he thought about his body, he had the urge to bury himself . How was he to get out of this embarrassing predicament?

"Who is he? Why is he inside?" Ye Mo asked curiously . Nie Li had clearly been the only one who entered the secret chamber . Why did a three-year-old child walk out?