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Chapter 1379

Ten days later, three figures descended on the outskirts of a village .

 In the village, countless live spirits were coming and going . They were mostly different species, but they had one thing in common, namely, that their bodies oozed a faintly discernible dark aura .

 They were all members of the Moonwatch Sect .

 The arrival of the three figures was stealthy and silent, so they did not attract any attention .

 “It’s still that village of the Moonwatch Sect,” Yongye Wuheng’s heart sank and he looked visibly crestfallen .

 Yongye Chuxue could not help but show her dejection . “It’s been ten days . What is going on here? Brother Su Yu has used the Yin Yang Wings of Supreme Pole ten times in a row . In theory, we were supposed to stride across billions of miles of mountain ranges and rivers . Why does it feel like we haven’t come far at all?”

 Su Yu’s face was a little pale, and he was starting to get tired .

 The radius of the void area was only about 100 million miles, but in ten days, he used the Yin Yang Wings of Supreme Pole no less than ten times .

 The result, however, was almost a standstill without much progress at all .

 They first saw the village in front of them seven days ago . Within that time, no matter how fast they walked, flew, or even used the Yin Yang Wings of Supreme Pole, they could not get past the village and only managed to linger nearby .

 Su Yu thought for a long time, staring at the vaguely visible void space, and eventually said, “I think I understand why your relation would rather choose a dangerous place like the void space than try to make a detour around it . ”

 The Yongye brother and sister knew what he meant .

 Going through the area of many voids must have been the only way to head forward .

 “The presence of that void space has affected a large area all around and virtually formed a huge and incomparable space barrier, which we can’t get around . ”

 No matter how they tried to bypass it, they could not get past the village ahead .

 His eyes closed in contemplation, Su Yu thought for a long time . He stared at the village and said slowly, “I think I shall go down to the village to investigate . ”

 “No way!” Yongye Wuheng and Yongye Chuxue said in unison .

 Yongye Wuheng said, “Brother Su, you have no idea . The members of the Moonwatch Sect all originate from tribes like the one that lives in this village . Each tribe has an idol of their wizardry ancestors, and each idol contains a line of pure wizard power that is passed down the generation, protecting the tribe . Going down there would be extremely dangerous . ”

 Su Yu continued to observe the village .

 In the village’s central square there was a statue made of a special kind of material, which was the tallest infrastructure in the whole village .

 “That idol should not be able to threaten me . At best, it can only kill deities of Level Five divine realm . If I am careful, I should have no problem . ”

 “You must not!” The brother and sister said in unison again, and this time, Yongye Chuxue added, “Don’t underestimate the idol . Back when the Ancient God Realm and the Moonwatch Sect were at war, this kind of arrogance caused many strong men to fall . Many of those who lost their lives were at Level Three divine realm, and even some faction masters of the royal families were defeated!”

 What? Su Yu was taken aback . Was the idol that powerful? The faction masters were elite deities of Level Two divine realm, no less, but they had fallen because of its powers as well?

 Yongye Chuxue explained, “Every qualified village is rewarded by the Moonwatch Sect with an idol made of special material . The power of one idol may not be very impressive, but weirdly, the idol of this village seems to be able to borrow the strength of the idols at other villages, so that its own powers are multiplied by many times . How powerful do you think it would be if its strength multiplied a ten-thousandfold?”

 Su Yu was taken aback . According to what Yongye Chuxue said, all the idols in the Lost Nation could lend power to each other, causing an incredible amount of sorcery energy to be released in a short period of time .

 If that were the case, these idols would be really dangerous!

 “Even the Heaven-defying Empire’s army would need the absolute power of more than 10,000 people before they dared to attack the village . They know the strength of the idol and are wary of it . ”

 After listening to this explanation, Su Yu naturally felt that he had to be more cautious, but still said, “Well, then, I will enter in a different way . ”

 After saying that, under the amazed eyes of the Yongye siblings, Su Yu’s body began to emit wizard power .

 If a stranger saw him now, Su Yu could be mistaken for a wizard!

 “Brother Su, you…” Yongye Wuheng stuttered in amazement . He could not believe his own eyes . This was the first time he had seen or heard of people of the Ancient God Realm who could cultivate wizard powers .

 Su Yu said, not bothering to explain anything, “You two wait here, don’t get caught . I’m going to investigate . ”

 Having said that, he stepped out of the deep forest and went straight towards the village .

 His arrival immediately caught the attention of the village guards . Two dark Moonwatch Sect members noticed Su Yu and issued an alarm at once .

 The alarm sounded and many strong men in the village gathered, among them one old man of Level Five divine realm .

 Holding a strangely shaped crutch in his hand, he looked rather majestic . The surrounding Moonwatch Sect members treated him with great respect .

 He must be the leader of the tribe, Su Yu deduced .

 “Who are you?” The old man did not let his guard down just because Su Yu looked like a wizard .

 The different people of the Ancient God Realm fought each other to the death, and there was no absolute harmony among all the people of the wizard tribe either .

 “I am from a distant place, a visitor from the Guyao tribe, to be exact . I was passing by your village . Please excuse me for bothering you . ”

 The Lost Nation had a vast territory and thousands of tribes . Not all the tribes knew of each other, so the unfamiliar name of Guyao did not make anyone suspect him .

 “A visitor, huh?” The tribe leader looked at Su Yu carefully and noticed that his wizard power was not strong . It was not even at the level of a prospective deity, so he began to relax .

 “I’ve ventured into this area recently, but I can’t seem to get past this place, so I’m here to ask for help,” Su Yu said .

 After hearing that, a group of people had found his explanation entirely plausible . Like Su Yu, many other live spirits could not walk out of this place once they reached it .

 The tribe leader said, “I see . Come with me and we will talk about it . ”

 Trying his best to appear innocent, Su Yu followed him into the heavily guarded village and listened to the tribe leader’s explanation as they walked . “This is all caused by the forbidden land of ten thousand demons! The area of the forbidden land has affected the adjacent rivers and mountains within a radius of ten billion miles . You will not be able to get out of here by any usual methods . ”

 “I see . May I ask, then, how do I leave?” Su Yu asked .

 The tribe leader was smiling before, but after Su Yu entered the village, his face suddenly turned grave and he said coldly, “Do you really think I will tell that to an enemy from the Ancient God Realm?”

 Su Yu remained calm . Without showing any signs of fear, he glanced at the village gate that was gradually closing behind him and said conversationally, “You managed to see through my disguise, then . ”

 “I didn’t see through anything . It’s just that you have been exposed a long time ago!” The crutch in the hand of the tribe leader hammered on the ground .

 Two fish-headed wizards came out of the crowd and pointed resolutely at Su Yu . “He is one of them! Ten days ago, they tried to cross the forbidden land of ten thousand demons and failed . ”

 The tribe leader sneered, “We, the Dayu tribe, have been waiting for you for a long time! We learned that some people fail to cross the forbidden land of ten thousand demons and will choose to detour . Sooner or later, they will be trapped in this space, unable to escape .

 “However, I didn’t expect you to be bold enough to come here disguised as one of us!” the tribe leader’s eyes dimmed as his mouth suddenly radiated ripples of wizard curses, aiming at Su Yu .

 Su Yu’s face was calm as he took out a part of the Soul-stabilizing Wood .

 The Soul-stabilizing Wood exuded a faintly warm aura . When the ripples and aura met, the ripples were dissolved .

 “80-year-old Soul-stabilizing Wood!” The tribe leader was slightly surprised . “No wonder you could get into the Lost Nation if you had this thing in your possession . Unfortunately for you, you have encountered the Dayu tribe!”

 With a sweeping move, the tribe leader swung the crutch he held at Su Yu .

 Even though the wizard curse ripples had no effect, with the power of Level Five divine realm, he could still cause severe damage to living spirits of the Mortal Fairy realm .

 Su Yu remained motionless as dark dragon scales emerged all over his body . He lifted himself into the air and blocked the crutch with a single blow .

 After witnessing Su Yu’s abilities twice in a row, the tribe leader finally showed signs of fear . He retrieved his crutch and asked coldly, “Who are you?”

 Su Yu said calmly, “Just a visitor who wants to know how to leave this place . ”

 “Not a spy for the Heaven-defying Empire?” The tribe leader questioned him .

 Su Yu frowned slightly . “Wouldn’t it be strange if the army of the Heaven-defying Empire was here already? Are they approaching the area?”

 Without getting a clear answer from Su Yu, the tribe leader remained cautious . “Whether you are from the Heaven-defying Empire or not, the Dayu tribe is most faithful in guarding the Moonwatch Sect . Don’t even think about leaving!”

 Su Yu said, “Do you really think it would be difficult for me to kill all of you?”

 The tribe leader said, “Hmph! Do you think I have nothing but my crutch to strike you?”

 As soon as he said this, a dark mark appeared on the hand that had grabbed the cane .

 At the same time, the huge statue in the center of the village suddenly burst into a formidable atmosphere comparable to Level Three divine realm .

 At this moment, as if it had come alive, the statue’s eyes revolved around the mark that was on Su Yu’s palm .

 It seemed that Su Yu was marked, and the statue turned to look at him, gearing toward a fatal attack with the magnitude of Level Three divine realm .

 “We have begun our preparations about ten days ago and we had been waiting for you ever since! I thought that we would not have to resort to using the power borrowed by the idol . Now it seems that it is better to be safe than sorry,” the tribe leader said . “If you move again, you will be killed immediately!”

 Su Yu could also feel that the statue was staring at him . If he moved rashly, he would definitely be attacked .

 However, instead of panicking, Su Yu acted as if he was not bothered . He looked at the tribe leader and said unenthusiastically, “What deal do you want to make? Just tell me . I would like to strike a bargain with you so that you let me know how to leave . ”

 The tribe leader was taken aback, and several prominent villagers around him were startled as well .

 “What are you talking about? The Dayu tribe will never make a deal with enemies from the Ancient God Realm!” The tribe leader looked sly and pretended to be angry .

 Su Yu said indifferently, “Really? Well, you really want to kill me, why are you still dillydallying? Just activate the idol and do it already!”

 After that, Su Yu looked around and finally fixed his eyes on a large cottage in one part of the village . As if his eyes could penetrate inside its walls, he said, “Furthermore, your tribe seems to have encountered a lot of trouble lately . There are many wounded people, all of them suffering from strange curses, and your healers are trying their best to rescue them . ”

 Hearing that, everyone was shocked and exchanged glances, wondering who had leaked the news .

 The tribe leader was furious . “Who told you that? Say it!”

 “So, a deal doesn’t sound that unreasonable anymore, right?” Su Yu smiled .

 The tribe leader’s complexion changed, and it took a long time for him to get himself back under control . He tapped his crutch against the ground and the power of the wizard tribe’s statue receded .

 He said gravely, “As to what you’ve said, I will consider making a deal with you outsiders . If you can help us, I will help you leave this space . ”

 “First, tell me what you need help with,” Su Yu prompted .