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Chapter 1380: 1380

The tribe leader glanced at the hut with a dismal look on his face . “The wizard spell cast upon the people in the hut is the Green Snake Spell, which is a unique spell of the Green Snake Tribe . ”

 “I hope you could infiltrate the Green Snake Tribe for us and steal the training techniques of the Green Snake Spell . This is the only way to resolve the wizard spell and save those people . ”

 Su Yu lifted two fingers . “Two questions: first, why don’t you go there yourselves, but prefer to send an outsider like me instead? Second, what caused the conflict between your two tribes?”

 The tribe leader sighed, his weathered face full of bitterness and resentment . “You have seen it . Every tribe has its own statue of the Wizard Ancestor, which is very sensitive to the approach of people from other tribes .

 “If we get near it before we reach the Green Snake Tribe, we will be noticed immediately .

 “As for the conflict, it is quite embarrassing to speak about . The most beautiful flower of our tribe was taken by the Prince of the Green Snake Tribe on the way to her wedding . Our people were furious and they went forth to argue with them, but were injured instead!

 “Now, we no longer seek to bring back the famous beauty of our tribe . We must focus on the method to resolve the Green Snake Spell . ”

 Upon hearing that, Su Yu said, “So let me sum this up . One of your women was taken, and you fell into a trap . Being useless, you pin your hopes on an outsider like me to help you out of your predicament . ”

 The tribe leader opened his mouth in an attempt to argue, but that was the truth .

 “Last, allow me to take a guess . Among the people who are spellbound, there is someone very important to your tribe . ”

 The tribe leader looked at Su Yu, abashed . “Although you people from the Ancient God Realm are unlikable, you are smart indeed . My son is one of the injured . ”

 “Alright, I have gained an insight into your situation . Could you tell me the way to leave this place?”

 The tribe leader pointed at the wizard statue beside him . “Very simple . With the help of the strength of ten thousand wizard statues, you could break free from the influence of the forbidden place, and it would send you trillions of miles away . ”

 As he spoke, the tribe leader added sternly, “Although I have no idea why you want to head for the Holy Land of the Moonwatch Sect, I advise you to be very cautious . ”

 “Wizards like me, who are willing to bargain with people from the Ancient God Realm, make up a very small minority . Most would kill you on the spot without even bothering to talk to you . ”

 “Haha, you don’t need to worry about that . Just fill me in on all the details regarding the Green Snake Tribe and the trip that I’m going to make to their territory . ”

 The tribe leader smiled . “You’re a forthright man!”

 As he spoke, he retrieved several items . “This is the map of the Green Snake Tribe village . You’re heading for the hut of the Green Snake Tribe Leader, where the training methods of the Green Snake Spell are sealed .

 “This is the wizard statue that we crafted on purpose to be hurled out at critical times . It could fend off the spell attack of a Level Three wizard once . ”

 Su Yu accepted the items and left the tribe right away . He said, “I hope you keep your word . ”

 When he came back to the dense foliage, Su Yu met up with the Yongye siblings .

 As they learned about the course of the matter, the two of them broke out in cold sweat out of fear for Su Yu .

 “Luckily, Brother Su, you were clever enough to realize where their weakness was . Otherwise, what awaited you wouldn’t be a deal, but a lifetime of slavery or death . ”

 Su Yu said, “This is not important anymore . I plan to make a trip to the Green Snake Tribe village, but it won’t be convenient to have other people around . If you trust me, do take a rest in the space of the Buddha Pearl . ”

 He opened up a Buddha Pearl . The brother and sister exchanged a glance and went inside without hesitation .

 This matter resolved, Su Yu headed for the Green Snake Tribe village by following the guidance of the map .

 Strangely, he had a smooth journey by following the route on the map and did not get teleported back again .

 Five days later, in a spot full of scattered mountain rocks, Su Yu concealed his scent and hid his figure, and stood in front of a mountain village built along the hillside .

 From afar, he could see that the villagers in the tribe mostly bore the form of green snakes, with snake-like facial features and murky, yellowish eyes . It was the same for all the people who lived there .

 In terms of overall strength, they were slightly superior to the Dayu Tribe . Apart from that, the disorderly mountain rocks around the village contained special energy that highly favored the casting of wizard spells . Hence, the Dayu Tribe was no match of the Green Snake Tribe .

 However, as far as Su Yu was concerned, they posed no threat to him as long as he did not expose himself .

 With a few swift strides, Su Yu climbed over the surrounding walls and got into the village .

 Following the map, Su Yu headed straight for the home of the Green Snake Tribe Leader .

 The cavern he lived in was broad and spacious, cool and damp, and within it were many unevenly deep, winding caves of all sizes .

 Su Yu followed the map and went straight for the deepest part of the cavern to steal the spell techniques .

 However, when he passed by a considerably large cave, a soft voice sounded . “Ahh!”

 Su Yu turned to look and saw a creature in the form of a fish standing at the door, staring at him in shock .

 Su Yu was startled . Did his magical power weaken, making him visible?

 Upon close inspection, he made sure that he was still invisible . As Su Yu was doubting himself, the other person spoke, still staring at him . “Are you… were you sent by my tribe to save me?”

 Could this creature really see him? Su Yu was slightly surprised . In a flash, he darted the cave and said, “You are…”

 “It’s me, I am the kidnapped bride of the Dayu Tribe!”

 Looking at the plump woman with a dark fish head, Su Yu blinked .

 The flower of the tribe… That was her? Just how bad was the taste of the Dayu Tribe?

 Fine . Su Yu forced himself to accept the fact that the woman before his eyes was the greatest beauty of the Dayu tribe . Beauty was in the eye of the beholder, anyway . He said, “Stay here, I’ll come and fetch you later . ”

 “Hold on! Are you trying to steal the Green Snake Spell? I can help you,” the beauty said . “The Green Snake Tribe Leader has taken precautions early on and tightened the security around the Green Snake Spell . Without special tactics, you won’t be able to obtain it . ”

 Precautions? Su Yu had seen it coming .

 “Alright, come with me, but follow me closely,” Su Yu said and led her into the deepest part of the cave .

 The Green Snake Tribe Leader wasn’t around . The stone cave was empty, with hints of putrid stench wafting through the air, and remnants of dark, frigid sorcery energy, highly similar to the wizard spell that injured the people of the Dayu Tribe .

 Glancing around, Su Yu maneuvered his Transparent Eye, looking through every detail in the stone cave .

 A moment later, he walked towards a seemingly smooth, even stone wall and punched it with his fist until it crumbled .

 A hidden pit that could accommodate a person appeared before him, and a statue identical to the one outside was revealed .

 The difference was that this statue was the size of a regular person, and was made from a special material carrying the dim, cold air unique to the people of the Green Snake Tribe .

 Su Yu remembered that the spells practiced by the wizard tribes were very different from the Ancient God Realm .

 They needed to comprehend the spells from the statues of the Wizard Ancestors .

 This statue that had the feel of the Green Snake Tribe was most probably the item that Su Yu was seeking .

 The beauty behind him opened her fish mouth wide . Su Yu had found the hidden spot of the statue with apparent ease before she even offered him any guidance . It was miraculous!

 After discovering the statue, Su Yu did not retrieve it immediately . Instead, he looked it up and down, squinting .

 Having pondered for a moment, he took out a pearl of Golden Flames Forbidden Wood and shot it at the statue .


 A green wave emerged from the surface of the statue and the pearl ricocheted back .

 A considerably deep dent was left on the surface of the pearl .

 Su Yu was slightly taken aback . If the Golden Flames Forbidden Wood pearl was dented despite its great toughness, creatures without Level Four deity strength at the very least would be doomed if they got into contact with it .

 While Su Yu pondered how to remove it with a pensive expression on his face, the beauty spoke . “This is the protection set up by the Green Snake Tribe Leader . It’s very powerful, but you can remove the spell cast upon it with the wizard spell of my Dayu Tribe, the Water-calming Spell . ”

 Su Yu rolled his eyes . “Then why didn’t you say so earlier? I’m not here for sightseeing, I don’t have time to waste . ”

 “Alright, alright . ” The beauty performed the spell right away . A powerful wave of sorcery collided with the green wave on the surface of the statue, and the two spells canceled out each other .

 “Be quick, or the wizard spell will surface again very soon!”

 Su Yu’s eyes shone . Seizing the instant when the spell was removed, he grabbed the statue swiftly .

 “I’ve gotten hold of it . We should leave right now! Your spell will very likely alarm the Green Snake Tribe Leader . ” Still in an invisible state, Su Yu grabbed the beauty and left the cave quickly, heading out of the village .


 Nonetheless, right as they were about to cross the square, the tribe’s wizard statue that stood in the square was triggered without any warning .

 An overpowering sorcery wave, almost equaling the power of Level Three, swept towards the invisible Su Yu .

 The wave was so sudden and brutal that it seemed to have predicted Su Yu’s arrival with high accuracy . Dodging it was impossible .

 Su Yu was caught unawares and hit by a sudden blow . With a dull whimper, still invisible, he was sent flying with the statue in his arms .

 Swish! Swish! Swish!

 In the meantime, a dozen villagers of the Green Snake Tribe who were secretly hiding around the square emerged from their concealed spots .

 The one in the lead was an overbearing being of Level Five Peak, and standing beside him was a powerful Level Five entity .

 Even more to Su Yu’s astonishment, the beauty had merrily thrown herself into the arms of the young Green Snake disciple while staring at Su Yu with a cold sneer .

 “You…” Su Yu couldn’t understand it .

 The beauty spoke in a cold, vicious voice, “You haven’t expected this, have you? You must be wondering how you were ambushed! Well, it was me!”

 Su Yu could not believe it . With his mouth full of blood, he said, “Why did you do this? You belong to the Dayu Tribe, and I am here to rescue you from your kidnappers!”

 “Pooh!” The beauty replied with disgust . “Who needs your rescue? The Green Snake Prince and I have always felt mutual affection for each other . It was the tribe that kept trying to separate us and arranged for me to marry into the White Fox Tribe in exchange for a treasure of theirs!

 “If the Prince hadn’t saved me on my way, I would have ended up as one of the White Fox Tribe!”

 Having understood the course of the matter, Su Yu cursed inwardly . “What a cunning bastard . He fooled me!”

 The beauty said coldly, “The Green Snake Tribe had expected that the Dayu would send someone to infiltrate this place and steal the Green Snake Spell, hence they have set up a trap early on . The statue of the Green Snake Spell in your hands is a fake one!”

 Su Yu looked down . Indeed, an unnoticeable seam opened up on the statue . It was empty inside, and it would crumble at one good squeeze .

 Su Yu was enraged . Frustrated, he questioned, “Where is the real statue then? Where did you hide it?”

 “Hehe, I won’t tell you!” The beauty laughed smugly, her eyes full of contempt .

 Su Yu sighed as if resigned to his fate . “You should at least tell me how you discovered me, then . And how did you tell these men to lay an ambush for me here?”