The Legendary Mechanic - Chapter 830

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Chapter 830: 830

Chapter 830 Surrounding Calamity Grade

After meeting the reconnaissance troops, the expedition force reorganized their troops and adjusted their direction toward Atimo’s fleet . At the same time, Atimo’s fleet also headed toward the reconnaissance troops, and both parties were approaching each other with the gap between them decreasing rapidly .

After spending two days in hyperdrive, both troops finally met in one of the regions of the universe .

“We finally found our enemy . ” The players in the expedition troops looked out at the large fleet of battleships outside the window and all grew excited .

The players split up into parties, and the various large guilds were no exception . The various professional teams formed their own parties, and the core members of the guilds formed a protective layer around the professional players . This was not to protect them but to help their own team snatch for the boss .

[Wipe Out the Great Cosmos Corps] was a faction mission, and there were many mission requirements . The requirements that gave the best rewards included killing the combat troops of the enemy and their leaders . However, there was a limited number to go around to kill .

That was especially so for the ‘Great Emperor’ Atimo, of whom there was only one . It was not a single player mission but only allowed a single party to share the reward . Every club wanted to help their own professional players obtain the highest reward .

The players of Dynasty, Temple of God, Long Sky, and Fried Eggplants with Fish were in their respective teams, and the three pillars of Long Sky were currently discussing their strategy .

Sleepy Winter stroked his chin and said, “According to the levels of the rewards, the enemy leader Atimo should have the combat capability of a Grade A Super . We can only use numbers to crush him . ”

“If this is the case,” Twinkle Fried Rice said, “the party that makes the first move will be in the greatest danger . If we want to snatch the kill, it would be better for us to deal damage silently by the side and let others attract the aggro of the boss . Only the party with the highest damage output will obtain the reward . If we end up getting killed by the boss, it would take far too much time to run back after reviving . We can only output damage if we are still alive . ”

Hao Tian nodded and said, “That’s right . ”

On another spaceship, Frenzied Sword also formed a party with his team and even brought Maple Moon along . They had a pretty good relationship .

Frenzied Sword looked outside the window at the rows of battleships lined up nicely . It was obvious that the guilds were all gathering together, and there was a stark difference between them and the ordinary players . Upon seeing that, Frenzied Sword shook his head and said, “With so many guilds trying to snatch the boss, I think that we don’t have much hope of succeeding . ”

“As long as we don’t die,” said Rivervale’s vice captain, Evil Sword, “we may not lose out in terms of damage output . Such a boss will not only stand there for us to kill . The party that outputs the most damage will also face the largest threat and attract the most aggro from the boss . We may have a chance to survive until the very end if that is the case . ”

All the players had some experience and knew that it was extremely difficult to deal with the bosses in ‘Galaxy’ . To an ordinary player, the situation of the battle was changing every second, and it was rare for a single person to control the aggro of the boss . Instead, the person with the highest damage output would be the target of the boss, and the battle scene was extremely realistic .

Thus, it was extremely easy for the aggro to go out of control when fighting the boss, and they needed to react quickly whatever happened .

Maple Moon sat by the side with a smile on her face, and she felt a sense of satisfaction in her heart .

It could be said that this large-scale war had been started by her single handedly . She was the one who had triggered the storyline and caused this expedition mission . Thus, she had a strong sense of achievement and was feeling extremely satisfied in her heart .

Because she was the one who triggered this mission, she had an additional mission compared to the other players . She would be able to gain a bonus reward after the Great Cosmos Corps was wiped out, which included a large amount of experience, Exploration Points, 300 Crimson Dynasty Contribution Points, and 1,000 Black Star Army Contribution Points .

This was probably the reward for handing the mission tool over to the dynasty .

The reward from this mission was extremely plentiful, and after some calculations, Maple Moon felt that it was possible for her to become the highest leveled player after the mission .

Among the Russian and Australian groups, Vodka and Captain Old Henry were also thinking of snatching the boss .

Although the professional players of their own club did not follow them over, if they could prevent the Chinese professional players from snatching the boss’ reward, it would be akin to helping their own professional players . Although the Russian and Australian players had suffered some losses on Planet Pangurus, their responsibility was still present, and they were not willing to let the Chinese players enjoy all the benefits before their eyes .

At the same time, Atimo was also observing the Black Star Army fleet .

“The enemy only has ten thousand battleships, and we have the absolute advantage in numbers,” the vice commander said .

Atimo nodded slowly . He had a hundred thousand battleships, a full ten times more than the enemy .

However, Atimo was still shocked that the Black Star Army could have a full ten thousand battleships . In his memory, every battleship required a large amount of resources and time to construct . The most powerful race that he had met only had a few hundred battleships .

He had originally thought that the quantum technology of the Black Star Army was the only advantage that they had, but never had he expected that the fleet of the Black Star Army would not be weak either .

“No wonder they locked down the news . They didn’t want me to find out that they had such a large fleet and wanted to catch me off guard . ” Atimo felt a sense of lingering fear .

To gather a full ten thousand battleships, the other party must have sent out all their forces . Thankfully, he had also brought out his entire fleet . If he had only sent out a few divisions as usual, he would definitely have been in trouble .

Indeed, it was the right choice for him to take action personally .

Atimo’s eyes glowed, and he said slowly, “I want to talk to the other party’s leader . ”

In his eyes, this was an all-out war between both parties . The commander of the Black Star Army was an extremely mysterious figure and had never shown himself . Atimo wanted to see what kind of a figure the leader of the Black Star Army was . He actually had ten thousand battleships under his command, and Atimo felt that such an individual had the right to talk to him .

After a moment, the vice commander stammered, “The other party rejected our request… they sa… said…”

“What did they say?” Atimo’s eyes narrowed .

“They said that you do not have the right to speak to their Army Commander . ”

Atimo burst into laughter and was not angered at all .

I do not have the rights? Who else would have more rights than me‽

Forget it, since they are going to die in a short while, there isn’t a need to be so calculative .

Atimo shook his head and lost all interest in contacting the other party . He then said slowly, “Attack, wipe them all out!”

With the order being given, the hundred thousand battleships opened fire in unison .

Atimo thought that he would witness the scene of the enemy being severely crippled by the firepower of his fleet . However, the scene that unfolded had truly shocked him .

As the flames of the cannon fire receded, not a single one of the enemy’s ten thousand battleships was destroyed . Although the enemy was lower in numbers, they wanted to surround his fleet instead!

The next moment, the ten thousand enemy battleships sped up, and because their speed was far superior to his Great Cosmos Corps’ battleships, Atimo’s troops were unable to react in time . The ten thousand enemy battleships had broken through their formation and engaged in closed range battle with them . This was the battle method that players enjoyed the most, and they were not willing to use their battleships to wipe out the enemy since they would not be able to gain experience this way .

The players boarded the enemy battleships with the charge cabin and massacred the members of the enemy battleships .

The enemy’s fire was unable to break through the shields of the army, and the players charged into the encirclement of the enemy excitedly with a single thought in their mind .

My peerless blade shall dance within the enemy ranks!

The majority of the players had not enjoyed such a pleasure of their faction having absolute technological superiority and being able to freely slaughter the enemy .

Ten thousand battleships charged right into the core of the enemy fleet and were completely unstoppable as they ripped through the enemy’s formation .

In the flagship, Atimo stood up abruptly and ripped off the mask on his face . His expression had changed greatly, and a look of disbelief could be seen .

Their weapons were completely useless against the enemy!

One report after another was sent over, and he lost twenty thousand battleships in just a short moment . However, not even a single enemy battleship had been destroyed!

“This is impossible! How can there be such a large technological gap! How can they all be Supers‽”

Atimo no longer had his previous cool and confidence, having realized that he had struck a metal plate . The enemy was a civilization that was even more advanced than his and could easily wipe them out!

He had roamed unhindered in this region of the universe for far too long and had not met an opponent capable of posing him a threat for far too long . He had already forgotten what it meant to feel fear and respect . However, the scene of his battleships being destroyed one by one had once again triggered the sense of fear in his heart as he began to tremble uncontrollably .

He could see the future of his fleet being completely wiped out .

Atimo suddenly thought about the matters from a long time ago . At that time, the Great Cosmos Corps was only an ordinary drifting civilization with a few spaceships . They were extremely weak and could only explore the universe carefully . They overcame obstacles one after another and gradually became stronger and stronger . However, he had actually lost this sense of wariness that allowed him to survive in the universe for such a long time .

If he had not been so rash and made proper plans before the start of the battle…

If he had not been so arrogant and sent out scouts to find more information…

If he had not been so quick to anger and easily provoked by the Black Star Army…

Perhaps the outcome would have been different .

However, he didn’t know that this was his own wishful thinking . In front of absolute strength and intelligence advantage, it would be impossible for him to have the initiative in his hands . His fate was already sealed a long time ago .

Currently, it was useless for Atimo to regret . The excited players were killing to their heart’s content and destroying Atimo’s fleet .

The overwhelming strength of the enemy destroyed the morale of Atimo’s forces, and no one wanted to remain behind to be massacred . They all began to escape, and the huge fleet scattered in all directions .

“Retreat! Quickly retreat!” Atimo snapped back to reality and issued an order .

Very quickly, the flagship and surrounding frigates turned around and joined in the escaping army .

The Great Cosmos Corps came with valor but escaped with their tails between their legs . It had only been twenty minutes since their arrival on the battlefield .

The various large guilds abandoned the escaping battleships and chased after the enemy’s flagship . They all wanted to snatch the head of the boss, and the ordinary players went to chase after the escaping battleships .

Phillip had already locked onto the location of all the troops through the quantum network, and even if the enemies escaped, the players would still chase after them in the future .

Before the start of the battle, Phillip had infiltrated the database of the main flagship and made a copy of all the information within the Great Cosmos Corps’ database . This included information about all the planets that they had robbed over the past years . The information that the dynasty wanted was already in their hands, and the only thing left to do was to uproot the enemy . Phillip could only provide some help from the side, and the rest would be left to the players .

Very quickly, the players caught up to Atimo’s flagship, and he only had a few hundred frigates around him .

Phillip controlled Atimo’s flagship from afar and forced it to land on a desolate planet nearby . The players chased after Atimo and surrounded him .

In the center of a circular mountain range, the gigantic flagship stuck out of the ground with black smoke billowing from it .

This was Atimo’s spaceship, and Phillip had very considerately turned off the engine of the spaceship so that they could save some energy when landing .

Ka ka ka!

Many human figures then walked out from the wreckage of the battleships, and the armor that they were wearing helped them withstand the impact of the crash . However, the crash had still killed the majority of the ordinary crew, and less than ten percent of them were still alive .

Atimo also walked out from the wreckage, holding onto his head . Even with his strength, he was dazed after the crash, and his entire body was aching . Upon looking at the pathetic scene for his eyes, Atimo could not help but fall into a daze .

Right at this moment, the sound of gushing wind could be heard, and the battleships of the Black Star Army landed around the circular mountain range .

Atimo raised his head, and there were numerous human figures standing all around the mountain range . These were the players who were trying to kill him, and a greedy look could be seen in their eyes .

There were more than three hundred thousand players present, including the various large guilds .

“It’s impossible to escape…”

Atimo was a proud person, and he could not help but feel a sense of anger upon witnessing the scene before his eyes .

“Want to kill me? Come on!” The next moment, Atimo let out a crazed roar, and the ten or so mechanical arms behind him opened like a peacock’s plume . At the same time, yellow laser beams were shot out from the arms in all directions with a stunning firing rate . This was his personal equipment, which was used to aid his Esper Ability .

His Esper Ability was to shoot out laser beams from his body, and the attack would change depending on which part of his body the laser was shot out from . For example, the attack would be an energy blast if he used his palms and an accurate laser beam if he used his fingers .

When fighting in close combat, his fists could also be covered with energy blasts, and he could form a shield if he released energy from his entire body . This was truly a jack of all trades ability .

Atimo was the most powerful individual in the Great Cosmos Corps, and his Calamity Grade Esper Ability allowed his laser attacks to be more powerful than normal energy weapons . It could be said that he was a human artillery tower .

His arrogance also stemmed from the confidence that he had in his strength . Among the natives of the Flickering World, it was extremely rare to reach the Calamity Grade, and he had never met an opponent . He had once wiped out the race of an entire planet singlehandedly .

Although he was surrounded, Atimo did not fall into despair . He had a great deal of confidence in his own strength, and despite all the enemies before him being Supers, he did not treat them as his opponents at all .

He might be able to find a path to survival if he was able to kill all of them!

Thinking about that, Atimo burst forth with murderous intent and attacked crazily .

Pew pew pew!

The laser beams came flying toward the players, and the players all began avoiding the attacks . As the laser beams struck the ground, craters that were over ten meters in diameter exploded all around . If a level 100 paper player was struck by the laser beam, although it would not be able to one-shot the player, the player would only be left with a silver of health .

He was a Calamity Grade Super indeed! Many of the players felt nervous .

This was the first time that they had surrounded a Calamity Grade character without the aid of an NPC .

Everyone did not have much confidence in their hearts . They had met many elite Calamity Grade Supers in the secret war that were all capable of killing them in a single hit . The players did not know if their level was enough to kill a Calamity Grade Super with a human wave tactic .

“The battle has started!”

However, the players did not hesitate and jumped off from the cliffs to begin their attacks .

They would soon find out whether or not they could win .

Since they could not die anyway, they might as well just charge forward!

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