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Chapter 558

Ji Nuan naturally did not know that Rong Yan’s mind had already come up with a Mary Sue plot, and that she had been assigned the role of the most villainous, beautiful, flirtatious, and trashy type .

However, Ji Nuan could vaguely observe the emotions in her eyes .

Ji Nuan curved her red lips into a lazy smile . “Miss Rong is likely the ‘flower blooming in a greenhouse’ that the legends speak of . [1 . Ji Nuan is saying that Rong Yan has never experienced any hardship, and is able to ‘bloom’ because she is well-protected and has all her needs met by others . ] It’s fine to have a simplistic understanding of the world, but please do not shove your stupid assumptions onto me . I haven’t even said anything about the way you forcefully placed me into the drama your mind crafted, and you’ve already gotten all excited about it . You say, how should I describe your expression right now?”

Rong Yan’s face had turned scarlet red from her words . “If you didn’t separate with Jing Shen for a particular reason, why would he possibly allow the woman he loves to leave him? Since you’re already separated, it means that his feelings for you aren’t that much to speak of . If he truly likes you, why haven’t you appeared by his side in the past few years? And why has he never mentioned your name?”

 The past three years .

 Everything that had occured .

 No matter how they had argued or stuck with each other, it seemed like there wasn’t a suitable explanation to offer to outsiders .

Furthermore, for the past three years, it was true that she had never been by Mo Jingshen’s side .

On the other hand, for the sake of waiting for him, this Miss Rong had come to Hai City from Los Angeles . In order to interact with him, she had been determined to wait for him in Hai City’s company . She had stood by his side, appeared behind him, and had even received Mo Jingshen’s praise and smiles for her outstanding performance at work .

For several seconds, Ji Nuan’s feelings were complicated . Earlier, when she had caught the whispers about this Miss Rong, she hadn’t thought much of it . However, right now, her heart actually felt somewhat unhappy .

However, the smile on her lips did not fade . Instead, the curve deepened . She spoke lightly, as though her words didn’t mean much, “It doesn’t matter if he has ever brought up my name . More importantly, Miss Rong, you chased him from Los Angeles to Hai City . You hid your identity and considerately accompanied him everywhere . However, at the end of the day, weren’t you still rejected? You made a judgement of our circumstances despite having absolutely no knowledge of it . I truly admire your courage . When he made your brother bring you back to Jing City, he was clearly pulling distance between the two of you . Can’t you tell? Must you wait until you’ve received countless rejections, and have your face thrown fully onto the ground like earlier, or are you waiting for him to grow sick of your appearance and to learn how deeply it hurts to become the person he hates? By that time, I’m afraid there wouldn’t even be anyone for you to cry to . ”

Even as she said these words, although she did not wish to admit it, Ji Nuan felt slightly unhappy in her heart .

Mo Jingshen did not dislike this Rong Yan . Although he did not offer her any response, nor did he plan on saving the Rong family any face, it was clear that during the time Rong Yan had been by his side, he had been very polite to her .

Rong Yan, on the other hand, had been angered . “I’m only pursuing him . No matter how the two of you are related, he isn’t married right now . You haven’t been by his side for the past few years either . I’m not in any wrong for chasing him . If you don’t wish for any other women to be by his side, you shouldn’t have left . Why did you return after leaving for so long? I’m not interfering in anyone’s relationship, nor am I ashamed for announcing that I have feelings for him . ”

 Hearing these words, Ji Nuan smiled coldly . She did not offer any explanations, nor did she wish to say more . She turned to leave .

 Rong Yan assumed that Ji Nuan did not know how to argue with her, and that Ji Nuan was surely on the losing end . At the thought that Ji Nuan was returning to Mo Jingshen’s side, she quickly approached and reached out to grab her arm . “Miss Ji, wait, don’t leave yet . Let’s clear the air first! No matter what sort of relationship you’ve had with Jing Shen, I’m definitely not a third party that interfered in someone’s relationship . During the time when I was pursuing him, there was never another woman by his side . He never dated anyone, nor did he marry anyone . Even if you wish to snatch him back, we should compete fairly…”

 1She wanted to say more, but Ji Nuan had grown impatient and tried to shake her hand off . When Rong Yan refused to let go, Ji Nuan turned back to face her . Her expression was ice-cold . “Let go . ”

Rong Yan stared at her . “Then tell me, what sort of relationship exists between the two of you? What past did the two of you share? Were you his girlfriend or his first love? Or were you his bed partner?”

 1Ji Nuan couldn’t keep away the ice-cold smile on her lips . She ruthlessly pushed her hand away, but Rong Yan kept a tight grip . As the floor was slightly stained with cleaning solution and the two women were dressed in their gowns and high heels, the push and pull caused Rong Yan to suddenly take a step back . Her feet were unstable and she then fell backward onto the ground .

Nonetheless, Rong Yan’s hands refused to let go of Ji Nuan’s arm . When she lost grip of her, she decided to grab her skirt . To prevent her gown from being torn, Ji Nuan could only stumble downward . As a result, the two fell onto the ground at the same time .

Although Rong Yan had only fallen into a sitting position on the ground, Ji Nuan had been pushed toward the restroom door against the side . She slammed harshly against it, causing a moment of sharp pain in her back .

She tolerated the pain and stood up . While rubbing her back, she picked up her purse and was about to leave . However, Rong Yan stubbornly tugged on her skirt .

 Ji Nuan had grown frustrated with this sticky Jing Princess . She lost all patience as she raised her voice . “Are you done?”

As she spoke, she reached out and forcefully tried to push her away from her gown .

 However, Rong Yan refused to let go and even tightened her grip . By now her eyes had turned red . When she recalled the scene of Mo Jingshen appearing at the evening party with Ji Nuan, she felt deeply uncomfortable in her heart . Mo Jingshen had given Ji Nuan the most accepting and gentle gaze, that no one else had ever received . It caused countless pots of vinegar to spill in her heart, crystallizing into jealousy .

Ji Nuan was likely the first woman in the world that had led Rong Yan to experience jealousy .

 1“You must be crazy…”

 Ji Nuan’s expression was ugly as she tried to continue . Before she could grab hold of Rong Yan’s elbow, a cold, stern voice abruptly called from the side . “What are you doing!”

 Hearing this cold reprimand, Ji Nuan subconsciously turned back . She watched as Rong Yan’s brother abruptly approached with quick steps . As the general manager of the Rong Corporation, he carried an arrogant and difficult to-approach aura . From his gaze, it was clear he saw Ji Nuan as an enemy .

Rong Cheng quickly approached them and harshly pushed Ji Nuan aside . At the same time, he reached out to hold Rong Yan’s shoulder . “Yan Yan, are you alright?”

Although Rong Yan’s eyes were slightly red, she shook her head . “I’m fine . It’s just a small fall . I think I twisted my ankle a little . ”