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Chapter 559: 559

Although Rong Yan said she was fine, the tolerance and unhappiness in her eyes were clear .

 Ji Nuan was caught unaware and suffered another push . Thankfully, she had managed to stabilize herself and only took a step back to lean against the wall . She did not fall down again .

She abruptly raised her eyes to look at Rong Cheng, who was about to help his sister up . “Is this all there is to the bearing of Rong Corporation’s general manager? The two of us fell at the same time . Even if she is your sister, and you’re in a rush to help her, you shouldn’t have pushed me . ”

 Rong Cheng remained sitting on the ground, checking on his sister’s feet . When he heard Ji Nuan’s words, his lips immediately pursed coldly . He turned his ice-cold gaze onto her, cutting her sharply . “CEO Ji, my sister once broke her leg several years ago when she fell on the staircase . Your appearance has been sufficient to shake her heart today . I don’t expect you to be sufficiently self-aware to leave Mo Jingshen’s side, but you actually pushed her onto the ground . Did you think that having MN Group alone is sufficient for you to gain a firm foothold in Jing City? If my sister’s leg really received any lasting damage from this fall, I’ll make sure that both you and your company will completely disappear from this country!”

The Rong family’s position in Jing City wasn’t simple . They had the support of various leaders and had deep connections within the Jing City circle . Destroying a company that was founded in England and only recently moved to the country was indeed simple for them .

Ji Nuan stabilized herself against the wall and watched this play of deep feelings between this pair of siblings .

It seemed like even the crime of hurting Rong Yan could be easily placed onto her .

 Facing Rong Cheng’s ice-cold, angered gaze, Ji Nuan immediately smiled imperceptibly to say, “I say, General Manager Rong, from a distance away, you had actually managed to gain a clear view of the way we fell down . Could it be that you installed surveillance cameras in this restroom? You actually know of how we fell? Without any proper reasoning, you’ve anxiously pushed the crime onto someone’s head . The two of you are true blood-related siblings, arbitrary and selfish in the way you handle matters . Everything is based on your own conjectures and subjective understanding . The fact that she once broke her leg has nothing to do with me . Even if she broke her leg earlier, it still has nothing to do with me . If you don’t understand this situation well, you should check the records of the surveillance cameras outside the door . Thankfully, the two of us had fallen down here . Otherwise, given that the surveillance cameras cannot be installed inside the restrooms, I wouldn’t be able to wash this crime off of myself even with ten sets of lips, don’t you think so?”

He even wanted to make MN Group vanish without a trace . The Rong family’s people were truly unbelievably arrogant .

 Rong Cheng’s expression turned heavy . “If you didn’t push her, would she have fallen down here? Her leg cannot receive any more harm; she knows this better than anyone . If it hadn’t been you, would she be on the ground? Would she have twisted her ankle?”

Ji Nuan clearly found this amusing . She did not waste her breath trying to explain further, and directly pointed toward the surveillance cameras . “I won’t repeat my words twice . If you have anything more to say, save it for after we watch the surveillance camera’s record . ”

Rong Cheng smiled coldly . “There’s no need t waste time for that . What’s the point of checking the surveillance cameras outside the female restroom for no good reason? It’s no wonder she didn’t come out of the restroom for so long . It turns out that you were clinging on to her . ”

 Ji Nuan: “…”

 Truly amazing, even his ability to invert right and wrong was beyond exceptional .

 Ji Nuan was originally composed . This was but the Rong family’s second daughter who had deep feelings for Mo Jingshen . She had long grown used to seeing these sorts of people . There were more than a thousand ways she could deal with such a meaningless existence, it only depended on whether or not she was willing to execute it .

But what were they doing right now?

 Intentionally framing her?

 Or was this pair of siblings unhappy after being neglected by Mo Jingshen earlier, and had came to vent their anger on her?

 Fuck Mo Jingshen, this troublemaker!

1Ji Nuan coldly watched Rong Yan, who’s attention was fully placed on her twisted ankle and her leg . “Miss Rong, are you a mute? Your brother is biting others like a mad dog right now . Don’t you know to speak up for yourself? Earlier, you proudly declared that you weren’t ashamed of your feelings . It can’t be that right now, you’re going to take advantage of the situation to spill a bucket of dirty water on me? Then it seems like you’ll lose the right to compete openly and fairly . Did I push you Miss Rong, en?”

 Rong Yan’s expression was stupefied . She raised her head to look at Ji Nuan, who despite being angered, still had a composed and cold smile .

She then turned to look at Rong Cheng, whose expression was ugly . She spoke up softly, “Brother…”

 Rong Cheng relaxed his expression . ”Yan Yan, there’s no need to be afraid . Your brother is here . ”

Ji Nuan: “…”

 Fuck, the deep feelings between this pair of siblings were truly torturous . Ji Nuan strangely thought of Xiao Luye . However, she immediately recalled the way he had locked her in a villa on a mountain . She felt an evil chill down a spine and couldn’t help a sneeze .

Why did she think of Xiao Luye, that brat, for no reason?

 Ji Nuan sneered . “The Rong family’s second daughter is actually afraid of me? General Manager Rong, do you not understand your own sister’s stubborn temper well? Or did she brainwash you with her obedient girl act when the both of you were young? Even if I did push her, so what? The Rong family is wealthy and influential . Just because my MN Group has no one to depend on, you can pinch us to death like an ant as you please, is that it? Is there a need to be so delicate just because you fell a little? Her skin didn’t even tear and you’re screaming to destroy someone else’s company with so much fanfare . Is this how the Rong family built its success?”


Rong Cheng’s expression ascended .

 At this moment, several of the hotel staff members and cleaning staff passed by . They did not dare to approach, but Ji Nuan still heard their discussion .

 “Isn’t that the Rong Corporation’s siblings? Did someone push the Rong family’s second daughter down?”

“Earlier, didn’t you hear the old leaders discussing at the party? It seems like this Miss Rong has some relations with CEO Mo…”

 “Really? Are you referring to that CEO Mo? Aiya, the two of them do appear to be quite compatible . Among all of the famous young ladies in Jing City, Miss Rong’s reputation is the best . She has a good character and is well-educated . She also knows a lot . Whenever she attends evening parties with the Rong family, she is always respectful and polite . When I worked at a different hotel, I once saw her at an evening party . I’m quite fond of her . She completely doesn’t have the arrogance of a rich lady . ”

“Who is the person standing there? Could she be the woman who pushed Miss Rong?”

 “What on earth happened? The two women argued and General Manager Rong came to stand up for his sister? Aiya, if you’ve pushed someone, you should apologize . Why is she still standing there? She actually has the guts to face the Rong family…”

 Ji Nuan slowly shifted her gaze away from the Rong siblings, coldly turning toward the staff members who were discussing .

The moment they met her gaze, the gained a clear view of her face . They did not expect it to be a woman whose beauty did not lose to Miss Rong . From the way she was dressed, they could tell that she wasn’t a simple figure . The staff members were frightened of turning around and leaving immediately . They did not dare to continue watching further .

Rong Cheng continued watching Ji Nuan coldly . “Did you hear that? Everyone feels that you should apologize to Rong Yan . ”