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Chapter 1227: 1227

Chapter 1227: I Want to Make You Stay (105)

Fang Erlan kept quiet while Xiao Chenyang answered, “Yes, Mother-in-law . ”

Flabbergasted, Fang Erlan chided, “We’ve yet to get married, why are you calling her ‘Mother-in-law’…”

“Let him be . He can address me that way . I’m in full support of your relationship anyway,” said Mrs . Fang .


Fang Erlan did not wish to expose her mother’s ulterior motive . She was well aware of what Mrs . Fang was thinking .

However, it was great that she had no objections to Fang Erlan’s relationship with Xiao Chenyang .

“Chenyang, we met briefly the previous time and I didn’t get the chance to get to know you better . Where do you live?”

How was Xiao Chenyang supposed to answer that?

He had properties all across the globe, and they all belonged to him even though he may have only lived in each house once .

“Home is wherever Erlan is,” he answered .

Mrs . Fang was pleased to hear his answer .

“Although I’m very glad to hear that from you, I still have to know where your parents live . ”

“My parents have passed away . They lived in B City . ”

“Your parents have passed away?” asked Mrs . Fang, who was elated about that fact, for it meant that Fang Erlan would not have to face any conflicts with her mother-in-law .

“Yes . ”

“How old are you this year?”

After a moment of silence, he answered, “I’m six years older than Erlan . ”

“That means you’re thirty years old?”

“Yes . ”

“Wonderful . When do you guys plan to register your marriage?” asked Mrs . Fang, who was extremely satisfied with her son-in-law-to-be .

“Register our marriage? We can do it anytime as long as she’s willing,” Xiao Chenyang said while glancing at Fang Erlan .

Fang Erlan knew that Xiao Chenyang did not have a household register in S Nation and would definitely have to obtain a household register before they could register their marriage .

Thus, she said, “We can always wait until filming is over before we register our marriage . ”

“Yes, yes,” Mrs . Fang agreed, grinning widely from ear to ear . She was as happy as a lark .

“By the way, Mother, there’s something I have to tell you . Just relay it to Father,” said Fang Erlan, who then told Mrs . Fang about Fang Ruzhen .

A sullen expression formed on Mrs . Fang’s face and she asked, “You mean, she hired someone to assault you?”

“Yes, she’s already been arrested . I almost died because you decided to be nosy and got me to invite her father over to our place . Could you stop poking your nose into others’ business from now on?” Fang Erlan chastised in disgruntlement .

Feeling extremely perturbed and horrified, Mrs . Fang asked, “She doesn’t know that I was the one who made you do it, right?”

“Of course not . She’s in a terrible plight, though . She’s even become a drug addict . The police have arrested her, but I haven’t asked them for updates about the situation . ”

“It’s a pity that their family turned out that way . They were living so happily and peacefully at the start . Look what happened in the end . If her mother wasn’t promiscuous and didn’t commit adultery, would her father have killed her mother? They’ve ruined themselves and made their child an orphan . ”

“Regardless of what happens to them, it’s still their family’s affair and you shouldn’t have been poking your nose into their business . Just let Father know about this . Keep it from Yunxi . ”

“I know . Don’t worry, this concerns our family’s safety . ”


Gu Beicheng only found out about An Xiaoning’s injury when he asked her out for a meal .

“Why didn’t you call to tell me earlier?”

“I’m fine, it’s just a minor injury . It’s almost been a week since it happened,” she said nonchalantly .

“How did you get injured?”

Not wanting to discuss it any further, An Xiaoning answered . “I accidentally had a fall . Why isn’t Mingxi here?”

“She can’t make it . She’s nursing her pregnancy, and the food here is on the spicy side . She can’t eat such spicy foods for now . Let’s go to another restaurant . I didn’t know that you were injured so I made reservations for this one . ”

An Xiaoning stopped him and said, “It’s alright, the dishes are going to be served soon . Wouldn’t it be a waste of money if we just leave now? A little spice won’t hurt or aggravate my injury . I enjoy spicy foods . ”

Gu Beicheng said, “I’ll order a few more dishes that aren’t spicy, then . ”

“How can we finish so much food?”

He ignored her and proceeded to order a few more dishes .

The two of them ordered a table full of dishes .

“I wanted to have a meal with you yesterday, but I had to accompany Mingxi back to her parents’ place . I happened to dine here before with Xiaotian and I took a liking to their dishes, so I decided to bring you here to let you have a taste of them . ”

An Xiaoning scanned her surroundings and said, “Since you were the one who chose it, it must be great . This environment is pretty tranquil and relaxing . ”

They were sitting at a table by the window on the second floor . The large window allowed them to enjoy a bird’s-eye view of the scenery outside .

It was evening, and there were streaks of red in the amber sky .

The golden rays of the sun cast down on them .

“What has Ye Xiaotian been busy with lately?”

Gu Beicheng smiled and answered, “What else could he be busy with? Back when his company was doing well, he would coop himself up in the office every day . Now that he has lost his company and Mo Li, he seems to have lost his mental sustenance and idles his life away every day . ”

“Is his wife pregnant?”

Shaking his head, Gu Beicheng answered, “His wife? I don’t think so, I didn’t hear anything from him . ”

“He ruined his happy family just like that . Who else can he blame? He drove Mo Li into a corner back then and she had nowhere to run . Everything is peaceful now, and Mo Li is living well too . ”

Gu Beicheng supported his head with one arm and said with a shrug, “That’s just fate, I guess . Everyone’s destined to have a different life . Some people don’t treasure what they have that others can never achieve no matter how hard they try . One must learn to let go of something if it’s not destined to be theirs . Nothing can be changed no matter how hard they try . That’s why I always say Jin Qingyan is really lucky . ”

“I’m the lucky one . ”

They smiled at each other, and the waiter served the dishes one by one . They picked up their chopsticks and began digging in .

A luxury car pulled up by the roadside, and Henry looked up into the window of the second floor to see that An Xiaoning was inside . However, he could not tell who the man sitting opposite her was because Gu Beicheng was facing away from the window .

He was certain that the man was no ordinary person because he exuded an alluring aura .

Besides, she wouldn’t dine with just anyone .

He felt a strong urge to rush upstairs to take a look . However, he held it back and drove back home instead .

Fan Shixin had been ordering the bodyguards to keep close tabs on Henry’s whereabouts . Upon hearing that he had driven into Wei Ni Estate, Fan Shixin decided to wait at the entrance .

Once he drove through the gate, Fan Shixin stopped his car .

“What are you doing?”

“Young Madam tried to call you but you didn’t answer her calls . She wanted me to tell you that she had gone out for dinner with someone else and that she would be home before nine . ”

“I don’t care what time she gets home,” said Henry, who then wound up the window and drove into the garage .

Why should I care about what time she comes home? Why does she have to inform me?

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