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Published at 6th of May 2019 10:16:32 PM

Chapter 103

Lily was gazing lovingly at Han Ping . She is so immersed with her role that she already believes she truly is Yu Ling and her former self, Lily started to fade away . Han Ping has returned to his former glorious look and would not lose if he stood beside the father and son duo . In fact, he looks as good as them . It was no wonder why Lily is mesmerised by Han Ping plus Han Ping treated her truly well, thinking she was Yu Ling . Soon, they are going to leave this place and reclaim what is rightfully theirs . Han Ping only goal is to see the duos death . He and Yu Ling suffered so long and those two should pay for it .

Crystal was running out of options and money . She narrowly bumped into Heather's men, they were truly combing the streets and was asking around for her . Thankfully, she was disguise as a Muslim lady all covered up from head to toe and a scarf covering her hair and the lower half of her face . She wore flats instead of her usual heels and walked with a little limp . She even wore brown coloured contact lens to hide her black orbs . When she was encountered those thugs, she was sweating profusely inside and was about to make a dash for it but was surprised when they politely asked her if she had seen or encountered her . She spoke some Arabic and made some hand gestures . Her hands were also covered with thin gloves . The men somewhat felt those hands look familiar but once they scanned her from head to toe, the height seems off, the eyes were not the same eyes, this woman eyes had a deep scar across one of her eye . Looking at them scrutinising her, she was afraid her disguise had failed but breath a sigh of relief when they walked away .

As she was about to take her leave, she froze when she saw the two of them coming back towards her . She decided to stay put and continue the act since they didn't appear malicious . It turns out they had forgotten to pass her the bounty poster they had prepared . After they truly left, she patted her furiously beating heart . Damn that was close .

After two weeks being on the run, with her cash running out, she felt cornered, she decided to head out to Lee corporation . She told the receptionist to inform Jason that she is C . Vivien Cheng . The minute Jason heard the name he told the guards to escort her up . They had been waiting for her to arrive for quite some time already .

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She waited in a small windowless room for quite some time before Jason appeared .

"I was told you wanted to meet Derek . What business do you have with him?" Jason asked feigning ignorance on her matters .

"Hahaha . Your petty tricks won't work on me . I came to surrender myself . Where is he?" Crystal replied instead .

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"If you came to surrender why are you behaving all high and mighty . No one owes you anything! You don't get to demand or set out any conditions . Please act like one . " Jason answered icily .

His words caused her to pause for a moment and made her flustered . She calmed herself down and replied, "I am so used to be the one commanding, now that my role had reverse I find it hard to change my demeanour within a few weeks apart . I truly came here for a purpose, I seek refuge and I want revenge . Plus I really need to see him . "

"He doesn't want to see you, he cannot guarantee he'll keep you alive if he saw you . The hurt you had cause the family is too great that no amount of apology could appease them . " Jason said in a matter of fact tone .

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"You misunderstood me . I need to see Tom . One of the reason, I came to surrender, I know you guys are keeping him safe . I'm willing to receive punishment and tortures for all that I have done . I am truly ashamed of myself . " she said as tears started falling from her eyes causing the veil she was wearing to be wet .

Derek called Jade and Chris over to discuss regarding Crystal, now that she is here . He was unmoved by her tears . She could try all she wants and he won't sympathise with her . Jade called April to inform her regarding Crystal's surrender .

Adam could not help but feel gleeful because finally he can avenge the mastermind behind his April's suffering . He was planning to make her suffer equal humiliation . April surprisingly acted real calm, it was hard to read what was going through her mind .

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Once everyone gathered, they discussed what should be done with Crystal . Jason on the other hand continued to interrogate Crystal especially of Heather's future plans especially with regards with Han Ping . Crystal spilled the truth our without any hesitation . She even informed about the actress Lily that was assigned to act as the late Yu Ling . She explained also the reason behind the hatred that Heather have against Jade .

Things started to be clearer after her explanation . Derek was angry when he heard how some lowly actress is parading as his late mother . He needed to inform his father of the information they just obtained . Jade was pondering how to torture the woman who made April suffered .