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Published at 14th of May 2019 02:50:10 PM

Chapter 108

April came to look for Jade the next day, screaming happily that she is getting married . Jade only smiled at her, happy that her sister is so excited . Jade reminisced about her own wedding and couldn't help but smile . Derek had been busy at work these past few days while Father Lee had been accompanying him . Apparently his uncle had been poaching some of the directors, look like his uncle is making his appearance soon . Derek had already warned Father Lee regarding Lily disguised as his mother . Kwi Shan has been busy gathering information on Lily .

Kwi Shan informed that the virus she planted had already started to mess with their enemy's system especially their finance and for now it would take them quite a long time before their enemy could recover, since the enemy had been kept at bay, Lu corporation does not have to worry about another cyber attack . Hence, she can focus on Lily . Lee corporation also managed to contain their cyber attack but that does not mean their company is not attack by other means . Derek is starting to show signs of being worn out .

Thinking about Derek made Jade sigh with worry . She is worried that he is overworking himself, he works till late evening and when he is back, he focused on her solely and when she goes to sleep, he continues with work . She hold him to ignore her and do his work instead but it fell on deaf ears . He would just continue to massage her tired feet and caressed her enlarging womb while talking to the baby . He would also take time off for her pregnancy check up . Latest scans show that their baby most likely will be a boy .

As his wife, she wanted to stand beside him and help out but he treats her like a treasure refusing her to lend a hand . He is worried that her health my get affected and thus endanger her life and their baby boy's life . To him, her well being always comes first . He told her to focus on April's wedding preparations and the arrival of their son . Soon, they will get to meet their son in another three months time . Hence, Derek is anxious to settle everything . If possible he wants to eliminate Heather and his uncle before the arrival of their child . To distract her further, Derek told her to think of a few baby names . Derek understood that Jade is worried about his health but he had been through worse during his training and he understands his body well enough .

Since Derek had made it clear about his wishes, Jade allowed April to drag her along to meet her wedding planner . Having said so, Derek often shares his worries to her and she often offer her point of view and suggestions to him . Jade's heart is at ease by knowing that Derek does not hide anything from her . Jade suggested to April to visit Mama Lu and father's burial site to pay respect before her wedding and ask for blessing . April agreed and they planned to go after meeting up with the wedding planner . April also plans to make her wedding as low key as Jade's and will only release a press statement regarding her wedding . This is as a respect to Mama and old Master Lu . It will be sombre and not too festive . Adam agreed with her suggestions . The ceremony will be among close family and friends .

Both April and Jade busied themselves with the wedding planning . Adam wanted to accompany April but was rejected by April, she told him to focus on work and earn more money for them . She knew he has to pull more weight in the company . Previously, his family had always covered for him . He has to prove himself as well . Plus he had already plan most things without her knowing and now she will take over the planning . For her project, she is assembling her team which can be done from home . She had received approval to work flexihours from the board of management .

They decided to shop for baby things soon after they are done with the wedding planning . Chris brought along Jen to join them for lunch and to pay their respect to Mama and old Master Lu . Adam called to say he will only join to pay his respects as he can't leave for lunch .

Crystal and Tom decided to settle down in Singapore . They got married and Tom got himself a job as a mechanic at one of the automotive workshop . They did not lead the previous lavish life they used to lead but despite the simple life they are happy and contented . They kept to their new appearance and led a low key life .

Heather was frustrated, there were still no news on Crystal . She believes that Crystal is still alive and in hiding . Most probably she already knew the truth . Damn! Who is it that keep ruining her plans? She starts making plans to travel to Beijing, she needs to find Crystal and she wants to end Jade's life once and for all . She even heard that bitch is pregnant and living a good life . There are news also regarding April getting married . Thinking about all these happy events made her feel sour . She should prepare a big gift for them .

She murdered her hacker for being incompetent, instead of getting the Lee and Lu corporation to fall, her finances were targeted and some of her known accounts were emptied . Luckily she had more hidden accounts than known accounts . She wasn't hugely affected but it had caused her a few businesses . All these are making her angrier . Damn these people and their luck . She needs to find a way to enter Beijing with her people without notice . She smiled when she thought of a fool proof plan .