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Chapter 110

The wait for short but it felt like an eternity to Jade . Finally, a voice could be heard from the other end . "Hello . Commander Mak speaking . May I know who is on the line?"

"Jade Lu" she replied shortly .

"My goodness, the Miss Lu? Child genius . It had been some years now . " his strict voice could not hide the amazement in his voice .

"Ah, I didn't think that was my nickname . I came across this medallion and discovered a code on it and I decided to decipher and here I am . May I know why was I given the medallion? and the agent that left he gave me pass code . " She said in a puzzling voice .

"My dear, that man you just talked about is me . All these years, I had been waiting for your call . We at the central of intelligence has established, you can call it an alumni for those heroes that had helped our country . If they call this number, we can give them a chance for recruitment or even helped out in if our heroes landed themselves in a tight situations . By the way, how is your grandmother doing? She is a great woman . "

"My grandmother has already passed away, last two months was her 1 year anniversary . " She said softly . Thinking about it brought back memories how she was so moody on that day and she was an emotional wreck . Derek accompanied her to pay her respect the whole day . Oh, how she loves the man of hers

"My sincere condolences . How can I be of help?" he spoke sincerely .

"How secure is this line?" she asked instead .

Her questions shocked him but replied without any hesitation . "Super safe, even if your line was bugged the conversations would have seem like it ended before the lady gave the secret phase . What is troubling you?"

"My past is back to haunt me and it started from the puzzles that I solved, the spies you captured had a son and daughter . The son died but the daughter became the Head of Russian mafia organisation and wants to destroy me and my family . This kind of thing, how do you deal with it?" she asked .

Memories flooded Commander Mak, true enough the little girl grew . He tried to keep tab on her as he was intrigued by her but because of national duties he wasn't really up to date . Her speech as always appeared weird but straight to the point . Rarely it was flowery or winding .

"I am surprised you managed to dig quite a lot into this matter, it required high level of clearance to pry the file open . Seems like your network is not simple . Anyway, I will investigate personally the lady you mentioned and we will send personnels to keep and eye on you and your family . " He said in a matter of fact voice .

His thoughts wander off to her family, if her grandmother had passed away, who else is family? As far as he remember just few years ago, he received updates that she was still very much estranged from everyone else . His mind then remembered a peculiar incident of one of his colleague who served together on that particular mission was found slained and tortured . The culprit was still unknown . Could it be related to this matter?

"My sister is getting married in two weeks . I am afraid that something might occur on that day . I think I don't need to leave my number as you people would be able to investigate . Goodbye then . " Without waiting for a reply, she ended the call . Her mind was actively thinking regarding the situation, the help offered by them won't be so bad after all, Derek can bring more of his people with him, the least she could do to help him . His mind would at least be at ease a little .

Commander Mak was left in a daze even after the conversation has ended and the telephone let out a tone demanded to be put down back to its receiver . Sister? Meaning she had already reconciled with her family . If it is like that, then it's great . He quickly called his subordinates to do an investigation on the Russian spies daughter . He went to his desk and started to dig through the mountain of files on his table and smiled triumphantly when he found what he was looking for . Fate is really something not to be triffled . Only that day, he was thinking of the little girl he had his encounter with and because of her, he is where he is at today, she played a role in his promotion indirectly . He told his people to get information on her just to keep himself updated but he did not have the time to browse through the file handed to him .

Married? Pregnant? Derek Lee? The brat that came for training? Such a small world . No wonder the brat wanted to go Russia on a whim . He smiled at her achievements like he was a proud father . She certainly left an impression on him . It seems he need to strategised with that brat and the brat's old man regarding security for the lass . No mistakes are allowed . It seems he is going to be extra busy these coming days but he is full of energy . He is planning to attend her gallery opening tonight . No wonder few months back that old Master Lee asked for some highly classified clearance, must be for the lass . He was out of the country at that time for a mission . Now everything is crystal clear .