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Chapter 112

Derek only noticed the pair of eyes staring at him and Jade after a minute and was surprised to see the man . Is he going to drag me back to the training grounds? No way, I need to go to Russia to settle things . I refused to go . As he was contemplating he failed to notice that his wife was walking towards the man in question .

His father nudged him back to his senses, then only he realised that his wife might be acquainted with the man . The way they are conversing does not seem of two strangers meeting for the first time . He could see twinkling in the man's eyes when he is talking to Jade . Damn, now he has to even fend off this old man . Just great .

"I didn't expect you would recognise me immediately . Congratulations on your marriage . " Commander Mak said as he took her hands but before he could fully grasp it, Jade's hands were snatched away by Father Lee and Derek .

"Hahaha . Old comrade and young man, relax . This man is not some random man that prey on the young . This young lass here, truly reminds me of a daughter I wished I had . " Commander Mak raised his hands in surrender to the two men glaring daggers at him .

"She is my daughter in law . Get another one . "

"With no disrespect to the two elders, she is mine" Derek and Father Lee said simultaneously .

Derek wrapped his big arms around her shoulder enveloping her while being into him . Jade could not help but let out a loud laugh surprising everyone, that a guest even dropped his champagne glass . The crowd gasped in surprised who knew that the ice queen had such melodious laughter . No wonder the Prince is smitten .

"Enough the three of you, you guys are embarrassing yourself and me, come follow me to the conference room . " she said as she signaled to Mike, Derek's hidden guard but had been trained by Jade to be her assistant after she discovered he had a knack of art and management by a chance to take over the ceremony .

The three men could only follow obediently without a word . Commander Mak now understood why Derek was behaving that way earlier . Jade has this spell that people can't help but to obey her words . They arrived to the conference room designed by her and Derek . Derek concentrated on the security aspect while she concentrate on the aesthetic and functionality aspects . The glass of the room is bullet proof and is bug proof as well . To enter, one must place their palm on the sensor and retina scanned as well . With a press of a button, it leads to a bomb shelter and underground tunnel for exit in case of emergency . It is fireproof . These additional features are not included in the blueprint of the building . Commander Mak was impressed with the room .

Jade explained to Father Lee and Derek regarding how she met Comm . Mak years ago to the discovery of code on the medallion . Derek informed Jade that he was trained by the man himself during his 6 months training .

"Is this how you greet your teacher by being jealous?" Comm . Mak purposely trying to pull Derek's leg .

"I am sorry teacher, my wife is always comes first . She is such a great lady that I have to make sure that she stays mine . "Derek shamelessly declared .

"If the men at the training grounds were to witness this they would definitely say the you now is an impostor . " Comm . Mak said .

Derek just sheepishly grin at him . "By the way, I heard you are making plans to go Russia, we had detained a few Russian men trying to get in but the blew themselves up in custody . Now we are smarter, we issued a statement to the Russian government stating any suspicious activities by any Russian trying to get into our country illegally, we will shoot in the spot and they have given us the green light to do so . We have claimed from them a huge amount of money to compensate for our men and infrastructure damages . Hence, the green light from them . " informed Comm . Mak .

The trio discussed further regarding the situation in Russia . The Russian government has also given them the authority to wipe out Heather and her gang as they had always caused trouble and it is good that someone is willing to do some cleaning up for them .

They then parted their ways . The next two days were busy days for the couple . Derek and his preparations to leave, while Jade was busy practicing to ensure that her performance would be at par with the conductor from Royal Orchestra who would also be making a guest appearance . Such huge pressure on her tiny shoulders . She did not want to embarrass herself and the country . She tried no to think about Derek leaving . Being apart from him nearly tore her apart the last time and now he is leaving again .

Thinking about it made her chest felt constricted and tightened . She calmed herself down and started concentrating on her self written piece . Derek settled all his preparations and managed to come home in time to give her his support . She buried her face in her favourite spot on his chest and released all her worries for tonight as well as the upcoming day, their separation day . He held her till she was relaxed and satisfied . He patted her head and played with her hair the way he likes it .

Reluctantly, they parted to get dressed for the event . The night also passed on by without a hitch . Jade received standing ovation and William, the conductor from Royal Orchestra London, even walked up to her and praised her .