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Chapter 122

*mature content ahead

The internet exploded once more . Raped victims started to speak up about their experiences and how some of them weren't as lucky to have good family support . Some was even out casted, no **** victim wanted to be **** and violated . They were forced upon and yet they were the ones stigmatised and chastise . Some of the rapist did not even get punished . They idolised April and wants to be just like her, strong willed and successful . She even managed to snag one of the most prized bachelor and she even set him straight and right .

People wanted April to be spokesperson for **** victim and they even want her to start a support group to help **** victim . In a blink of an eye, April and Adam overturned the situation to their advantage . Adam's workers and clients, stood up for him praising his work ethics . April's ideas and contributions to the company was publicize as well . The clip from the video of April's proposal post **** was circulated on the Internet increasing people's respect towards her .

Heather watched everything unfold before her eyes and she wanted to dig her eyes out . Why? Why? Why are these people so resilient? Why do they always come out on top? She could not contain her anger and started shooting randomly, her men dodged in fear and some unlucky ones were injured by the flying blind bullets .

Her beautiful face was contorted to an ugly expression, she gritted her teeth in anger . Damn, damn, damn, she was hoping for them to blackout the whole city so that she can infiltrate her men in . These people did not even bite the bait, she grabbed her male servant who happened to walk by her and she pressed his face onto the floor and digged her stiletto into his cheek . She was only satisfied when she heard a piercing cry from him . Then only she let him go, she signalled her men to dispose of him as his face is already ruin . She has no use for ugly man .

Her head felt heavy, there is just way too many things going on . She ran her fingers through her hair in frustration . Since the wedding had already taken place her plans for Lee Han Ping to murder Father Lee in cold blooded style has to be postponed to some other day . Once Lee Han Ping has fulfilled his role, she would dispose of him as well . Her fingers tapped across her arm chair calculating things in her head . For now, she had managed to suppress the unrest in her clan . Her next step is to stabilise her position further and she needs to prove to them that she is capable to bring their clan to a greater height .

She wants to infiltrate Beijing badly as part of her plans .

It is so frustrating that those people did not take the bait, now she have to think of other way . Tapping her fingers faster, something in her mind suddenly clicked and she snapped her fingers, she will use Lee Han Ping's name to establish a shipping company for importing and exporting . She will then smuggle in her men and weapons . It should be done by three weeks latest .

Adam and April were relieved by the response they received and were pretty happy with the outcome . With all that is happening, they decided to postpone their honeymoon . Adam carried April bridal style to the car and left for their home . He bought a property by the sea, Victorian Style home with a great view . April was pleasantly surprised and hooked her arms around the man that gave her a new life .

"Adam, thank you . This is real happiness and I only get to taste it after I met you . Before you, my life on the surface seems perfect but in actual fact it was empty . Now, I have a caring husband and a lovely family . I wish to grow old with you and lead an honest, happy and contented life with you for the rest of my life . " She spoke as tears trickled down her cheek .

"To the most beautiful woman, my wife, being with you is all I ever wanted from the moment I saw you . Thank you for willing to be with me and I'm happy you do not regret your decision . I promise you I'll be a good husband and father to our children . I will not stray or betray us . I love you with all my heart . " Adam said as he stroke her cheek lovingly, wiping away her tears of happiness .

He leaned in and kissed her fluttering eyelashes . A blush crept up her cheeks, despite being intimate a few times with him, she felt shy . Her reaction excites him further and he carried her by supporting her buttocks and she instinctively wrapped her long legs around his waist . She could feel his hardened member poking at her down there . He carried her while kissing her neck passionately . She moaned loudly not caring about anything . He managed to carry her all the way to their bedroom filled with millions of rose petal .

He placed her gently on the bed and started to undress her one by one while feasting on her voluptuous body with his lusting eyes . His mouth were busy pleasing her . Soon she lied naked on the bed, she tried to cover her upper and lower region but he stopped her and told her he wanted to see her this way . He whispered words of adoration, love and even talk dirty .

"I want to play with you till you are soaking wet, let me look at your beautiful body, let me taste every inch of it and let me pleasure you . " he said .

He kneaded her breast, twirled her nipple, lick and suck the hardened bud . She whimpered wantonly to his advances . While one hand was giving sweet pleasure to her breast, the other was busy exploring her nectar cave . By the time he was done, she was soaking wet and she was so embarrassed by it but Adam was so delighted . He started licking the sweet fluid from her vagina causing her to twist in pleasure discharging more fluids for him to swallow and enjoy .

She kept begging him to enter but he ignored her, she wanted to pout angrily but the things he is doing and the way her body is reacting she is unable to resist . Finally, satisfied with his masterpiece, all the hickeys he left on her body, leaving his marks on her, he plunged deep into her, taking them to a greater height of ecstasy . He release his seeds into her the same time she achieved her orgasm . They collapsed into each others embrace .