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Chapter 133

Just like in the movie, the hero always enter with a bang, and that is just how Derek made his entrance . Heather stared at the intruder and could not contain her rage any longer . "You!!!! You and your trash wife!!!! The cause of my misery!!!! You!!!! You ruin my life, my plans, my, everything!!! I lost everything!!!"

Derek shot at her hand that was holding a gun without replying her . The gun she was holding dropped on the floor, she ignored the pain and tried to pick up the gun and Derek's men threw a pebble at the gun and the gun slides away from her towards Derek and team . Derek then shot at her foot, rendering it unable to walk or run, and then he aim at the other foot . His face showed no emotions whatsoever and he kept his silence . Heather's men retreated slowly and they all dropped their weapon to show that they won't retaliate against Derek's men . They were surrounded and outnumbered plus the damn good looking guy is just too scary . His murderous aura is just too terrifying .

Heather knew her time was up and she was going to die . Ha ha ha, she laughed bitterly . All these years, all because of the bitch, she lost her parents and then she lost her innocence and her brother, now she lost all her power and influence, thanks to the bitch and her husband . She did not believe in God because he gave her nothing but pain!

"Aren't you going to say a word, macho guy? Let me tell you something, I have prepared a present for your wife and father courtesy of your uncle . Come closer, I'll tell you the surprise I prepared for them, help me take my phone out of my pocket to call my subordinate . " Heather said as she tried to lure Derek near her .

Derek signalled one of his men to get to Heather's phone . Heather was disappointed that Derek did not come closer as she wanted but she will not give up . She gave instruction to dial Al Paci number . She spoke good Chinese, she learnt the language when Crystal caught her eye .

Baddum, dum, baddum, dum, baddum, dum . The sound of Derek's heartbeat, but he kept a cool external appearance . He had not receive any updates yet from Jade and his father . He knew his uncle went to meet up with the two of them . Dear God, please, please let the two of them be alright, I promise I'll do more righteous deeds, I'll do more charity work, I'll donate a land for religious purpose, make it 10 lands, please, please, I just want them to be alive and fine .

"You are quite cold, you don't look worry, my present is quite huge, the impact is great as well, 10x stronger than what you experienced . " Heather continue to taunt Derek while the dial tone was ringing awaiting for the other end to pick the phone up .

"Boss, done! The old fool, he was hesitating, luckily, we bugged him and I could listen in to their discussion, I knew that old fool would not go through with the plan, I detonated for him instead, the old fool did not know that I had a detonator as well . Hahaha . I want to get out of this hell whole, the whole place was destroyed, will update you on the body counts and victim identification later . Boss? Boss? Are you still there? Why are you so quiet?" Al Paci deep voice could be heard . He spoke in Russian .

Derek's heart skipped a beat, he maintained his outward appearance but inside he was still praying that Jade and his father made it out alive, 100x stronger than his previous encounter . Damn! Trust them, trust them, trust them . He kept chanting those words like a mantra to keep his cold facade .

"You need me to ask him to speak in Chinese?" Heather looked at Derek when she asked him . He still had the same look he had when he entered . She was afraid he did not understand because of the language, hence she asked .

"No need, my boss can speak fluent Russian . " One of Derek's men replied . His boss should not bother or waste his energy on people like Heather .

Heather decided to ignore them and spoke to Al Paci, "Good work! I have business to attend, just give me an update once they have done scouring the place . Make sure every nook and corner is not missed and I want the body of that pregnant lady!"

Derek could no longer contain his anger anymore, he took large strides towards her . Heather was excited when she saw him nearing, yes . . . come closer, closer, a little more, I'll let you taste death, I will take everyone together .

Jade no longer felt she was leaking, her baby was actively kicking as per usual . Suddenly, the kick became very anxious like . Jade had a bad feeling . She suddenly remembered she had not updated Derek's team ground team of their situation . How she and Father Lee managed to stay alive and are on the way to hospital . Her baby kicked urgently, she placated her baby and spoke to him, "Be at ease, now, now, behave, mummy is going to inform your daddy's team, we are alright so that daddy won't worry . " Only then he relaxed and allowed her to make her phone call .

She got through at the first ring, and she updated them of the situation, then informed her that Derek is successful as well, he is already above ground and should be able to receive call .

Back in Russia, Derek was getting closer to Heather, his heart was in a mess, as he was about to take another step much to Heather's delight, he heard a shout, "Boss! It's Madam . She is going to call you soon . "

Heather's face froze and at that moment, nothing else matter, she knew Derek won't take another step closer, even though he won't be close enough to die, but he is at a range enough for bodily harm and damage . Without any hesitation, she pushed a delicate switch in between her teeth using her tongue to detonate the bomb implanted in her molar tooth . All Alex's men and women were installed with this self blowing up bomb . Hers was an earlier version, not as powerful as the current ones her subordinate has, hers has smaller range and less power, that was why she was so keen on getting him near, as near as possible .

Derek noticed the change in Heather's face, but he realised a little too late, he quickly made a jump and shouted at his men at the same time, "RUN!!!!!!!! SHE IS BLOWING HERSELF UP!!!!!!!!!" The things that went through his mind was, she is alive and I need to keep my promise, I need to stay alive! If I die, I want you to know I did my best to stay alive . Forgive me darling, if I don't make it . I love you . The short time we spent together was the happiest of my life, something I did not expect to enjoy after mother's death .