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Chapter 134

As Jade was waiting for Derek to answer her call, she became anxious, her baby in her womb that initially was calm became anxious as well and started to kick more .

Beep . The number that you have dial, cannot be connected at the moment . Lub dub Lub dub Lub dub Lub dub Lub dub . . . . The sound of her heart beating at 120 beats per minutes . His team just informed that she could call him directly why can't she get through him? Did something happen?

She gave the ground team a call again, beep beep beep beep beep . . . The sound of the dial tone against her ear . It felt like someone beating a beat against her ear drum directly, even though it had only rang for one second, it felt like it had been ringing for eternity . Come on, pick up, pick up the phone, pick it up!!! Father Lee sensed the tense atmosphere but decided not to ask, he guessed it must be concerning Derek or else why would Jade be so flustered . The only person can affect her calm demeanour is that brat . Yu Ling, please protect our dear son . I haven't told him enough yet how much he meant to me, us . At first, during the blast, my first concern was Jade's safety and it didn't matter if I died but then I realised I need to stay alive, our son, our daughter in law, and future grandchild needed me . That child Feng, sacrificed his life for mine . Heavens gave me a second chance to make up all the time I have wasted with our son thanks to Feng, the guard .

"Madam! Something happened, Heather blew up herself, Master . . . He . . . He . . . Got caught in the blast zone . . . He is in critical condition, we managed to drag him out but it doesn't look good . He bled quite a lot . We are on the way to the hospital right now . We . . You should punish us for our incomp . . . . "

Jade could not process his words further and the phone she held fell to the floor . Thud!!! Her heart aches so badly . She started to sob uncontrably . "I want to go to Russia, Derek . . . He . . He . . . " she did not want to finish her sentence . Father Lee picked up the phone and spoke to the guard on the line to understand the situation, while his other arm, brought Jade close to him and allow her to cry . Poor child, she had been keeping it all in . He patted her to comfort her . Father will arrange everything for you, you have been exhausting yourself for weeks now, ever since Derek left .

Father Lee knew Jade wanted to be where Derek is regardless or the outcome . Yu Ling, I know you are watching over us, please watch over our boy . Please let him be safe . I love you, Yu Ling .

He quickly called Commander Mak to make immediate arrangements for Jade to go to the military hospital in Russia . Flying clearance, entry pass, and etc to be handled by him . He updated the Lu siblings, April volunteered to accompany Jade . He also called Dr Sin rather than Dr Angela because he knows Jade has more rapport with the older man than the younger female doctor to accompany her throughout the journey as her personal doctor . The jet is equipped with medical equipment, Dr Sin presence is only required, he did not need to bring anything . Commander Mak also had to make arrangements for Dr Sin and April .

Jade was so exhausted that she fell asleep, Father Lee's scent reminded her of Derek . However, her sleep wasn't peaceful, in her dream, she and Derek were separated in a deep dark forest, she kept calling out his name and all that greeted her was silent . She searched and searched for him till her body was bruised and scratched all over from tripping over tree roots, her clothes were tattered and her appearance was unkempt . The dream was on replay, she tried to wake up but was unable and she had to go through dream over and over again, to a point she felt mentally exhausted .

April arrived promptly, and was startled by Father Lee's injury . "Uncle, I'll take over now, you go have your injuries look at and treat it promptly . Thank you for your care, uncle . Adam sent his regards, at the moment he is out of town on a business trip . Chris wanted to tag along but currently, he is closing a deal with some Americans for a collaboration . " April explained trying to lighten the gloomy atmosphere .

"Good child, I'll leave her in your hands, once my injuries are treated, I will make my way there as well . Take care of yourself too, you are carrying two babies . I hope pregnancy has been kind to you . " he said as he walked away without waiting for a reply .

Commander Mak came over with the documents and will be accompanying them as well . The moment Dr Sin arrived, he was ushered in and they were good to go and took off right away . Dr Sin wasted no time to check on Jade . April was afraid that Jade is having a fever because she has a pained facial expression . Dr Sin informed that Jade has no fever, most likely, she is experiencing a nightmare . He scan the baby and the baby appeared fine . Despite, Jade's water broke, the amniotic fluid appeared adequate and most importantly, Jade is not in labour, hence, they need to take the wait and see approach .