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Chapter 14

They felt reluctant in their heart to withdraw their hands but in the end, Jade was the first to make a move . "By the way, I don't need a photographic memory to remember your phone number . Even a kindie kid can memorized it . " She said with such a straight face that Derek felt she was adorable . Ah, this is what the article meant by emotional detached and socially awkward . Despite knowing she has Asperger's, he is not deter to get to know her because he likes her honesty and bluntness .

Derek already signalled his hidden guard just now when he saw the flash . They have already apprehended the reporter and was waiting for Derek to appear . Derek was very annoyed that his time with Jade was cut short . He had this vicious and blood thirsty look when he arrived . The reporter couldn't help but trembled in fear . "I am taking this and this is my compensation for you . If you dare breathe a word about this, just wait for your demise . " With that he took the camera from the reporter's hand and the ID tag around his neck, removed the SD card, reset the camera to factory settings, handed back the camera to the reporter and left .

Back at the office, Derek went through the SD card and found that Gus, the reporter actually had taken good quality pictures of Jade and seeing the picture of them holding hands send some tingling sensations all over his body and felt the constrictions surrounding his heart loosened by a notch . He sent the pictures of her as well as of them to his phone . He made the one of them together as his phone wallpaper and was satisfied with what he saw .

Jess was sighing out loud when she looked at the mountain of files in front of her thanks to that heartless Jason . Nearly every hour he will appear with more files . He is doing it on purpose, hah, I was just too innocent to think he is a gentleman to let her outburst this morning slide . The sound of his footsteps is enough to infuriate her . This is the first time, she required to do 20 calming exercises to calm her nerves and it is not even noon yet . Such bad luck for her to come in contact with such an annoying guy and even worse she works under him . She sobbed in her heart and was so absorbed in self pity that she didn't realise Jason standing in front of her . He knocked her head to get her attention .

"You day dream a lot . How did you manage to land this job?" He was laughing so hard inside when he saw her taking multiple breaths trying to calm herself down . "I was asking myself if I offended you in anyway in my past life that I need to pay in this lifetime . " "Oh, You think so too?" He asked devilishly . She groaned and softly banged her head against her desk . I can't communicate properly with this guy . "Come on, stop your childish behaviour . I'll buy you lunch . If you look closely at those files, each of it has already been organised with notes and expected date of completion is clearly stated as well . I am not a qualified heartless rogue . I am slightly better than that . "

She quickly reached out to one of the files and realised he was telling the truth . He is actually very meticulous . The files were arranged in proper order despite the haphazard manner he used to give it to her . "I promised you, this is the last file for the week . " He took out a file that he hid behind him like a trump card . She snatched it from him and whacked him lightly with it . She felt liberated after she did that . All her frustration and anger dissipated and she finally let out a smile, her first smile today . He could not hold in his laughter anymore and burst out laughing . The corner of his eyes crinkle, and his laughter was light laced with amusement written all over his face . His laughter was contagious that she loosened up her stiff personality and could not help be amused with the situation . "Let's go . I'll show you around the building, get your ID printed and your iris scanned after lunch . " Then they left for lunch in a light atmosphere .

Jade returned to the mourning hall after sending Derek out . Her parents and April was waiting for her anxiously . Jade could clearly see that April has taken an interest in Derek . Her parents had already found out the identity of Derek after asking around . It was understandable that Master Lu doesn't know Derek because he was such an elusive figure who hated being photographed and appearing in the headlines plus their business empire doesn't cross paths .

"You know how to reappear after embarrassing your parents?" "Mother, don't blame sister for being unreasonable, she must really taken a liking towards Mr Lee that she acts that way" April pretended to defend Jade . "Hah, she must think highly of herself then, does she think Mr Lee is really interested in her?" Her mother's voice went a notch higher . Such unpleasant voice to begin with when it goes a notch higher it becomes unbearable . Jade did not acknowledge their conversation, as if it has nothing to do with her . She went straight to Mama Lu's coffin and kneeled down . "Mama, the guardian angel you sent is really handsome . His cold hands when touched my cold hands, somehow my hands became warm . Usually I dislike touches and it took me years to adjust to yours but somehow, I liked his touch . I still remember his warm chest . I feel really comfortable and when in his arms I can feel your presence, looking out for me . Mama, I really miss you . I wished I could play my iPod here so that I can drown those tiresome voices but that would make me look bad . Sigh . " she whispered softly . Her mother was lost for words when Jade audaciously ignored her and April . She felt she is left with no face . Even that brat, Derek Lee ignored her . It is unlikely for Derek to not recognise Master Lu as Master Lu and Madam Lu have always appeared in magazines to show off their assets and wealth despite not contributing much to the company . They are a shameless couple with poor insight . In reality, not many people like to associate with them . Most of the upper society find them loud and lacking finesse .

So the rumours are true regarding Jade bad relationship with her family members . People started whispering and gossiping about what they have heard and seen . The ones that came later to pay respect were updated as well . Derek Lee the demon prince came to pay respect because Jade is special but this shameless couple is saying otherwise . They have witnessed the genuine look of grief on Jade's face compared to the act that her family put on show . They also noticed a little peculiarities in Jade's expression and behaviour but did not think too much about it . They heard she has some behaviour issues, some syndrome since she was a baby that led to her being estranged from her family with the exception of Matriach Lu who dotes on her .