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Published at 6th of May 2019 10:18:19 PM

Chapter 22

He missed his flight because of his morning exercise with Jade but he was not disappointed . He was very well aware that he would miss his flight but how could he leave her immediately after the deed . It would appear as if he is uncaring and unfeeling, as if she was a mere object . Hence, he rather sacrificed being mock by his father and Jason than allow Jade to misunderstand his intentions . He called up Jason to prepare his private jet to fly to City Q . "Dude, are you alright? Yesterday, I had a heart attack when you told me you were taking a day off and now you, the ever punctual Derek, missed your flight? Are you kidding me? The meeting is at 1 pm . If you take the private jet now, there will be not much time for you to even breathe by the time you arrive there . . . " Derek cut him off "If you don't shut up and cease the nagging, I won't be able to make it to the meeting and it will be on your head" and he just hang up . "Hello . . hello . . . shit did he just hang up on me . Damn . Why do I have such friend?"Jason complained to himself . Within 5 minutes, Derek was already up in the air and on the way to City Q . Derek wasn't able to focus about the upcoming meeting, instead in his head, he was planning a proposal . He suddenly had an inspiration and decided to sketch a set of wedding bands .

He knew she was a minimalist hence, his design was simple yet elegant . Her wedding band would be made of 24 k gold, Embedded with 9 diamond stones above an intricate fine braid design covering the top half diameter of the band . His ring would be made of titanium and will have the same intricate braid design on her ring but will be carved instead and the carvings will be below an embedded square diamond that will be placed right in the center . At one look, it appears it is two ring without connection but if one were to scrutinize the rings, it is actually a pair . He snap a picture of his sketches and sent to Ronald Winston to get it made under the Harry Winston brand . He will arrange a candlelight dinner at her place and he need to learn how to play a music instrument so that he can sing a song to her . He texted Jason to search for the best music teacher and arrange an appointment for him to learn a musical instrument once he is back . "Dang, something is definitely happening or his brain has fried" Jason muttered to himself after receiving Derek's text

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April was on the way to City Q as well, she managed to get a seat next to Derek but that man is nowhere to be seen . Did I get the wrong intel? April begun to doubt the information she received . She spent a big sum of money to be here . Why is her luck so bad? She wondered . She slumped lifelessly in her seat . She suddenly shivered feeling cold because of her skimpy outfit . The handsome air steward that was eyeing her ever since she had boarded the plane quickly came to her side and offered her a blanket . He purposely brushed against the side of her breast when he helped tuck her in . He leaned closed to her when he saw she was about to say something leaving his hot breath onto her face . April pretended to blush shyly and thanked him for the blanket . Her heart was racing seeing his handsome face upclose but his beauty was not even a quarter of Derek's looks . April has always been a lustful person and she would never say no to good looking guys who offered their bodies to her and this air steward is no exception . She winked at him before he walked away .

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At Lu corporation, Jade started her first day as the C . E . O of Lu corps . Her secretary, Aileen filled her in with upcoming events, meetings, and appointments . Aileen abruptly paused and appears hesitant to speak . "Speak . " "Young Master Lu request an audience" Aileen blurted out . Aileen was feeling a little guilty . Last night she was at a bar with her boyfriend thinking he was going to propose to her, her boyfriend of 7 years but instead, he introduced her to another woman instead and apologize profusely . That woman was pregnant with his child . Her eyes began to tear up, thinking about last night . Somehow, she ended up drunk and she did not know how she ended up in bed with Young Master Lu! The virginity she had been keeping all this years for the one . Gone . . all gone . . Just like that . Young Master claimed he was seduced by her and even had a video to proof it . She was so ashamed and she was threatened to help him get an appointment for Jade to see him if she did not want her reputation to be ruin as a woman lacking morale climbing her way up society with her body . Her breathing quickened and oh, how she wanted to just cry her eyes out .

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Jade noticed the myriad of emotions going through her little assistant face . Interesting . Had Aileen been compromised? Was she threatened? It's okay, better to keep the enemy closer than friends . Jade made a mental note to get someone to investigate . "Ok . tell him to come and see me at 11am . You looked poor in health, do you need a break or off for the rest of the day?" Jade's questions echoed in Aileen's brain before finally the echo stopped and then only she could processed the question in her mind . Aileen only started working last year, her contact with Jade had been very minimal as Jade did not interact much and always gave off a do not come near vibe . She was dreading to work under Jade and who knew things like last night happened and now her so called heartless boss noticed her distress? Aileen now feels guilty and was thinking if she should be truthful but she feared the consequences, what if Jade did not believe her? In the end, she let slipped that chance to come clean in front of Jade, and little did she know was the beginning to her self destruction .

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"Mm, just a little headache for drinking too much" She decided to give half the truth . "Rest then, you come back only tomorrow morning . " Such a pity, she did not take the opportunity to come clean . Jade sneered while twirling the glass in her hand . Aileen felt her whole being trembled when she saw Jade's expression frosted . She left Jade's office hurriedly . "Little brother, what are you up to?" Jade was in deep thoughts, she felt the turmoil in Aileen might have something to do with Chris but she did not know what . Jade picked up her phone and called Sarah Mo to report duty . Sarah Mo had been working alongside with her for the past 5 years and one of those she could respect and tolerate . Their relationship never crossed the line of a colleague . Matriach Lu also trusted Sarah Mo a lot . Mostly, Sarah works in the shadow . Since, today she lacked an assistant, might as well get Sarah to fill Aileen's position for today . After the phone call, she looked at her phone's wallpaper, suddenly, a wave of heat came over her body, it felt hot everywhere just thinking of this morning . She hissed and cursed the man . Did I become perverted? Her thoughts drifted to Derek's proposal, she can't help but to look forward to him giving her a ring and knew that she'd never die alone and that thought gave her a new outlook in life and hope .