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Chapter 31

Master Lu was in ecstasy and felt in control for the first time after so many years . He just followed his desire and only stopped when the sun had already risen . Madam Lu also did not sleep a wink, she was worried because in their many years of marriage he had never left home angrily and did not return the night . She had a bad feeling that he had spent the night with some foxy lady . She admits her short comings, she should have assessed his mood first before drowning him with her complains . They haven't been intimate for few days already which was unusual for them because Master Lu's energy had always been in abundance . They can't seem to get the mood going because she was focused on April's wailing and sobbing state .

Master Lu did not report to work when Madam Lu called his office . She became more convinced he had slept in the arms of another woman . Immersed with her own issues, she could not care about anyone else not even April . April feeling neglected, finally exited her room to find her mother in tears . "You don't have to cry for me mother . I have come to my senses . I have decided not to give up yet . " April appears very spirited, despite hiding in her room for two days, she did not appear haggard at all . Madam Lu feeling wronged because she had been so worry about her daughter she had aged by 5 years and now her marriage may be on the rock . "Your father might have spent the night with another woman last night . Wu Wu Wu . . . . " "it's not possible, Dad would not!" April cried in disbelief . Both of them started wailing and consoled each other .

Master Lu only returned home to take a change of clothes and left in a hurry again . Crystal was waiting for him, he don't want to make her wait . Crystal excites him and caused him to reminisce his younger days when he was in his prime, before he got tied down . She is good with her mouth and her vagina is super tight that it heightened his sexual satisfaction . He ignored the scenes of the women crying mindlessly and justified his actions that he needed an escape to all this madness . He said casually to Madam Lu that he is going on a trip and won't be back a few days . He is indeed not telling any lies . He planned to bring Crystal to the countryside and enjoy a few raunchy, uninhibited and unrestrained sex . He had a gleeful look as he left . Madam Lu wailed even louder after he left . April was at lost and decided she need to head out, the air in the house is too depressing .

She strolled aimlessly around the mall and wasn't really paying any attention to where she was going and bumped into a hard chest . She looked up and was surprised to see a familiar face yet she could not recall where she me him . "I am sad that it seems this beautiful lady does not seem to recall where she had met me . " "Give me one moment . . I know you . You are the steward . I am pretty sure . " It's an honour you remember me . Name is Adam by the way . " "April . " They shook hand, Adam exchanged numbers with her as he had another appointment to attend . It must be fate trying to bring us together because this is the third time we met coincidentally . Adam had always been a playboy, somehow after meeting April, he kept comparing the others to her and that made him lost interest .

He decided to let destiny determine their fates . April just placed Adam casually at the back of her head, she is not interested in having a long term relationship with an air steward . He may be good looking and handsome but he is not rich . She can't lower herself to that . She did not know that Adam is the heir to a perfume conglomerate but because his interest has always been flying he took up the job of an air steward as the plus side is hooking up with beautiful ladies . He promised his father he will return to the company after 10 years of fooling around . He has another 2 years to have fun before he becomes a prisoner in the business world . No one knows his second identity . Plus he knew, if he were to reveal his true identity people will be flocking around him for benefits .

Jade was buried under a mountain of documents, she felt lifeless and life seems mundane . She can't help drifting her thoughts to Derek . He has been occupying her state of mind 24/7 that she has to push him aside to get work done . She had been crossing the dates on the calendar waiting for his day of return . Sometimes she stared at the calendar too many times and only to realised she had already cross today's date and she would sigh . She grumbled grumpily about a particular thief that had stole her heart without her consent . Darn that sneaky thief .

Her assistant, Aileen had been back at work, she appears focus and undisturbed . Jade concluded that Chris had been busy, therefore hadn't had the time to bother Aileen . She decided to continue keeping an eye of this assistant of hers .

Derek was also feeling down because he misses Jade badly, he can't sleep well at night, lately his PTSD had been acting up a lot . He had the same flashbacks over and over again, of his mother talking . He had an impression that she was talking to someone she knew . She was begging that person to let him go . He didn't remember much the event and was keen to forget whatever left over memories he had . Last night dream was the most terrifying, the man that always had his back facing them turned around and it was his uncle . He wanted to talk to his father about this, this morning but his father went for some stress test and echo .

He made a mental note to ask the doctors if it is alright to discuss such stressful incident that happened the past with his father's current condition . Their relationship had improved slightly . They are no longer converse to each other like strangers but interacted with more ease .