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Chapter 4

While Matriach Lu was having flashbacks, Jade Lu was also reminiscing the past . She went back to the day she first met Mama Lu . The sound of the cane against the marble floor was deafening but somehow it brought comfort . The situation was like a balloon popping and what followed would be a brief period of silence . Jade was thankful for that sound because she could get a moment of silence but she did not expect that the silence would last . She noticed the bunch of annoying people were leaving her nursery out of the corner of her eyes . She could sense the powerful lady who stood proud with a straight back in white long length cheongsam . The old lady was no towering giant, she was actually quite petite, but her grim facial expression and the aura she emanating from her was a complete opposite . Jade could hear the door close but she knew a pair of eyes were still on her back but she decided to ignore and play the rubik's cube instead .

She was so engrossed in it that she wasn't aware that the old lady had re-enter the room and was standing at close proximity with her . Only when she was done with her rubik's cube she could sense the old lady's scent . She could sense the old lady was amazed with her and there was no malice, contempt, nor disgust . Hence, she decided to look up and the instance their eyes met she felt a connection that she could not explain . The old lady then reached out while she just sat there without moving a single muscle, not even blinking .

She observed the old lady every moves . As the old lady hands was about to touch Jade's forehead, she abruptly withdrew her hands that were still in the air and cleared her throat . Her next move surprised Jade . She sat down right in front of her . "Hi I am your grandma . I am not good with children to be honest" she let out a nervous laugh as she spoke . Jade could sense Matriarch Lu nerves and appreciate that she was frank . "Dealing with shark in human forms is not as nerve racking as this" she heard Matriarch Lu whispered under her breath but Jade has a keen sense of hearing and smell . That sentence tickled Jade's heart and unknown to her, her lips formed a smile and caught Matriach Lu by surprised . "You can hear that? You even understood . Oh my . You are one interesting child . Alright, since it's like this, first, can I touch you to wipe the blood off your forehead and apply ointment on it? You are a beautiful girl and you wouldn't want to leave a scar on that pretty forehead of yours . " Matriach Lu nerves seems to calm down after discovering her granddaughter is most likely a genius .

Jade only nodded in agreement . The next thing she knew, she was already following Mama Lu home . She did not express any emotions throughout as if the move was a natural thing . Once arrived at Matriarch Lu's manor, she settled herself in one of the smaller room which is not exactly small . The room she chose was in sombre colours in shades of grey . She soon fell into a routine which Mama Lu definitely approved of . Mama Lu hired one nanny, a few private tutors and a psychologist to help her . Mama Lu also brought Jade to see a development paediatrician to confirm her suspicions in regards to Jade diagnosis . Jade was a very easy child to deal with as long as the person took the time to explain the need of change to her usual routine she would comply with their request .

Mama Lu already instructed the tutors and the nanny that Jade is special and needs to be treated as an adult who is capable of giving consent . Mama Lu also gifted Jade an iPod that has sounds of the oceans and some classical music that she can listen to when they made their trips out of the manor so that it drown those external noises that agitate her . Mama Lu played a huge role in Jade's growth .

Jade refused to speak despite able to understand and could converse in 12 different languages . It was an incident that involved Mama Lu that made her vocalised for the first time causing fright to everyone around her . She was 5 years old at that time . Mama Lu cried tears of joy after hearing Jade's melodious song like voice . It was winter and the roads were slippery . Mama Lu was walking at a fast pace because she can't stand the cold weather . Jade was standing at the doorway looking at her grandma entering the mansion gate . Jade noticed a small shining object laying in the road ahead on Mama Lu's path . That shiny object was actually a crystal bead she lost when she was out playing in the garden . Jade's keen senses predicted that Mama Lu will suffer a fall if she were to step on that bead and that may cause Mama Lu to break her fragile bones .

Suddenly Jade was overcome with great fear that Mama Lu might get hurt and might end up dead because of her, then what would happened to her, would she be sent back to the place called home but in actual fact a hell to her . With all her might, Jade started running towards Mama Lu and started screaming "watch out! watch out! watch out" but her voice did not come out, it is as if she was just screaming crazily in her head . She continued to shout "WATCH OUT!!!" finally, she heard her barely audible voice but she knew she had to scream more because Mama Lu won't be able to hear her . With all her might, she stopped running, took a deep breath, and screamed at the top of her lungs until her face was all reddened as a result . "WATCH YOUR STEPS . DON'T STEP ON THAT BEAD . YOU MIGHT FALL"