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Chapter 42

Jess had already narrow down the choices to three, she made these choices based on the information she had about Jade's preferences . She was confused to why Derek did not hire professionals to plan his wedding . Jess looking lost and daze, a common occurrence in Jason's eyes, was pulled back to the presence when her forehead felt pain, also a common occurrence . "Boss is on the way, stop day dreaming . " "What???!! I don't have to be around right?" "You are afraid of him?!" Jason asked in disbelief . "He is scary and has this icy air around him, don't you think so?" "Most girls throw themselves at him" "I am not most girls!" "True . You are rough, unpolished and lack grace compared to most girls . " "You are no gentleman either, you are a rouge, big bully and petty . " She said with her chest heaving making Jason lose his concentration .

A melodious laughter soon filled the room, stunning the two of them . "Derek, these two will make a good couple . Are they your friends?" Jade melodious voice rang in their ears . "The roguish dude over there is my university buddy and I can't seem to shake him off and we became good buddies . The unpolished lady over there is an assistant that I hired for him after months of relentless complaints I received from him about how I work him to his death bed" Both Jason and Jess were shocked because the icy aura that they use to experience seems to be suppressed instead warmth was radiating out of Derek and he was glowing brightly beside the radiant Jade .

"That is the most longest sentence I heard you speak dude . Looks like you don't have any vocab problems . " teased Jason . Jade found Jason hilarious that Derek decided to let it slide . "I'll let it slide since you made the missus happy" Love those affect people it seems . Jess thought to herself . "Sir, if you don't mind me asking, why not hire people to plan the wedding?" she blurted out the question before she could think about what she was supposed to say . "This wedding should be an intimate event, small with elegance but not too lavish as we just lost our dearest Grandma, Mama Lu . " Jade's heart warmed up to his sentence, he said our instead of hers . "Ah . Makes sense . Then I need to scrap these and suggest another three . "

Jade was very interested in Jess and was very inclined to offer Jess an offer she would find hard to resist, be her personal assistant, to replace Aileen . Jess appears competent and straightforward, with good morals . The twinkling in Jade's eyes and her interest in Jess did not go unnoticed by Jason who was mildly annoyed by it . "She has already signed a contract with this company, plus she owes me too much for me to let her leave . " Jason could not help but blabber his inner thoughts .

Jade could see the sparks between the two yet these two were ignorant to their feelings, decided to tease Jason . "Mm, Contracts can be broken and I'm willing to pay the penalty for breaking the contract . " she put on her most serious tone . Jason suddenly became hostile and was about to argue when Jade let out a heartily laugh and her head even tilted backwards . "Just joking, I can see you are not willing to part but I recommend you put in extra effort to keep her beside you because she is definitely brilliant . " Derek just stood beside Jade and was ready to land a punch on Jason when he noticed Jason's changed of demeanor towards Jade . Jess was the only one clueless with the situation but she sensed that a moment ago, the atmosphere was really tensed .

Jason immediately relaxed his stance and body language, "Jade, you should not joke with me like that, my heart is too fragile . He said leisurely . Jade smiled at Jason while Derek glared at Jason . "Wifey, smile less to those not so significant but keep those brilliant, dazzling and sparkling smile exclusively for me especially when we are in private, okay?" "Mm . " Jade nodded . "Dude, you don't need to be jealous of me and please keep the PDA to yourself, don't corrupt us single people here . " Jess silently agreed with Jason's statement .

Jess presented her initial three choices before she knew that they were in mourning, then she presented her top three choices . Jade was very satisfied with Jess's choices, it was what she would have chosen as well . Jess is another person that Jade felt an instant connection to and Jess too felt comfortable around Jade . Derek wanted to accompany Jade to the bridal shop but Jade claims that the groom is not supposed to see the wedding dress before the wedding . With Jade being so determined, Derek could only relent . Jess accompanied Jade instead . Meanwhile Derek and Jason stayed back to discuss security details and media invitation .

"You owe me an explanation" "That day Jade's younger sister came looking for my father at the hospital he was warded . Then she tried to push her way through security . Luckily Jade had already left . I wanted to know who was it that leaked my schedule to her . Have you investigated?" "My bad, the janitor confessed that he sold out the information when someone on the black market approached him . He glanced through your schedule in my planner when I went to the loo . Then I think she hired some private investigator once you arrived there . She booked the seat next to yours and you'd be sitting with her if you didn't miss your flight . " "Darn lucky I was busy that morning," Derek had a smug look on his face and Jason could catch on to his meaning . "Damn, I don't need to know about your sexual activities, man . Can you have pity on this virgin?"

At the bridal shop, Jess was waiting for Jade at the waiting area while Jade was trying on the dresses they had chosen but none of them gave her the feel she was looking for . In the end, they called in the designer and had a brainstorming session . Jess suggested that Jade should have a short wedding gown instead of the usual ball gown, mermaid style with a long train at the back . The designer agreed because of Jade's height the short dress will showcase her beautiful long legs . In the end, she settled for short white coloured wedding dress, slightly above knee, with a deep halter neckline and a striped skirt . The designer suggested a handmade bridal pumps with a peacock composed of multiple precious stones, elegant but not too extravagant to complement the plain dress . Even with the heels, she would just reached around Derek's nose . They both then head over to the bakery for wedding cake . It was Derek and Jason's task to finalize the wedding menu . The venue had been decided when Father Dan accepted their proposal to hold the wedding at his church .