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Chapter 43

After two busy days, finally, the couple could relax a little . Today is Friday and it's the day for their marriage registration at the bureau of civil affairs . Jade was a nervous wreck, due to her insistence last night, she did not allow Derek to sleepover . She thinks its bad luck to meet the night before and had freaked out last night when he begged her with the door separating them to let him in but she refused to let him in . Derek, who is not a superstitious guy was equally frustrated, this part of his wife took him by surprised but due to the nature of the situation and it involved him being apart from her did not make him happy at all nor did he find it cute but was irritated . There was still a lot to discuss like where would they stay after the wedding and etc but it all need to wait after the wedding registration .

Meaning, he needed to suffer two days because despite registering with the bureau, they had yet to register with the church and that registration will only happen on Saturday . Master Lee arrival yesterday and his insistence to accompany Jade as an elder did not help improve the situation at all .

He was discontented with the arrangements but because he respected her wishes he complied, initially Jade had thought he was going to continue to act willfully but was touched he decided to relent . Jade wanted her marriage to last for eternity and did not want to take the chances . Last night she did not sleep well because she was already used to having him beside her . His sound of his heart beating is her lullaby she needs . Just one night apart made her longed deeply for him . She was surprised by her lewd and perverted thoughts that flooded her mind last night and blamed him for it . She was regretful as well that he wasn't around last night, she missed his gentle caress, words of loves and most of all his magical soft lips that always brings her immense pleasure .

Derek, looking dapper, dashing and charismatic in his blue suit took Jade's breath away . His initial gloomy face lighted up in an instant when he saw Jade walking towards him . She was wearing a plain light blue above knee length dress with a sweetheart strapless neckline . Her beautiful long legs were covered with a dark blue leggings and a knee length heeled boots . He nodded in satisfaction because the weather is chilly and she managed to keep herself warm yet beautifully charming . He maintained his dignity by not running forward to meet her instead he took powerful strides to meet her halfway . He suppressed all his desires to give her a deep wet kiss . Instead, he reached out for her hand and gave it a light peck instead and gave her the bouquet of wild orchids that he was holding . She gave him the most dazzling smile ever in return making him forgot the important task at hand . "Brat, you forget your old man in the presence of a beautiful lady! wipe off that smitten puppy look on your face and stop wagging your tail . Really, generations now a days do not respect their elders . "

"Sometimes I do wonder if you are my father or my father's father because your temperament is of a grandfather than a father . " His statement received a slapped at the back of his head by his father . "As of today, you are allowed to go all the way and make babies for me to hold in the future . Tonight I will stay at your place to give you young people privacy . " Jade was shocked with her father in law forwardness and was even more flabbergasted with her husband to be reaction . He was smiling so wide that all his nicely arranged white teeth can be seen clearly . "Finally old man you speak of something useful . " Derek chuckled as he spoke, he could not help but contain his happiness . Jade did not dare to break his bubble at the moment because Derek was grinning like a fool from ear to ear .

She tugged at him instead to enter and complete the registration . After the completion of the registration, Derek could not help but feel contented because Jade was his as he was hers . As they were about to leave the bureau, there was a huge commotion outside, apparently, some hidden sniper was shooting randomly . It was total chaos . People were running for their lives, Derek motioned his hidden guards to protect Master Lee and Jade, suddenly he saw a small red dot lighted on Jade's chest, he didn't think twice when he pushed her away .

Jade was taken aback when she saw him fell to the floor . She did not know if she had screamed or not, she was still in a daze when she was ushered back into the building, she was frantically trying to run towards him but they kept holding her back . The noise and the chaos, with the image of Derek falling triggered a cascade of emotions in Jade that she had long suppressed since 3 years old .

Jade was blaming herself because she should have just let him in last night . Despite being superstitious, she still could not prevent bad luck . How she wished she could turn back the clock and spend precious time with him while they could . Life is indeed short .

These negatives thoughts that were swirling in her head fail to keep the usually calm Jade compose which led her vision to turn

black because she had blocked her senses and refused to process all the sensory input, she was in a sitting position with both knees tucked under her buttocks she started rocking backward and forward . She wanted to hit her head because she wanted to drown out the sound . Life has no meaning without Derek in it . Her tears kept falling but she was not crying .

Derek's hidden guards were shocked by the scene that they were witnessing because Jade had always portrayed a strong woman image and had never seen her this way . Due to the chaos, Master Lee was separated from Jade and did not know the current situation which was a blessing because his heart might not be able to take it .