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Published at 6th of May 2019 10:17:44 PM

Chapter 44

Derek was shot on his right arm . His swift reaction, saved both lives . He knew he had to push her away and to preserve both lives, after some calculations, he allowed himself to be shot on his arm because avoiding the shot was impossible . Thank goodness he learnt the anatomy of human body because of his previous interest in medicine . He positioned himself in a way, it won't hit any major artery or nerve . Damn it was painful and he almost fainted from the pain . He saw Jade's horrified face when he fell and how she was frantically trying to get to him .

He signalled his guards to protect her because he could sense that this is not a simple incident, the real target seems to be Jade . He will need to investigate this incident thoroughly later . He crawled to safety and finally managed to scamper to safety and he found his father first, he was relieved when he saw his father is alright . Master Lee ripped his shirt and wrapped the cloth around Derek's wound . "Brat best you sit still" "Father, I need to find her!" "Yes, I have sent some hidden guards to search for her but you need to sit still, you don't want to lose a lot of blood and only to faint in front of her once you meet her, right?"

Derek was not convinced, he was very worried about Jade and grab the cloth from his father and applied pressure to his wound while his head was turning left and right hurriedly in search of Jade . He gave orders to his father to stay put because the sniper has yet to be apprehended . After walking around, he saw her behind a huge rock statue . His heart gave a violent lurch and staggered when he found her looking so daze and she was in her own world . His guards were trying to snap her out of her daze but failed and it agitated her even more . When they tried to carry her, she started kicking and trashing, hence, they decided to leave her protected behind the large boulderstone . Derek received reports that the sniper had shot himself in the head when surrounded by police and his team .

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Derek, quickened his pace, and stop right in front on her and he kneeled down . He caressed her hair and head with his left uninjured hand . "Jade, I'm here . Come back to me . " he said gently, while tears streamed down his handsome face . He can't bear to see her this way . He placed his lips on her forehead . Jade who cut off all her visual and audio senses, felt the warmth that she is familiar with . Those sexy warm lips, she could feel it on her forehead . He is alive! He didn't leave her behind . She tried to escape her own maze but somehow she could not find a way out . She is now anxious, she wants to get out from her state, she wants to see him with her own eyes and feel him with her own touch .

Derek sensing the changes in Jade's vitals and breathing pattern knew that he had to continue calling out to her and coax her to come out of her defense mechanism and protective shell . "Jade baby, I'm here . Please come back to me . I miss you . I am alive and alright . Feel my heart beating . They are beating for you and they want to stay alive for you . " he whispered all the sweet words in her ear and placed her hand on his chest .

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The feel of his heart beat against her hand, calmed Jade down and she regained her composure, she stopped rocking and her vision cleared . Looking at the face of the man she had given her whole heart to sitting in front of her crying silently for her to come back to her senses caused warmth to spread all over her taking over the earlier chill she felt when she thought she had lost him . She buried her face in his chest and started sobbing . "I thought . . I thought I had lost . . . lost . . you . . . gone . . left me . . . forev . . . " "Hush, hush, I am here, aren't I? I haven't tasted your delicious body till I'm fully satisfied yet, how could I leave you behind with both us still a virgin?" he joked . She thumped on his chest angrily but it she did not even exert any strength . Her face that were pale devoid of colour slowly blushed red at his shameless behaviour .

She then panicked and pulled back and looked at him from top to bottom to see if he was injured anywhere and she started crying when she saw dried blood on his right arm . "Hush . . hush . now . . now . . don't cry . My wifey is such a cry baby . This is just some muscle injury, I'd be fine and it's not like my family heirloom got injured . It can still function tonight, don't worry wifey, hubby can still satisfy you tonight . " "We are going to the hospital now!" she demanded . "By the way, father . . . is he . . . " "That old fox has nine tails, nine lives, don't worry he is fine" "The old fox you are referring to must be me" "See, speak of the devil, the devil appears . "

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Master Lee heard the news about the sniper committed suicide hence, he came out of his hiding place to look for them and overheard their conversation . "Hmmph, my daughter in law is the most filial . " Derek rolled his eyes at his father . The paramedic that were there spotted the injured Derek and attended to him . Jade refused to let him out of her sight and Derek had no issues with that . "Father, why don't you go home first to rest, I will accompany Derek to the hospital . " Master Lee agreed with the plan as he was a little worn out from all the adrenaline rush but before he left, Derek whispered into his ears and his tired expression turned grim . "Alright, I'll look into it" and he left with the hidden guards

Derek had to enter a minor OT for bullet removal, the doctor kept saying he was lucky that the bullet missed the important structures while Derek was proud of his own calculations and judgement . He did not want another repeat of today's event . He did not dare think about what he'll do if he were to lose her today . She is his saviour, his reason to live and the reason why things have improved between him and his father . Love and gratitude would never be enough to repay her, hence his total devotion to her . He will give her his everything because without her he is nothing .

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