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Chapter 46

After their passionate activity, they fell asleep in each others embrace . Derek was the first to awake, he covered her with the blanket properly and then entered the bathroom to cleaned himself up . He then filled up a bucket of warm water and carried it to the bedside . He took out a clean towel from the closet and proceed to clean her up . Jade squirmed a few times but did not stir from her sleep . Derek smiled at the thought because she had indeed work hard . Once his arm healed, he will gladly do all the hard work . He kissed on her forehead once he is done .

He went out to the living room and gave his father a call . "Hello father" "You remember your old man now?" "Um, I was busy earlier, cough" "You mean busy making babies? buahahaha . You know, when I first got married to your mother, the first time she surrendered herself to me, we went on all night till the sun rise" "Old man . . . too much information . If you had so much stamina . . how come i am the only child?" "Brat . . . your birth was a difficult birth, doctor advised to be cautious with the next one, but I didn't want to risk Yu Ling's life" Master Lee's nostalgic voice turned depressed . "Sorry pa . My fault, I should not have brought that up . " "Silly child, it's been awhile since you called me pa . You used to call me that when you feel guilty . "

"Pa, did you manage to get any information on the sniper and who hired him? Did the bullet details helped?" "All I know is this is not a straightforward crazy guy gone berserk because his identity is a level 5 classified information and I did not manage to get any trail of anything . I trust your instincts . Most probably an underground organisation . I will dig further . Stay safe . Keep her safe . " "Yes father . I definitely will and I will discuss with Jade too . You take care too"

"Discuss what me?" Derek looked at the clock, it was nearly 12 MN, she must have woken up for a cup of water . He was a little disappointed to see a dressed Jade . "Pervert . I can see your emotions . " "It seems I am an exposed man in front of my wife . " Derek smiled lovingly at her . He got up and get her a glass of water . "contrary to your belief, I woke up because I could not sense your presence beside me" she pouted when he gave her the glass of water . He outstretched both arms welcoming her into his embrace . She gulped the water down almost choking and placed the glass on the table before diving straight into his comfortable arms .

Derek held her tight before gently asking, "Is it still sore?" She nodded her head, "Yes, it is hard to walk" "Next time, it won't hurt so much, we need a lot of practice for you to accommodate me . " They plopped themselves onto the sofa . "After our marriage vow tomorrow, have you decided which house you want to reside?" Jade gave it a thought before she replied, "Home is where you are . The architecture buildings are just objects to me . " Derek was touched with her reply . "I love you . We will visit my place tomorrow and you can make your mind up . Like you, all it matters is we are together . " He kissed her soft hair .

"Do you have any other enemies besides your family? Today's event is a little suspicious and a little too highly organized for your family to carry out . Father investigated but came out with not much information, with father's connection, it is a surprised he came up empty handed . " Jade gave a deep thought and . shook her head, "It can't be related" "What is it?" "Well, when I was 10 years old, Mama was approached by the government, highly classified investigation, they needed help in code deciphering . All I did was decipher some codes and then they left and said I helped in bringing the bad people behind bar because of my help, they fast track my education, they created the pathway but the rest depends on my abilities . I don't know if this is related, it seems far fetched"

"We need to look into that possibility . Did the government left you any token?" "Ah, there is this medal, a number behind it to call, I need to mention uh . . wait . . " she closed her eyes to retrieve those memories . "Fish never mermaids or mermen" "Okay, before we give them a call, we need to see if our phones are bugged . Suddenly I feel paranoid . We just need to be careful . I can't lose you"

"Mm, me too . " They then went to sleep with uneasy feeling growing due to the danger lurking in the dark . They really just have too many enemies, petty ones to truly dangerous ones . The next day was a bustling day . It was their big day . Master Lee came in the morning, to kick Derek out of the Jade's place so that the bride can get ready . Jason was there to pull Derek away, "Man, you'll get to see her at the altar" Derek came to his sense and proceeded to leave and get dress . Jess was there too as Jade requested her to be her bridesmaid . The bridesmaids dress was also a short dress in pale lilac colour . The colour and the dress cutting complemented Jess very well .

Derek was nervous and felt it was eternity but he waited patiently because soon, she'll appear and after the vow, nothing can separate them except death . His heart beats uncontrollably when the music started playing, Jade walked out hand in hand with Master Lee in a handsome suit . Jade's heart flutter when she saw him waiting for her arrival, she witnessed his eyes lighted up when he saw her and when their gaze met, she could not help but gave him the most dazzling smile ever reserved just for him . Derek's could not help but smile back an equally enchanting smile . Gus the reporter, the only reporter invited could not help but stare silly at the two gorgeous human beings interaction that he forgot his purpose today, to take pictures and write an exclusive .

Jason was staring at Jess, he could not believe his eyes that the usually tom boyish lady had turned from a caterpillar to a butterfly . She looks charming, elegant and the dress shoes justice to her natural curves she usually hid . He was reminded of their first encounter . Subsequently, she mostly wears baggy suits which he is planning to abolish but when he saw Gus line of sight fell in Jess and had an interested look, Jason magnanimously will allow her to continue wear those baggy suits . It will deter pesky flies from robbing him his chances .

Jess was mesmerized by Jason's sudden devilish smile and was stunned when she realised he was looking at her . She shyly everted her gaze . Why does my body react differently to him, she wondered . She then turn her attention to the two people exchanging their marriage vows . Jess started to feel teary looking at the beautiful scene in front of her . She can see how in love these two are with each other .

"I, Derek Lee take you, Jade Lu, for my lawful wife, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and health, until death do us part . "

"I, Jade Lee, take you, Derek Lee to be my husband . I promise to be true to you in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health . I will love and honor you all the days of my life . "

Father Dan: you can recite your own vow before I pronounce you husband and wife .

"Jade, from the day I've met you, I have unknowingly given you my heart, you called me a thief for stealing your heart in actual fact, you were the one who stole mine first . After our fateful encounter, you never left my mind, I have known then that I wanted to there through thick and thin, protect you from any harms and mend your broken heart to be whole again . I promise never to stray and will love you with all I have, I would give up my life just to see you safe and happy . I love you and no words or treasure can describe how much I do . Wifey, thank you for being you . "

"Derek, I have always believed your presence in my life is a blessing, someone Mama sent to love me in her stead, I don't think I wanted to go living that night but you found me . I am glad I stole your heart and I am not planning on giving it back to you instead I will give you mine . I promise you too that I will cherish our love and be faithful and truthful forever . I love you so much Derek Lee that without you I don't have any reason to be alive, promise me that you'll grow old with me . "

"I will . "

"I pronounced you husband and wife . You may kiss the bride . "

Derek pulled Jade into his embrace, brushed her tears away . Kiss her teary eyes gently and ferociously claimed her lips . Master Lee who was watching at the side with Steven by his side, looked up into the far horizon and whispered, "I fulfilled my promise, my love . Our son is a fine man and he got himself a good wife . I wish to see you soon, I've been so lonely all these years without you but the brat wants me to meet our grandchildren first . Miss you, Yu Ling "