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Chapter 65

Rachel wished she could just disappear now, she tried to back away and leave quietly . Her actions did not go unnoticed by Chris, he signalled for the people to shine the spotlight on her as the video came to an end .

Rachel was literally put on the spot by Chris . She tried to look for Madam Lu hoping to have a thread of hope to get herself out of this mess . Tomorrow, she is going to be the joke of the town . Where is she going to hide her face? Her father would probably be so angry and might cut off her allowance . She didn't want to think of the consequences .

"Miss Tee, are you planning to go somewhere? Now that we have evidence, were you planning to leave quietly?" Chris did not plan to let her go that easily . How dare she try to cause trouble and then try to disappear?

"Um, you fabricated the video, you are all against me" Rachel wailed . She decided to act pitiful .

"You think too highly of yourself, why would we want to purposely frame you? Plus, this video is only from one body camera, we have other videos from different angle from different body camera that caught your actions . So what are your motive? Why did you try to smear our staff integrity? You want transparency, I have given you evidence without hiding anything . Now, spill the beans, who put you up to this?" Chris initially gentle voice became fierce and strong .

Madam Lu hid herself in the corner . She was cursing her stupid niece for failing such a simple task . Her thoughts were interrupted when a bunch of reporters storm out of the elevator causing a commotion . She smirked, hah, mission accomplished . She could not care less of her useless niece .

Chris felt another wave of trouble coming towards him . He had the security personnel detain Rachel in one of the smaller banquet room . He sighed as he approached the group of reporters . They clearly do not seem to have any good intentions .

April was worried for her brother and Jade when a familiar scent approached her and caught her waist . "Alex!"

"Missed me? What have I missed? It seems like more drama to come . I am glad I came but you need to brace yourself for the upcoming drama . I had a role in it . " He whispered the last few words her ear . April's eyes widened with surprised . She grabbed him aside and asked him in a serious tone .

"What happened? What do you mean?" April asked anxiously .

"I went to the toilet and I met an a guy in his fifties, he claims to be your father, he asked me to follow him because he wants to know the guy dating his daughter, so I followed him, he brought me up to the 88th floor, it was a bit weird because I was expecting to have a meeting in an office, not in suite and what makes things more suspicious was there was like a woman in the suite moaning in heat, and her clothes were all over the floor . I suspected someone wanted to cause discord between us setup this kind of situation, so I was on high alert . He tried to whack my head from the back and I managed to dodge and I knocked him unconscious instead and made my escape in time, because just after I left, a swarm of reporters came buzzing like vultures . Now, tell me, is your boyfriend smart?" Adam asked excitedly but was puzzled by April reaction . She did not praise him immediately but she was in deep thoughts .

"Do you remember the suite number? Think . . I need you to think hard . " April urged Adam .

"Presidential suite 1 if I'm not mistaken . " Adam answered .

April face turned pale . "Did you see who was the woman? Who was she? Was brother in law present?" April continue to badger Adam with questions .

Adam became angry and he pushed her hands that he was holding away, "Tell me now April, do you still harbour feelings for him?! I almost got caught in a scandal and you are worried for him!" he said in a loud enough voice for April to hear but tone was harsh . He never used this tone on her before .

"It is not like that . Listen to my explanation first . " April took his hand again despite him resisting . She explained the situation to Adam, about how she and Jade suspected that someone had purposely drugged Derek to cause trouble for Jade . Jade had left for some time now and had yet to return . April was puzzle as to why would mother target Adam as well . What on earth is going on? Was her father involved as well? Why would father be involve? So many questions yet no answer .

"So it is like that? You don't have any feelings for him whatsoever?" Adam was still reeling from jealousy could not help it but ask for confirmation and reaffirmation .

"Silly . It's you, it will be you and always you . " April assured him and gave him a light kiss . Adam was satisfied with her answer and he deepened the kiss between them leaving her breathless .

"We need to lend a hand to Chris in case he needs it . Come . " April dragged Adam back to where Chris was at .

Just before they were about to reach Chris's side, April's phone rang, it was Jade .

"Is everything alright? Are you okay?" April asked with genuine concern .

"I am fine, Derek is fine too . The doctor has seen him but it is not good that we appear now, we both look pretty battered . People might misunderstood the situation . Just tell anyone who asked that we have left because something came up at Derek's end . " Jade spoke in a calm voice .

April was glad with the news . She said her goodbyes and promised to update Jade the situation with the reporter . Jade informed April that the lady was Aileen . April was shocked with the revelation .


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