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Chapter 78

Jade knew Derek will be leaving in another few days, apart from painting she made sure to accompany him whenever he is free . He has been busy settling loose ends for Lee corporations before he takes off . During their free time, Derek made Jade learn a few martial art moves . He taught her a few Aikido and Jiu Jit Su moves . He plans to invite a martial art trainer to start training her regularly . She needs to learn how to protect herself . Jade accepted his arrangements .

She had discussed with Chris and April about letting go of the company in stages to Chris, at the same time, Chris needs to step up to climb his way up so that when the time comes, it is easier to get the approval of the board of directors .

April has decided she wanted to venture in the food industry, she is interested in the latest faze of farm to table and wants Lu corporation to branch out in that direction . Jade thinks it is a good proposal and recommended that April take up food and culinary course and at the same time learn the basic business management . Jade encouraged April to write up a proposal after she had done enough research on it .

"Are you leaving to somewhere?" Chris asked .

"I never liked business and the reason I did it was because of Mama . I love music and art, I want to open an art gallery and showcase my works and I would love to orchestrate an orchestra at least once in my life . The music notes floats in my head screaming for attention, I have been pushing it aside for far too long . I will still attend important meetings and make important decisions for the company but I want my own life too . " Jade explained .

"I'll work harder sis, I won't let you down . Once I am competent enough, I will handle the business as you would . " Chris said .

"I don't need you to be me, you can be you, but always keep in mind, decisions you make doesn't just affect you but affect everyone else in the company down to the cleaner . Mama taught me that our employees are family, treat them well and they will treat us well too . I kind of lack in that department, the people still see me as someone hard to approach but you, you are different, I see that you are charismatic, and approachable . You are going to be better than me . " Jade said honestly .

"Sis, the employees respect you dearly, yes, they are afraid of you but secretly they worshipped the ground you walk . I am not lying . " Chris replied .

"Sis, I am thankful you gave us a chance . I did not know that you sacrifice a lot . I am sorry for all these years, the way I behaved and acted . It is I who is worse than you . " April said in a sad tone .

"Silly, come here you two . As I have mentioned, it is in the past, what matters is the future . Both of you need to be careful, Derek's uncle has escaped and we don't know his plans or the mastermind behind this . Derek has to leave in another few days, he won't be able to protect you two all the time, why don't the two of you join me after work with martial arts practice? I will ask Derek to recommend some other training regime for Chris but April, you can train with me . " Jade said as the three of them form a group hugged .

"Excellent idea!" Derek's voice boomed as he entered the room .

"Brother in law!" April and Chris said simultaneously with deep respect .

Derek just nod his head in acknowledgement . "The two of you need to keep your sister company and happy . Don't hurt her . . . " Derek could not finish his sentence because his wife had already placed her index finger on his lips indicating for him to be quiet .

"Noisy!" she reprimanded him and that brought laughter from the two . Derek sulked at his wife .

"Stop threatening our own family members, it is truly not nice . " Jade ignored his sulk .

In an instant, the hearts of those around bloomed with such happiness . They are a family . Bonded by love and not hatred .

"Alright . Chris come, let me give you a pointer or two . " Derek commanded Chris and left Chris with no choice but to follow .

April was left with Jade and they chatted non stop from nothing to everything . April updated Jade on her relationship with Adam .

"By the way, I have almost forgotten, Adam was beaten two days ago, he was badly beaten as a warning, he was told to stop digging . He thinks that, Crystal, father's ex girlfriend, might be connected to things . He said to be vigilant of her . He had a feeling that Crystal was his past stalker but he has no proof of it and probably has some link to the Russian Mafia but it is not confirmed .

Suddenly Jade had an epiphany regarding the medallion token she had received when she was 10 years old .

"Jade! Jade!" April called out to Jade seeing that Jade had already went into a daze .

"I just remembered something . April you are an angel . How is Adam by the way?" Jade asked .

"He broke his arm bone, I think it is called a humerus, I am going back to his place later today . He has been a big baby demanding attention, he sulked when I told him I am visiting you and Derek is around . He is afraid I might fall for brother in law . He is just too silly . " April giggled .

"Tell Adam, he needs to have better self confidence, of course your brother in law is wonderful but he is only wonderful to me . Don't worry, tell Adam, if I see you have any interest in your brother in law, I'd be the first to stop it . " Jade said in a serious tone .

"Whoa sis, you can keep brother in law, he is sooo not my type . Of course, he has good looks and all but he has too cold of a personality and only melts when you are around . I don't think I can bear it . No no no no" April continue to talk .

The family had dinner together and the house was back to its quiet and calm state when they left .

Jade could not keep her mind of the medallion, she kept it somewhere in the attic in the old house . She was tossing and turning restlessly in bed, and finally Derek could not take it anymore and asked his wife, "Something is bothering you . What is it?"

"April mentioned something about Russian Mafia, and then I thought about the medallion gifted to me when I was 10 for solving some intricate puzzles . Suddenly I feel like I need to get the medallion . Can we go tonight? I have a feeling the shooting on our marriage registration day had something to do with the puzzle and the medallion . I might be wrong but . . . " her words just trail off .

"Okay . We will go tonight . Dress warmly . The weather is really cold . We need to bring more guards . " Derek said as he got up to get dress . He touched the scar on his forehead to remind himself he needs to protect her .