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Chapter 8

Jade's whole life from birth till current, it was never peaceful . She never got along with anyone in school, college or university . She is known as the Ice Queen, beautiful outside but cold inside, devoid of emotions, and has a pair of striking but dull dark blue eyes and maybe mistaken as black occasionally . Many words were used to describe her . Some famous ones are rude, haughty, genius, beautiful, cold, loner, indifferent, dark, and intimidating . She is a genius because she is one only one in her country to have triple degree at a tender age of 17 and not only that, she received high achiever award in each major . She majors in arts, business and mathematics . She recently completed her doctorate degree in business and mathematics . She is the envy of most ladies and the desire of most guys but due to her demeanor she is difficult to approach, it is unsure if her predisposition is because of her Asperger's or she is just sick of the insincere human race . When it comes to other human beings except her Mama Lu, Jade is too lazy to put any effort in pleasing or entertaining them .

She behaves indifferent towards them and could not care less if they ridicule, bully or scheme against her . She never retaliate towards any of them but that doesn't mean Matriach Lu acts the same . Those that wronged her granddaughter she repay it three fold . Of course, Jade knew about this, hence, her attitude towards the issue of bullying because she did not need to lift finger to deal with all the fake people who don't seem to be tired from all the acting . She has had experienced almost everything from slandering especially by her own family members to framing someone for theft . She was even accused of cheating . There was even that time she was splashed with grape juice for seven days consecutively and then it only occured when she wore white . She took all of it without a sound or a tear .

She only has one facial expression for all occasions and she was telling the world she could not care less regarding their attitudes towards her . That infuriate her haters further . In all honesty, the hurt her parents caused her had scarred her heart to a point it that it so broken, that you can't break it any further . So, she thought . She never understood why they keep provoking her when all she wanted was to live her life .

That is why Jade treated those people including her so called immediate family as annoying flies . She don't want to waste any energy on them . The training that she underwent throughout the years was sufficient for her to treat others cordially but why would she want to bother treating others cordially when none of them had any pure intention . Only her Mama Lu treated her well without any evil intentions . The team of experts that Mama Lu hired were professional but none of them were able to get intimate or super close with her . They treated her with respect and vice versa .

Her thoughts were interrupted by the sudden grip she felt on her fingers . Her Mama Lu was in pain . She tried to stand to press for the emergency bell but was stopped by Mama Lu . "It's no use my dear, my time is almost up" Mama Lu's voice croaked . "Come nearer my dear . " Jade obeyed . Tears were flowing freely down her exquisite face . "Hush now, I have lived 80 plus years but the last 20 something years were the ones that I truly cherished and meaningful . You my dear is my saving grace . I am sorry that I have to go and that I'm leaving you with a huge burden but I have always believed in your abilities . I don't want my years of hard work to just go down the drains . As much as I'm happy your tears are for me, hush now . . . now . . now . . the vultures would be arriving soon and you shall not show any weakness in front of them . You hear me?" That weak voice still held some authoritative tone .

Jade nodded her head while she held Mama Lu's hand to her face . "I'll be lost without you Mama, the world is already so dark but you shine a lighted pathway for me, and now that you are leaving, my world is going to be dark again, Mama . You have always been my world Mama . My world is about to collapse Mama, please don't leave me Mama . Mama, if not for your love, I might have ended my life back then . That day the day you came, I planned to knocked my head till silly stupid so that I don't have a functioning mind to care what is going on . At such young age, there were a lot of things that I could remember and understand but but you saved me Mama from the darkness . I love you Mama" Jade whispered but loud enough for Mama Lu to hear . "I am glad I met you that day my dear Jade . I am glad I get to hear you say you love me before I go . I love you too . I know you know even though I have never mentioned it . . . gasp . . . gasp . . . " Jade nodded her head furiously and fiercely . "I know I know" And then Mama Lu left the world with a smile on her face .

Jade snapped out of her daze when she heard lots of hurried footsteps . She quickly straighten herself, wiped those tears off as if they never existed in the first place and quickly pressed the emergency bell . The doctors rushed in before those group of people could enter the room . She stepped out of the room to allow the doctors and nurses do what is necessary . Mama Lu was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer stage four last 2 weeks and her deterioration was very fast . The already petite and small frame lady shrunk further to just bones and skins like a bag of skeletons . Just looking at Mama Lu's appearance caused Jade heart to break in a million pieces . Hence, one of the reasons why she hurried out of the room . She was welcomed with a sharp slap to her face by none other than her crazy mother . "Bitch, you dare stand here . Why did you not inform us regarding your grandmother's health? Aren't we family . We only got to know about it, when we received a call from the mother's lawyer saying that most likely there will be a meeting this week to announce mother's final will . You are just a demoness after your grandmother's money and properties . "

Jade glared at her mother and stared right straight into her mother's eyes . Her mother who was just about to give another slap was startled that the hand that was in the air quickly came down as fast as they went up . "You . . . you . . . what is the meaning of this? You defiant unfilial child . Darling just take a look at our ungrateful daughter . She just glared at me . " Jade let out a crazy laugh . "You are no mother of mine . I admit, I came out of your vagina but that is just about it . Never once you gave me love . Compare to your slap my glare is not worth a thing . Please have some respect, this place is a hospital and not your home where you can scream like some wailing banshee . Grandma just passed away, at least have some respects to the dead . You won't want her spirit to haunt you . " Jade said without much emotion but as she emphasize the word spirit she gave an eerie smile that caused Madam Lu to shiver . "You . . you bitch and slut . . dare you curse your own mother . Now that your grandmother has left this world, you show your true colour . " "Move . I just got no time for all your never ending drama . I want to mourn in peace . Mama is inside if you want to pay your respects . I will make the necessary arrangements for her funeral . Now, get out of my way . " She pushed her way through the crowd and then stomped away .

This whole scene was observed by a man in black suit standing in a nearby dimmed hallway . He was leaning against the wall in a lazy manner with both hands in his pocket . He was forced to visit his father's family friend at the hospital . He have to thank his father later because he has met an interesting lady . Someone so similar to him . He can recognize the look of desolation anytime because he once went through it . He decided to pursue her and quicken his pace to follow her .