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Chapter 86

Adam is planning to propose to April and has called Jade for help . He wants to make it memorable for April . After spending months with April, he is convinced that April is the woman he wants to spend his life with . Jade was excited and happy . For a moment, she forgets her undying yearning for Derek . She agreed to help out Adam . He is planning to propose once April is back from France . In another 3 months . She went for a short course to learn French patisserie . She had been travelling around to learn around the world cuisine as well as sustainable farming and agriculture . Jade and Chris had been receiving her updates daily . April finally found her passion . Chris had even teased April about her growing figure . April just ignored him and told him that Adam just loves her the way she is and Adam likes someone with a little more meat . Their sister had truly changed, if it was the previous April, she would have whined and fret if she gained even 0 . 5 kg . Actually now April looks better, rosier and healthy . Previously, she was a little underweight and skinny .

Jade has received confirmation from Father Lee that she had helped the government in stopping the Russians from infiltrating the country and helped indirectly in the apprehension of the spies . The spies were actually a couple that had been married for years and had two children . Both children joined the Russian mafia and had caused some troubles for the Russian government . The couple daughter, Heather is now the head of Russian mafia . She was the one ordered for the assassination attempt on Jade's life . Jade's blood boiled when she remembered that fateful day . Derek got hurt protecting her . It was supposed to be their happy day but it was spoilt because of Heather . It is a debt that she, Jade will collect later from Heather .

One fine Sunday morning, Jade received a call from the Lu family doctor, Doctor Heng . He informed that old Master Lu is currently admitted to the hospital, he was found unconscious by the housekeeper . He needs Jade and Chris to head down to the hospital to sign some consent as old Master Lu could not give his consent .

Jade was feeling conflicted . Finally, she decided to go . Whatever it is that man is my father . His blood coursing through my blood . She gave Chris a call and he told her he'd be there but later . She could make any decisions on his behalf . April is unable to come back and she also support whatever decision made by Jade .

Father Lee accompany Jade to the hospital . Jade was shocked when she saw her father lying unconscious on the bed . He had aged many many years and lost a lot weight . He appeared to be skin and bones only . She signed the consent for brain imaging . Dr Heng informed that her father's vital signs are stable . He did regain some consciousness awhile back but he wasn't speaking in a coherent manner . Hence, they could not obtain his consent for the imaging .

Jade signed the consent form and decided to wait for the result . Dr Heng came back after 30 mins and called her in to discuss with her . She invited Father Lee in as well . She informed Dr Heng that Father Lee is her father in law and is her family, she wants him to be present . Dr Heng nodded in agreement .

"This is a normal patient's brain and this image here is your father's scan result . " Dr Heng explained . He continued, "You see the thing here, it is blocking this, that is why, you can see that this, this, and this is dilated/enlarged . " Dr Heng explained while pointing at the images .

"Ah, I see, so he has a brain tumor compressing his ventricles and causing hydrocephalus?" Jade asked .

"Did you study medicine Miss Lu?" Dr Heng asked because Jade seems to be well versed with the medical terminology .

"My husband during his free time, he loves reading medical textbooks, I occasionally will glance through . " Jade replied .

"Impressive . Some of my junior doctors can't even interpret the scans . You have talent Miss Lu . " Dr Heng said in admiration .

"My father will need operation right? can the tumor be removed? He needs a VP shunt right? Then hydrocephalus doesn't seem to be the connecting type . " Jade asked

"Yes, it is a obstructive hydrocephalus . He will need a VP shunt to shunt the CSF, the water in the brain into his abdominal cavity . The tumor unfortunately can't be removed because of the size, nature and location of the tumor . I would suggest palliative care after the VP shunt operation . " said Dr Heng .

"How long does he have?" Jade asked .

"I would say roughly about 6 weeks to 2 months . " Dr Heng answered . His response was heard by Chris . He just arrived only to hear the doctor's response . His hand froze on the door knob . No matter how much he dislike his father but when he heard that his father is at death's door, the emnity he had somehow disappear especially when he saw how scrawny and cachexia looking his father had become .

Jade also had similar feelings . Her father has never been real bright and was easily manipulated . Her mother was the evil one, her father was a mere follower . Her gaze softened at the man lying on the hospital bed .

"Uncle Lee, Dr Heng, Sis . " Chris greeted the trio in a somber tone . "Sorry, I'm late, I had to deal with some cyber attack but we had managed to contain it . I heard about father's condition . Would the operation prolonged his life? The VP shunt thing?" Chris continued to speak without waiting for any replies .

"The VP shunt operation is just symptomatic relief, I suspect he became unconscious because the hydrocephalus just occured, if we continue to allow the fluid in the brain to accumulate, his function will decline even more and his death might be earlier . " Dr Heng explained patiently .

"What would you do if this was someone related to you?" asked Jade . "Would you agree for the operation just to prolong a life which might just be filled with suffering or would you just let it be and give painkillers to make the suffering less?" she continued to ask .

"This is a difficult choice that family has to make . There is no right or wrong choice . I personally would think what would the patient want, do you think your father wants his life prolonged maybe to settle some unsettled business or do you think he had led a satisfying life and is ready to leave this world at a heartbeat? If it was the former, I would prolonged his life . " Dr Heng answered .

"We need some time to discuss . As Dr Heng knows my relationship with my father was never good, hence, I really do not know his wishes . As for if he led a satisfying life, probably . What are the chances, he is going to wake up and be lucid after the operation?" Jade continue to ask .

Heaven seems to have heard the questions Jade was asking, and suddenly, old Master Lu open his eyes weakly and called out her name softly in a croaky voice . "I am sorry, all these years, I was never a good father . I deserve this kind of ending . Let me go peacefully without any pain if possible, I really don't want to live any longer . I am really ashamed of myself . Chris, father is not a good role model and had led you astray all your life . I'm sorry too . Thank you for still caring . I am really ashamed . " He cried as he spoke . After that, he just went into another bout of unconscious state .

Jade and Chris decided not for operation but insisted on palliative care . They are going to fulfill his dying wish to die a painless death . Dr Heng put old Master Lu on morphine infusion for pain relief . Chris and Jade took turns taking care of old Master Lu and hired a team of people as well to look after him . After one week, of hanging on, he passed away . He managed to apologize to April as well via video call .

"You three are filial children . You have big hearts and minds . I am proud of the three of you . " said Father Lee .