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Chapter 90

Derek saw her from afar, she looked different, she is always beautiful to him but it seems after 6 months she appeared to be even more beautiful, she was glowing with radiance . Her boobs are even bigger than before and he could not believe his eyes, is she pregnant with our child? He was excited to see a bump on her lower abdomen and he saw how she kept caressing it . The more he thought of it, the more he was convinced she is pregnant . He thought she would rushed to him immediately the moment she saw him but instead she stood there looking at him in disbelief and then she ignored him . Did she forget him? A sudden pain felt in his chest . He clenched his fists and then he relaxed . He believes in their love .

He relaxed and the he smiled, that silly woman must have thought he is a fragment of her imagination looking at her rubbing her eyes . He decided to make his way to her, he can't wait to embrace her in his arms . He truly miss her and he can't wait for his soul to be complete . He was surprised by her sudden action, when she rushed forward towards him, his heart almost stopped beating when he saw her slipping down .

He saw the guards frantically rushing towards her, one of his guard was about to embrace her and he could not control his fury . He took a big leap and pushed the guard away and took her in his arms . If he is around, no one else is allowed to hold her in their embrace . Even Jason was taken by surprised by Derek's action . Derek was the furthest of them all but he managed to arrive timely by Jade's side . Just how much has he improve to be able to achieve this much .

Father Lee actually thought he saw Derek from the window of his car, but it was only a glimpse, that brat if he were really back he would have called . He dismissed the feeling and left . He took out his phone and realised it was on silent and there were 30 missed calls . Shit, that brat is really back!!! He asked the driver to turn the car around and only to witness Jade almost falling . Luckily that brat managed to catch her . Must be that brat doing causing daughter in law to lose focus . He told Butler Xi to summon Dr Sin to the house .

"Did you miss me, wifey? I miss you and I almost die when I saw you were about to fall . Why do we always need to meet like this? Can you have some compassion for your hubby poor soul? Is this how you greet your hubby when he is back?"

Jade's eyes immediately flew opened widely and stared into the face that she had missed so much . She reached out to touch the face she had missed for the past 6 months .

"It's me . I'm back! I'm real and I miss you so much . Do you miss . . .

He could not complete his sentence because she couldn't control herself and she forced his head down on her and kiss his lips passionately ignoring the crowd around them . She only had him in her sight and no one else .

They kissed so hard and fiery that all the people around them felt embarrass and had to look away . Father Lee could not take it anymore, decided to slap the back of Derek head . Feeling the pain at the back of his head, he reluctantly ended his kiss with his wife .

"Father . " He said once his breath stabilise . He helped his wife up and straightened her clothes . He held her at her waist reluctant to part .

"Brat! Giving your wife and father a scare . Come give your old man a hug . I miss you too . " Father Lee said as tears rolled down his face .

Derek felt guilty and released Jade for a moment to embrace Father Lee . After the emotional hug, he quickly returned to his wife's side and took her in his arms once more . The guards vanished and the one that was pushed aside was feeling wronged but he held it in . He could feel at that moment as if he was about to lose his life . Such terrifying aura, what had his boss went through these past 6 months . Just the thoughts send shivers down his whole body . As he was about to disappear, Derek caught hold of him and asked if he was alright . Derek even thanked him for his swift response . The guard looked away in embarrassment, he did not expect his boss to have such concerns .

Father Lee nodded in approval, looked like the training had gone well and his son had understood how to appreciate subordinates . They entered the house together, followed by Jason at the back with the documents that he previously discarded when he wanted to save Jade .

Derek scooped his wife in his arms and carried him to their room . He told them he'd be back awhile, or else he can't pay any attention to anything they have to say .

Jade looked at the man she had been pining for the past 6 months . He had grown muscular and firmer . His chest felt harder than it was previously . She snuggled in closer and placed her head right at her favourite spot . He growled in response .

"Be gentle! You are going to be a father soon! Don't act so rough!!!" Shouted Father Lee as he stared at his son's back who was walking further away .

Jason could only shake his head, such shamelessness, he really need to learn more .